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Lion Officers Roles and Responsibilities We can all be better leaders.

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1 Lion Officers Roles and Responsibilities We can all be better leaders

2 Region Chairperson

3 Who is a Region Chairperson? the representative of the District Governor within the geographical location defined as your Region previously named “Deputy District Governor”

4 Coordinating the Duties of your Zone Chairpersons The key to your success is the effectiveness of your Zone Chairpersons Your coordination of their activities must be done in a way that: Guides rather than ‘bosses’ Is compatible with your DG Team objectives Prevents unnecessary duplication of service and duties

5 RC Responsibilities Organise meetings with ZCs to review Cabinet reports, seek solutions to issues highlighted and communicate District matters onward to Clubs Report findings to and attend District Cabinet If possible attend at least one meeting of each Zone within the Region Represent the District Governor Team as requested Identify locations for new club extension, advise the District Membership Officer and actively progress Attend and report to the District Convention Support your Zone Chairpersons to ensure completion of their responsibilities

6 RC Other Activities Organise regional heat of the District Youth Award Project Monitor the health and status of clubs in your Region (review Club Health Assessment Reports) In conjunction with your Zone Chairpersons identify potential future leaders and advise the DG Team Encourage all clubs within the Region to be represented at the District Convention & participate in District projects

7 Your Role in Starting New Clubs Discuss with Zone Chairs the draft list of communities in your Region which could benefit from a new club Meet with the District Membership Officer Encourage existing clubs in the Region to sponsor and assist form a new club Once a new club is chartered you have the responsibility to care for it through orientation of members, club visits and the introduction of a Guiding Lion

8 How to Help a Declining Club Investigate the problem area to determine its cause Discuss your findings with the club’s officers & Zone Chair Offer solutions: you may wish to confer with the District Membership Officer and DG Team. Don’t forget local clubs are usually very willing to help Agree a recovery plan with the club and monitor progress

9 District Resource PeoplE District Governor (Pat O’Brien) 1 st Vice District Governor (Marion Connelly) 2 nd Vice District Governor (Paul Allen) Region Chairs Zone Chairs PR Coordinators (Frank Corr) Webmaster (Jerry Desmond) District Leadership Officer (Bernard Black) District Membership Officer (Pat McCoole)

10 Reports You Submit Report to the DG Team on any issues within your Region Report to District Cabinet Report to District Convention

11 Reports/Resources You Receive Monthly Membership Report of clubs within your Region can be viewed online Monthly copy of District Club Health Assessment Club Visitation Reports by your Zone Chairs Cabinet Minutes Zone Chair reports

12 Thank you for accepting the challenge

13 Zone Chairperson

14 You, the Zone Chairperson, …... are the link between the Clubs in the Zone and the District team... collaborate with the Region Chairperson and District Governor Team to ensure that Clubs in your Zone are in good standing and conduct service projects within their community.

15 Three Hats of a Zone chair Motivator: recognise club success Counsellor: provides coaching and guidance Communicator: informs clubs of district information and reports club activities to the DG and RC

16 Zone Chair Responsibilities Visit all Zone Clubs – recommend report visit to RC Monitor the health and status of clubs in your zone Organise and conduct 3 Zone Meetings during the year (1 st Year Ahead; 2 nd Social aspect; 3 rd Incoming Officer Training) Ensure new club officer details are advised (input) as requested – PU101 Identify clubs with secretary/treasurer related issues Ensure clubs complete and submit Financial Accounts Attend and report to Cabinet Meetings and District Convention

17 Zone Chair Other Activities Encourage clubs to visit other Lions Clubs Encourage clubs to be represented at the District Convention Ensure support and growth plan for clubs with less than 15 members Club Secretary is knowledgeable of the LCI members database and details are accurate Members email addresses to Pat McCoole Identify potential leaders

18 Club Visits When you visit a club look for the 6 elements of success:- A major service activity that the community needs A fund-raising project in which the community will participate and contribute Good public relations within the club and in the community Regular well organised club meetings Team spirit A membership growth programme that includes involvement for new members

19 What is a Weak Club? New members not being recruited Monthly Membership Reports not submitted Failure to pay dues on time Low attendance at meetings No or poor service or community activities Too much fundraising for other charities. Lack of enthusiasm & declining membership Lack of support for District activities or convention

