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Travel and Logistics Coordination (TLC) Hosting EOS, Departure Day and Arrivals Planning.

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1 Travel and Logistics Coordination (TLC) Hosting EOS, Departure Day and Arrivals Planning

2 Roles of Travel and Logistics Team National TLC:  Confirming Int’l travel with partners (FEB – MAY for returns, APR – JUL for arrivals)  Departure Day site and Arrival gateway hotel selection and management, with Regional Travel and Logistics Coord. (RTLC’s).  Budgeting  Bus Routings for EOS, with RTLC’s.  Domestic flight and charter bus bookings for Arrivals.  Bus chaperon tickets for EOS and Arrivals.  Data entry for int’l/domestic flights and charter buses.  Nametag mailing for D-Day to vols and to partners for Arrivals.  Setting hosting dates for Master Travel Plan with Chief Program Officer – Hosting.

3 Role of Travel and Logistics Regional TLC:  Communication with AT’s, EOS Coord/Local vols regarding EOS, Departure Day and Arrivals.  Oversight of Departure Day site and Arrival hotel in gateways.  Supplies/materials for all local orientations, including manuals, student pins, t-shirts, luggage tags, etc.  Bus Routings for EOS within budgetary restrictions.  Working with our bus vendor to book EOS buses.  Bus chaperon travel for both Arrivals/EOS.  Early Return and Program Release.  Volunteer recruitment for Departure Day, Arrivals and airport transits.

4 A Bit of History—Hosting Arrival Orientations  1970’s-1980’s: 2 gateways (LAX/NYC) and 4 Arrival “waves”.  Students arrived MON-WED and had orientation on rolling basis.  All students would OT (Onward Travel) on Friday or Saturday to one of 100+ “distribution” cities via charter buses/flights.  Travel Reps – 70+ volunteers were responsible for notifying host families of travel and coord. pick ups.  In late 1980’s, moved towards local, survival orientation  Early 1990’s, began planning for local orientation sites. Students were flown from arrivals (LA/NYC) directly to these sites for “survival” orientation.

5 A Bit of History—Hosting Arrival Orientations  In the following two years, we added more sites for larger, regional orientations.  Creation of Area Teams included responsibility for holding local orientations. AT’s given $ for orientations.  In 1994, opened Chicago as international gateway and required that partners fly students to region they would be hosted in.  Regional offices created around this time.  Timely placements became imperative as partners were now purchasing int’l tickets to three gateways and there were more sites.  Throughout 1990’s, more sites added as # of AT’s increased. Currently have 68 orientation sites.  In 2002, we added Houston and Seattle as gateways

6 History of Bus Trips/End-of-Stay  Int’l gateways (LAX/NYC) were booked by country group, not by region, so students had to bus, then fly, in each direction to return to correct gateway.  Bus trips were 2-3 weeks:  To allow students to see other parts of country.  Separation from host family.  Inexpensive way to get students back to gateway.  East of Rockies, bus went to NY, West to LA.  LAX D-Day was one day earlier to allow NY departing students to fly red-eyes and depart with country groups the following day. We continue to have them one day apart as the logistics are more complicated with 5 gateways.

7 History of Bus Trips/End-of-Stay – cont’d  Addition of Chicago as gateway and move to regional flights allowed for shorter bus trips.  More challenging for AT’s to find communities to host students on bus trips.  With addition of Houston and Seattle, shorter distances for students to travel.  National Council voted to move to the EOS model in 2002 and implement EOS Guidelines.

8 Travel Planning – End-of-Stay DateItemNat’l TLCRegional TLCLocal AT/Vols OCTInitial EOS routings/budget Analyzing YTD costs, 09 hosting #’s per AT, split buses Work with AT’s and field staff to plan initial bus routings for budget Should include EOS planning in 2010 AT budget, changes to pick up locations discussed with RTLC. JANEOS guidelines mailing Sent to all AT’s reviewing guidelines, deadlines, etc. EOS planning should continue – site selection, EOS coord. Recruit, etc. Mid-FEBInitial bus routings, split buses for AT’s with large #’s Work with RTLC on bus numbers, routings, activate EOS Planning DB for 2010 Work with AT on initial splits.

