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GGWA Legalizing Solution for Small and Medium Organizations.

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1 GGWA Legalizing Solution for Small and Medium Organizations

2 Economic Impact  Pirated software - largest opportunity - $40B annually*. Customer situations:  Leaked or stolen VLK  “www”  PC  Buy PC with No SW  VLK  Buy PC (no Business)  VLK  Motherboard upgrades  No license *Source: Fourth Annual Global Software Piracy Study, May 2007, 2006 Worldwide Software Piracy Figures, Business Software Alliance 2 Unlicensed and Mis-Licensed Opportunity

3 FY09 Legalization Offerings Offering Channel Pricing Level Target Customer PC Quantity WGA OnlineFPP Home SB 1 GGK OEM distribution COEMAny GGWA-SMO Resellers (two-tier) non-USD price list countries SB MM 5+ GGWA-LO LARs or direct Microsoft OtherMM Enterprise 5+ 3

4 GGWA-SMO  1. November 2008: Windows XP Prof.  Windows Vista Bus.  with downgrade rights  Windows Vista Business SKU  66J Windows Vista Bus. Get Genuine – SMO  Price  will be updated every 6 months – exchange rate  Re-orders - throughout the agreement/authorization term (2 years)  No Media! -can be ordered separately.  No COA! Microsoft Confidential – for internal use only 4

5 Distributor provides the Reseller with a copy of the Get Genuine Windows Agreement for presentation to the Customer. Customer provides their contact information, including address. No signature is required. Reseller sends agreement to Distributor for onward submission to the Regional Operations Center (ROC). ROC sets up agreement and Customer receives electronic acceptance notification with Agreement Number. Distributor places order with ROC. Customer receives electronic order confirmation. Order Confirmation + Copy of Get Genuine Agreement + Proof of Payment = License Confirmation. Contract is available on CC Reseller BCC Distributor Ordering Process

6 Accessing the Agreement 6

7 IT System Changes An Order Confirmation notification will be created and sent  Content - from the existing confirmation letter.  Localized letter. 7

8 Microsoft Confidential – for internal use only Agreement  Agreement   Distributors  resellers show  customers.  Localised 8

9 GGWA-SMO Fulfillment 1. Order placed  order confirmation  customer (if address). 2. Customers should retain a copy of their agreement plus proof of payment to the partner. 3. Media may be purchased separately. 4. View their GGWA purchase online. 5. Customer may also download bits and access VLK in MVLS/VLSC. Installation 1. If non-genuine SW  install the genuine version (media - separate purchase.) To activate  use assigned VLKs. Call center can help - 2. If mis-licensed  no installation or activation is required. Microsoft Confidential – for internal use only 9

10 Placing GGW Order on MOET 10 Appendix

11 1. Log in using your Partners account ID 11

12 2.Select “New PO” - “Volume Licensing Purchase Order” – “Online” 12

13 3.Fill in PO Header details: PO number, Sales Location, Agreement number. Save PO 13

14 3. Enter the P/N 66J in the order line. Then hit the submit button. 14

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