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MAJOR ACHIVEMENTS OF DIET, MOTI BAGH. DIET was established in 1989 to cater to the academic needs of South District of Delhi.

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2 DIET was established in 1989 to cater to the academic needs of South District of Delhi.

3 PRE-SERVICE DIET Moti was established in 1989.Upto 1995 Annual enrollment was 50. For the next 10 year annual intake increases to 100. From 2006 onward annual intake of ETE trainees has been increased to 150 In all 1850 ETE trainees have successfully completed the course and professionally trained During the two year training course beside completion of academic activities, workshops were organized on current and national educational issues.

4 PRE-SERVICE Some of the themes are as under as Disaster Management,RTE,Gender Sensitisation,School Life Skill Programme,communication skill,CCE,Mental Math,and Performing Art. Organised Inter DIET Sports Meet in 2010 Organised Sports Meet in 2011 Celetration of Annual and Foundation Day Organisation of Inter DIET Folk Dance Competition Organised Inter House Mental Math quiz

5 Ready to start athletic meet Lamp Lightening by the CHIEF GUEST Oath ceremony by the teacher trainees


7 School Experience Programme For preparation to school experience programme teaching learning activities in subject of Math,Science, English Language and Health and Phy.Education were organised in collaboration with Sadhu Vasvani School

8 Mathematical Skills Hands on practice

9 Practice on Skills of Micro-Teaching

10 ETE Trainees Educational Excursion Every year ETE trainees are taken for out station Educational tour / study visit. Some of the places visited are as under: Arobindo Ashram Pondicherry -1997 SCERT Pune and Learning Centre of pune.-1998 DIET Masuda Rajasthan for innovative Educational practices - 1999 Vivekanand Ashram, Kanyakumari Tami Nadu DIET, SCERT Udai Pur, Rajasthan NGO SIDH Mussorie Diganter ( NGO) Jaipur Rajasthan for alternate Education System March 2010 Mumbai(Ali Yaver Jung Institute for Hearing Impairment,Homi Bhaba Science Center March 2011

11 TRAINING ( In-Service) To bring qualitative as well as quantitative improvement in elementary, adult and non-formal education in all the districts of Delhi.From 1989-2011 DIET conducted In-service education programme for Primary teachers of MCD,NDMC,DOE and Cantt. Board schools of Delhi. In all 40136 teachers got benefited from above mentioned programms. Programms mainly focussed on : Content –cum-Methodology in school subjects Difficult concepts of school subject Current educational issues Continuous and comprehensive evaluation at primary level Orintation on new text book series developed by SCERT.Delhi. Special orientation programme for primary teachers(SOPT) Minimum Levels of Learning(MLL) Inclusive Education Yuva Life Skill Programme Communication skill in English

12 TRAINING Principals of primary schools were trainedin school Administration and management of the school. In all 900 Heads of primary schools have been trained

13 TRAINING ( Adult and Non-Foraml Education) Provided Induction Level training to education instructors of different NGOs of district south for eleven days in their respective areas Field based training of non-formal education instructors of NGOs Delhi Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan Samiti (DSSAS) launched literacy campaign in Delhi. DRU, DIET Moti Bagh provide academic & technical support to launch this program by organizing various level of training for Field functionary Key resource persons Associate coordinators Area coordinator Volunteer instructors

14 TRAINING DRU, DIET,Moti Bagh has also adopted one constituency Nasir Pur. Monitored & supervised literacy campaign in 17 constituencies in Dist. south & 6 constituencies in Distt. South West. Monitoring of literacy classes

15 Work in the Lab Area DRU launched two projects in the lab area: Project ‘shiksha’ to generate awareness about education and achieve 100% literacy (through Nukkad Nataks, Literacy Marches, Literacy classes, free tuitions & short term courses) Project ‘Sahyog’ to make the people aware about different income generating schemes (workshops were organised in pickle making, candle making, tie & dye). A directory of the lab area residents containing names addresses and other information of common use was prepared by the DRU in the year 1992. A library for the community (Jan Shikshan Nilayam) was set up in collaboration with State Resource Centre, Jamia.

16 Activities undertaken by DIET Moti Bagh in Lab Area Lab Area – Mochi Bagh and Jharera(Cantonement Board) Promotional activities and motivational activities Literacy March Street corner play Recognition to the community leaders Opening of Jan Shikshan Nilyam to provide post literacy material to the Neo- Literate Balwadies for the kids Cutting and tailoring classes for the women Training in Tie & Dye, Food preservation,prepartion of clensing powder and liquid soap Organization of exhibitions and competitions

17 Material Development

18 Research Studies Completed An assessment study of the status of implementation of Mid-day meal scheme in M.C Primary schools/ NDMC schools/ Sarvodya Vidyalya located in District South of Delhi. To study the attitude of E.T.E Trainees toward Teaching Profession and General Approach towards Life in Totality. Local History of selected villages(District South) School Profile of MCD Primary School,Govt School & Cantonment Board Schools AN INVESTIGATION IN TO THE UTILIZATION OF EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY AT PRIMARY LEVEL IN MCD SCHOOLS OF DELHI





