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Bangladesh Police Women Network

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1 Bangladesh Police Women Network
Amena Begam Deputy Police Commissioner Chittagong Metropolitan Police Bangladesh Police

2 Bangladesh Bangladesh the third largest Muslim country in the world and second in the region. Bangladesh’s location with in the ‘geo-strategic frontier’ of India; Surrounded by India almost entirely on three sides except 172 miles with Myanmar in the south east. For Police background it inherits the legacy British Colonial heritage of Policing like the India and Pakistan.

3 Liberation War Memorial, Dhaka




7 134,480,000 PAKISTAN BANGLADESH 114,080,000 INDIA 121,000,000 INDONESIA 182,570,000


9 Bangladesh Police Bangladesh Police was formed in 1971 after the liberation and the service had the legacy of 200 years historical background of Indo-Pak subcontinent police history. Bangladesh Police is a National Police. BD Police has members. 3000 women police Bangladesh Police has several units like District Police, Metropolitan Police, Criminal Investigation Department , Special Branch, Armed Police Battalion, Rapid Action Battalion, Industrial Police units to work under one National Head Quarter.

10 Women in Bangladesh Police
First Joined in 1974 For Special Branch VIP female protection duty. 1976 women joined in sub Inspector rank in Dhaka Metropolitan Police 1986 first women in Supervisory level joined. 1988, 2nd batch joined in supervisory level. 1999 onward Police women are recruited every year in supervisory level and the number is 120 ASP now in Bangladesh Police.

11 Three Entry levels in Bangladesh Police
Constable of Police Sub Inspector Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) The Total no of women in Bangladesh Police is 2246 , and Govt will soon recruit another 3000 Police Women .

12 Necessity for a Network for Police women in Bangladesh
For a platform to address the barriers that police women face in their line of duty. To raise the profile of police women To build up their capacity . To increase professionalism and mentoring the police women for building leadership. To increase the sense of security among the women population of the country. Bangladesh Police women senior offcers felt the necessity to make a platform for the police women.

13 Emergence of Bangladesh Police Women Network ( BPWN)
The Strategic Plan for Bangladesh Police include Gender as one of its component and includes existing requirement of policewomen by upholding “Women Police and Gender Sensitization” as one of the major key strategic areas in directions and policies . In its policy, the Strategic plan categorically mentioned “feasibility assessment and implementation of institutionalized support mechanisms for women such as the Women Policing Network”.


Bangladesh Police Women’s Network (BPWN) came into existence on 21 November This network will bring a massive cultural change among policewomen in particular and Bangladesh Police in General.

16 Vision In Making the capability of leadership of police women in Bangladesh for the National and International arena of development where police women will perform up to the standard of its own.

17 Goals To Strengthen the position of policewomen in Bangladesh.
To develop the professional aptitude getting the acquired world class knowledge by introducing its international network. To ensure the participation of police women at the policy level by empowering and increasing the number of women police in Bangladesh.

18 Goals 4) To increase participation of women police in different work areas in national and international milieu. 5) To create appropriate working atmosphere by developing the women police training, health, social status economic solvency and all other welfare activities. 6) Taking all necessary measures to establish and facilitate the job of police women as far as there legal & justified rights are concerned.

19 Goals 7) Books, booklets, journals & papers are to publish in facilitating, the training, meeting, seminar, symposium for improving professional capability of police women. 8) Proactive role preserve the rights of police women in employment, posting, promotion & overall development.

20 Formation of BPWN President Vice Presidents General Secretary
Finance Secretary 23 executive members from all ranks Recently 07 division has got 7 coordinators to liaison with the central BPWN body .

21 Recent activities Build the constitution
Divisional meeting to exchange views with the filed level police women . Registration process of BPWN Affiliation to IAWP is ongoing Join Annual Conference of IAWP Will arrange first Asia Region Women Police conference in March 2012 , Bangladesh IAWP President and the Board of Directors will be present in the conference This will be the first of its kind in Asia Will observe the International Women Day on 8th March with the IAWP and Asia Region women Police officers in Bangladesh.

22 Thank You

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