9 Travel Planning – End-of-Stay cont’d DateItemNat’l TLCRegional TLCLocal AT/Vols 1 MAREOS Coord. Recruited (ongoing) Coordinator recruited and name entered into AFS Online/EOS Planning database (PDB) MARMailing to students/host fams. re: EOS/D-Day Mails luggage letter and general EOS info and D- Day dates. Writes letters, posts on Wiki Can access letters via AFS Wiki 15 MAREOS site infoMonitor EOS info via EOS /global link module Finalize EOS site, enter into EOS/Global Link module 1 APREOS site infoSite address, directions to bus vendor All EOS site info completed, including directions.

10 Travel Planning – End-of-Stay cont’d DateItemNat’l TLCRegional TLCLocal AT/Vols APR – MAY Communication to EOS Coord. re: EOS RTLC’s work with EOS Coord. on planning, etc. EOS Coord. mail to students of specific EOS site, date, directions, etc. 15 APRBus chaperon recruitment Monitor bus chaperon info Select bus chaperon and enter info into EOS PDB. If not a registered vol, begin process. 15 MAYBus chaperon travel Book and ticket bus chaperon travel Continue to receive bus chap requests Ensure bus chap return travel requests are entered online.

11 Travel Planning – End-of-Stay cont’d DateItemNat’l TLCRegional TLCLocal AT/Vols Mid-MAYBus manifestLink students to buses in Global Link. Confirm accuracy of bus manifest, i.e. no FLEX kids, PR’s, ER;s, etc. Mid-JuneEOS Name Tag mailing Sent via Fed-ex to chap or EOS Coord. Incl: manifest, D- Day nametag, D-Day info, etc. Ensure FED EX address is entered into EOS GL.. Ensure all emergency contact numbers are up- to date. 27-29JUNEOS events in progress, buses rolling to D-Day On Site-on call 24/7 for emergencies On Site and on- call 24/7 for emergencies Enjoying last days/hours with students in your area!

12 Travel Planning – Arrivals and Welcome Orientations DateItemNat’l TLCRegional TLCLocal AT/Vols OCTArrivals Budget Review YTD, welcome sites, travel plans Review Welcome sites, plan for any changes Review sites/plan for 2010 in AT budget. Any changes approved by region. OCT- NOV Hosting Distribution Sites Work with regional and Vol. Dev. staff to designate Hosting Dist. Sites Work with local AT’s- unaffiliated chapters Plan arrival orientation vis a vis hosting distribution site. OCT- NOV Gateway Matrix to Partners Sent to partners so they may begin booking int’l fights and linking students in GL Finalize commitments for 2010. FEB – JUN Int’l Arrival Travel Receiving travel from partners via GL.

13 Travel Planning – Arrivals and Welcome Orientations DateItemNat’l TLCRegional TLCLocal AT/Vols FEB-MAROrientation Sites Enter sites into Global Link Finalize Orientatin sites with AT Site selection/confirmation with RTLC APR 1Deadline for receipt of apps from partners Admissions APR – JUN Students linked to Hosting Distribution Sites Check to ensure auto- linking is correct. As students are Community Placed by AT they are linked to sites. Early June Initial charter bus planning General plans for gateway charter bus to site based on placements/int’l travel Work with TLC on times, shared buses. For areas with unaffiliated chapters, determine one drop off location

14 Travel Planning – Arrivals and Welcome Orientations DateItemNat’l TLCRegional TLCLocal AT/Vols 1 JUNAll students placed/ linked to sites Early – mid JUN Initial charter bus schedule, domestic flights booked, data entry begins First (of many) draft of bus departure times, student assignments Review initial bus schedules in Arrivals Global Link module. Work with site to review rooms/meals based on arrival sked. All directions to sites finalized and uploaded into GL module. Early JULAll buses/flights confirmed. Send bus directions to vendor, confirm NY gateway hotel, etc. Ensure NY TLC has all info, confirm gateway hotels, recruit gateway volunteers Continue to finalize site arrangements based upon updated travel info. Notify host fams of pick- up time (ongoing)