23 Research Studies for 2011-12 Documentation and Publication of Action Researches taken up by ETE IInd year Trainees of D.I.E.T, Moti Bagh To Identify Commonly Occuring Problems of Students Affecting their Learning and Performance at Elementary Stage and Suggest Remedies to Deal with them through the Training of ETE Trainees Follow Up Study of ETE Teachers Trainees of DIET, Moti Bagh Follow Up Study of Training Programmes Conducted for Assistant Teachers of District South by DIET, Moti Bagh Establishment of the Resource Centre for the Hearing-Impaired-for Capacity Building of Teachers of District South to work effectively with Hearing Impaired Children.

24 Faculty Development Programme To study Educational and innovative practices in Teacher Education Teacher Educator of DIET have visited/deputed to the following places under Faculty Development Programme Port Blaire Pune Loreto Convent&Shanti Niketan KolKotta IIM Ahmedabad Rishi Velly Andra Pradesh IIM Lucknow IIM KolKatta

25 Special Contributions  English as Subject was introduced for the first time in MCD Schools of Delhi.  DIET in collaboration with SCERT, Developed class I to III syllabus in English.  Convened Developing Handbook in teaching of Mathematics at Primary Level for NCERT textbook I-V.  Contributed as a Member for developing handbook and Manual in teaching of Business Studies for classess XI & XII based on NCERT textbook  Contributed for E.T.E Curriculum revision  Cotributed for Development of Hindi text book “Udan” for class I-V & “Bahar” for classes VI-VIII & Development of Manual for INSET Programmes

26 Special Contributions  Yuva Life-Skill Programmes were conducted for about 50,000 teachers of Delhi in 3 Cycles at about 200 centres in Delhi by SCERT &DIET faculty, based on the modules developed by SCERT &DIET Faculty.  Beside the YUVA –SLP for all teachers of MCD, Dte. of education i.e. TGT’s PGT’s HM’s etc, other subject based programes for TGT’s and PGTs were also organized  Training of Master-Trainers in YUVA by SCERT at Dayal Singh college w.e.f. 29/4/2008 to 03/05/2008.  TOT for Resource Persons for YUVA (SLP) at DIET, Moti Bagh w.e.f. 08/05/2008 to 14/05/2008 in two groups (102 participants) )

27 Special Contributions  Provided support to NCERT to conduct Evaluative study at Elementary Level  Organised and conducted State consultative workshop on draft National Curriculam Framework (NCF),2005. for school education with children, Teachers,Principal and parents  Curriculum Framework (NCF),2005. The Teachers Manuals were developed in different subjects which were disseminated during the program.

28 Innovations DIET Moti Bagh prepared and organised Play ‘Sathiyo ki Khoz’with the help of TIE group and 20 trainees of each DIET Participated.This play was based on the ground realities of education and was shown at Talkatora Stadium Delhi. Organised two programmes for community children of Moti Bagh and Ambedkar Nagar for art and Productive Activities in month of March 2011 and May 2011 repectively. 239 children of community enjoyed the programme and learnt new activities.

29 Institutional Project-2011-2012 ` (A) Development Of Database Of Children With Hearing Impaired Studying In The Schools of Dist. South Up To The Elementary Level. Planning & Management Unit (B)Setting Up of Resource Room for Resource Centre for the Hearing Impaired. Dr Rama Srivastava © Training Of DIET Faculty On Vision Building And ManagingChildren With Hearing Impaired In The Context Of Establishing Resource Centre For Capacity Building Of ETE Trainees, In-Service Teachers, Parents andCommunity. Dr Seema Srivastava & DIET Faculty (D)To develop print material (brochures and modules) for advocacy and training of teacher (pre- serve and in-Service) for inclusion of children with hearing impairment in schools as advocated in R.T.E act. Dr. Nirmal Bagga

30 Institutional Project-2011-2012 (E) Visit of DIET Faculty to the Agencies/Centres Working in the Area of Hearing Impaired in Delhi and Outside Delhi (F) To create awareness about inclusion in school education among parents, teachers and other stake holders, in the context of RTE act. Ms. Jagdish Kaur & Dr. Nirmal Bagga (G) Production of Video Films on the Concept of Inclusion with Special reference to children with Hearing Impaired. Ms. Sman Devi

31 Professional Development of Faculty Following faculty members completed their PhD while working in this DIET : Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Dr. Usha Sharma Dr. Dushyant Kaur Dr. Seema Shrivastava Dr. Nirmal Bagga Dr. Rama Srivastava

32 Resource support to the district Provided resource support to the Distt. in Training of community leaders Setting up community watch group Dakhila Abhiyan Government Policies for Health& Nutrition of child Mid Day Meal Government initiatives to the deprived section of the society Curriculum Renewal and Learning Material Strengthening TLM preparation and use Resource material for teachers

33 Trainees in action

34 Thank You

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