20 Compliment on Club Success Inform the club of how to put information in the DG’s District Newsletter Recognition of publicity or a membership increase will encourage club officers to continue in their efforts Club Excellence Award

21 This award recognises a club that is effective, pays its bills, and is filing reports on time Recognises a Club that Does what it is supposed to do. Clubs does not need to know they are put forward for this award Award also for Zone Chair if 50% of your zone’s clubs earn the Club Excellence Award

22 Provide Information to Clubs District events or programs District convention and events Successful activities from other clubs Awards that might be of interest to the club. Check points available for a MJF

23 Communicate Regularly Frequent communication is easy with email, but phone or face to face is much more personal and effective so determine preferred method of each club president Clubs may not call you with a problem, so you should contact them

24 Offer Assistance Inform clubs about information, support, training and many other resources available direct on DVD or via Lions websites: (District) (International)

25 First Resource to Clubs You are the first resource for clubs in your zone Keep the lines of communication (UP & DOWN) open

26 Problems in a Club Problem solving is an essential skill for a Zone Chairperson. Remember to ‘tactfully’ solve a problem as soon as possible. Ask for assistance from your district resources if you need it.

27 Reports You Submit Report Zone Meeting minutes to RC, DG & VDGs Report to District Cabinet Report to District Convention

28 Reports/Resources You Receive Monthly Membership Report (WMMR) can be viewed online (if reported online) Monthly copy of Club Health Assessment Cabinet Minutes Zone Chairperson Manual DVD containing Manuals for Club Officers and many other useful support materials


30 Club President

31 The Role of the Club President The President is chief executive of the Club. The President’s authority in the Club is not absolute but comes from the: Club as a whole Club constitution and by-laws International Lions Constitution and By-Laws Board of Directors

32 The Role of the Club President The Club President presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors as well as the Club. The President is an active member of the district governor’s advisory committee (Zone Meeting) of the Zone in which the Club is located.

33 Meetings Prepare your Meeting Agenda with the Secretary During meetings the President presides over the meeting and agenda. It is the President who ensures the agenda is followed.

34 Meetings To assist you run effective meetings: Review the Lions Learning Center course Meeting Management on

35 Manage group interaction As the president presides over meetings, there may be times when conflict arises. The president is the standing authority at meetings and must understand how to manage these types of interactions. Meetings

36 Committees A good President delegates Clubs may have members in committees: There are two types of committees that are appointed by the Club President. Standing committees (permanent positions within the club) Special committees (limited time or special function)

37 The chairperson of each committee will be the point of contact for the committee as well as a leader for the committee members. Committees

38 Club Officer Elections The President also plays a key role in club officer elections. The President works with other Club Officers to ensure the Club runs smoothly and tasks are accomplished.

39 Communication Communication is very important to success as a Club President An effective club needs to be aware of news and information about their Club activities A Club lacking effective communication is more likely to have dissatisfied members who do not feel connected to the club.

40 Leadership Club members look to the President for leadership. This includes guidance, motivation and help solving problems.

41 Ending Your Year At the end of the year it is important to finish projects, prepare (audited) financial accounts, ensure good record keeping and prepare the incoming officers. There is also other business to complete prior to becoming the Immediate Past Club President. Recognise your club for its hard work throughout the year.


43 Club Secretary

44 Who is the Board of Directors? club president vice president secretary treasurer tail twister lion tamer immediate past president membership director all other elected directors branch coordinator

45 Role of the Club Secretary All correspondence, coming in to the club and going out from the club, goes through the Secretary. The Secretary is the key communication link between the District, the Association, the community and the Club.

46 Zone Meeting Member This appointment means the Secretary will: Attend zone or region meetings Assist in compiling reports in preparation for Zone meetings Assist with preparations if the club is chosen to host a Zone meeting

47 Correspondence The Club Secretary should meet with the Club President at the beginning of their term to discuss how correspondence will be answered, kept and reported.

