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Summer 2010 IT 150G (Information Literacy for Business and Social Science)

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1 Summer 2010 IT 150G (Information Literacy for Business and Social Science)

2 This is a new requirement in Lower Level General Education designed to provide students with skills necessary:  To identify, to access and to utilize task appropriate information  To evaluate information sources and to apply good research strategies.  To access qualitative, quantitative, visual and auditory data sources  To understand the ethical use of data and gain respect for intellectual property.

3  This requirement replaces the Computer Literacy requirement (thru 2009-10 Catalog).  College of Business students met Computer Literacy through a combination of business courses (thru 2009-10 Catalog).  From 2010-11 Catalog onward, students will be required to satisfy the Information Literacy and Research requirement. ◦ Probable designated transfer. ◦ Pre-requisite for some upper-level courses.  Transition Period (2-3 years)

4 The topics include:  How to list a citation for a college report  How to use and not abuse Wikipedia  How to search for material on the Internet  How to use library databases  How to incorporate graphics in your reports and presentations  How to enhance presentations with audio and visual material

5 The topics include:  How to use the power of social and collaborative computing  How to develop folksonomies in the workplace  How to avoid ethical and legal problems with Internet material  The benefits and dangers of facebooking, texting and tweeting

6 Instructional Resources include:  Library Modules (Resource Group)  Paperback on Internet Search  Paperback on Social Computing  Blackboard  Librarians and the Library  The Internet

7 The course grading will include:  Tests and a final examination  Homework such as searching and assembling a bibliography  Building a wiki-reference for the course  Presenting a topic in class with appropriate PowerPoint display

8 Some Off Label Benefits Include:  Guaranteeing Blackboard Access  Strengthening Computer Literacy Skills  Building Electronic Device Civility  Introducing Library Resources  Easing Term Paper and Presentation Assignments  Reducing Plagiarism  Building Information Life Skills  Supporting Research Methods Courses  Promoting Information Diversity

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