15 Travel Planning – Arrivals and Welcome Orientations DateItemNat’l TLCRegional TLCLocal AT/Vols Early JULBus chaperonsBook bus chaperons as travel received Ensure local AT has recruited bus chaps Recruit bus chap for each bus to site. Must be registered volunteer. Early JULSupply mailingSend t-shirts, pins, ID cards, etc to RTLC’s Supplies/handb ooks to AT. First domestic travel available via GL 22 JULNo site changes. GL is locked to any orientation site changes. Track changes in placement for Onward Travel arrangements. Include placement changes in orientation site plans and coordinate onward travel with RTLC. Run first travel reports. 24 JULPartner Mailing Student nametag, site info, etc. Continue travel updates to AT’s as placements are confirmed.

16 Travel Planning – Arrivals and Welcome Orientations DateItemNat’l TLCRegional TLCLocal AT/Vols 1 AUGAll travel gateway hotel arrangements finalized. Reconfirm for New York gateway Updated travel schedules to Host. OC. Finalize hotel/meals at g’way. Run travel reports in Global Link, confirm pick-ups with host fams. 1 AUGGateway volunteers Include vols in staff schedules (hotel/airport) Provide all names/contact info to NY. Give vols info on hotel, etc. Assist RTLC with recruitment. 1 AUGBus chaperons Final tickets issued/ mailed. Provide bus chap with directions to gateway hotel, bus manifest, site details, etc. Ensure bus chaps are registered and have all contact information for day of travel. 1 AUGTransit volsSend transit vol packets. Provide NY with names, contact info Assist RTLC with recruitment.

17 Travel Planning – Arrivals and Welcome Orientations DateItemNat’l TLCRegional TLCLocal AT/Vols 1 AUGOnward Travel Booking/Ticket ing requests for placement changes needing travel Works with field staff and local vols to coordinate OT for students. As site assignment is not changed, make arrangements for student at site and work with RTLC to coord. OT. 1 AUGLate ArrivalsMonitor visas for late arrivals Notify vols/ field staff of late arriving students Cancel arrangements, notify hostfams, plan for late arr. orientation 11-13 AUG Student Arrivals Manage int’l arrivals, delays, rebookings, NYC gateway hotel, on call 24/7 Manage regional travel, communicate delays to sites, on call 24/7 Receiving students and providing arrival orientation.

18 Travel Planning – Arrivals and Welcome Orientations DateItemNat’l TLCRegional TLCLocal AT/Vols Late AUG, early Sep Late ArrivalsContinue to work with partners for int’l travel, RTLC’s for new arrival city Work with field staff/local vols for arrival cities Plan orient. for late arrivals, notify host fams.

19 Hosting Orientation Calendar 2010 Mid-JAN – FEB 2010Mid-year Orientation May 2010Pre-Return Orientation 26 JUN – 28 JUN 2010End-of-Stay events 28-29 JUN 2010 29-30 JUN 2010 Departure Day—West Departure Day-Central/East 11 – 13 AUG 2010Int’l Arrivals and Welcome Orientations (until 14 AUG) Late SEP – early OCT 2010Fall Orientation (a.k.a Post Arrival Orientation)

20 What’s on the Horizon?  Global Link – migration and training  Analysis of changes to Arrival dates  Hosting Distribution sites vs. Arrival Orientation sites.  Survey of Arrival Orientations

21 “Gee, we really do a great job!” For our hosting programs: – Departures: over 2500 students departed on 225 + flights over 3 days of travel. – Arrivals: repeat of above in reverse!  Excellent student support – 24/7 Travel duty officer  Superior customer service.  Experienced and dedicated staff – both regional and national.  Summer staff – our ability to train 10 seasonal staff and have a cohesive team up to speed in two weeks.  We have high expectations of ourselves to do an excellent job  Problem solving skills  Relationship with AFS Travel and STA Travel.  Relationships with vendors (hotels, sites, charter bus company).  We love the students!!  We have fun and we like each other

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