48 Correspondence The Club Secretary is in charge of reports and other communication with deadlines and requirements. Not communicating promptly can lead to club status changes and missed opportunities. Delays can create problems elsewhere in the association

49 Reports Responsible for completing and filing reports knowing the due dates of reports ensuring reports are submitted on time

50 Reports Monthly Membership Report and reports as specified by the association, such as: New member form Family Membership forms Transfer member form New or Transfer or Dropped Member Form

51 Reports Additional reports: Club Officer Report (PU-101) Report other elected individuals, i.e. convention delegates and alternates Club Roster 100% Club President’s Award Application Advising Lion Distribution Officer of membership changes

52 Records In addition to keeping track of correspondence, the club secretary also has custody of, and maintains, general records of the club.

53 Meetings The Club Secretary is an integral part of club meetings The Secretary creates agendas (?) in conjunction with the President

54 Meetings The Secretary is also responsible for: Notifying participants of meeting times and location Recording attendance, make-up meetings and awards presented Recording minutes during club meetings

55 Remember Share information with the club that is received from the district, multiple district, Lions Clubs International Headquarters or Lions Clubs International Foundation. Order member pins and kits for new members (or maybe appoint a supplies officer)

56 When the secretary’s term is over help the new secretary begin their year. There are some final items that need to be completed. End of Term


58 Club Treasurer

59 The Role of the Club Treasurer The Club Treasurer is responsible for all financial matters pertaining to the club, The Treasurer should be in attendance at all Club meetings and Board of Directors meetings.

60 Keep members informed Be prepared to present financial information at club meetings Oral reports should be concise, factual and to the point Be prepared to collect money and issue receipts The Role of the Club Treasurer

61 Keeping Accounts in Order The Treasurer is charged with keeping the club’s funds and accounts in order Receive all club-related monies both from membership dues and clubs activities Work with the secretary to send out a club dues invoice at the start of the dues- paying period (1 st July and 1 st January)

62 Treasurer’s Role Prepare budgets Administration budget Activities Budget

63 Accounting Funds for administration and activities must be kept separate through book-keeping and two bank accounts #1Administration funds from dues, fines and internal funds #2Activities/Charity/Services funds raised from the public #3other accounts as required #4 other accounts as required...

64 Treasurer Role Review and select officers for signing and co-signing cheques. Obtain approval from the Club or Board of Directors. In practice: names on bank mandates

65 Treasurer Role MONEY IN Deposit monies in predetermined accounts Bank monies within 48 hours of receipt Immediately update record-keeping

66 Treasurer Role MONEY OUT All payments must be authorised by the Club members or Board of Directors Pay Lions Clubs bills promptly Ensure approval is recorded meeting minutes

67 Record-Keeping and Reports Organised and accurate record keeping and submitting financial accounts appropriately are priorities for the Club Treasurer.

68 Maintain general records of club receipts and payments Reconcile bank statements Record monthly income and expenses promptly Review itemised LCI statement and submit to the club for approval. This statement should also be verified by the Secretary especially when membership dues are included Use a ledger book or computer spreadsheet Record dues when paid Record-Keeping and Reports

69 Reporting Semi-annual and annual financial statements Reports to be brief, factual and informative Meeting reports include a brief income and expenses statement Written list of transactions to the Secretary for inclusion in meeting minutes Copy of annual audited accounts MUST be approved by the Club and a copy forwarded to the District Treasurer

70 Charitable Status ROI Charity No.:CHY 15707 NI Charity Ref:XR 90123 Upon Application Exemption or Relief from: Capital Acquisition Tax (Gift or Inheritance) Companies Capital Duty Stamp Duty on transfer or lease of land Rates on premises in NI There is NO exemption from V.A.T.

71 Gift Aid PAYE Taxpayers can donate to a Lions Club as a tax free donation No minimum limit in NI - €250 in ROI Membership dues can be a donation if the Lion is a taxpayer Income from certain types of fundraising can also be noted as a donation Donations from taxpayers warrant an application for a tax rebate of up to 25%

72 Gift Aid Membership dues for 4 years up front would be applicable but requires detailed bookkeeping In all cases rebate applications to be processed via 105I Charitable Trust officer (PDG Donal Horgan) All clubs participating in Charitable Status or Gift Aid scheme must have lodged recent audited financial with the District Treasurer

73 End of Term Audit Reports/Records It is sound accounting procedure to ‘audit’ the records at the end of each fiscal year Respected Lions are appointed to do the audit Remember to send a copy to the District Treasurer


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