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Called to Serve 1. Called to serve Him, heav’nly King of glory,

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1 Called to Serve 1. Called to serve Him, heav’nly King of glory,
Chosen e’er to witness for his name, Far and wide we tell the Father’s story, Far and wide his love proclaim. 2. Called to know the richness of his blessing— Sons and daughters, children of a King— Glad of heart, his holy name confessing, Praises unto him we bring. Onward, ever onward, as we glory in his name; Forward, pressing forward, as a triumph song we sing. God our strength will be; press forward ever, Called to serve our King. Words: Grace Gordon, alt. Music: Adam Geibel, 1855–1933

2 What do you remember about Paul from our previous lessons?

3 Paul was called by the Lord to be a missionary and a special witness of Jesus Christ (see Acts 13:2; 20:24). He spent the rest of his life in missionary service.

4 This is a map of Paul’s missionary travels.

5 When Paul was converted, not all of the Jews in Jerusalem and surrounding areas had heard about Jesus Christ.

6 Paul’s four missionary journeys took him to Jewish people and also to Gentiles (those who were not of the Jewish nationality) in many countries.

7 These Gentiles did not know about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
They worshiped false gods and idols. Everywhere Paul went he preached the gospel of Jesus Christ.

8 Paul’s preparation to be a missionary
How was Paul prepared to be a missionary? Paul Let’s write the steps on the board.

9 Paul went on four missionary journeys
Paul went on four missionary journeys. Our lesson today is about what happened to Paul after his third missionary journey. Throughout all of his trials, Paul took every opportunity to testify of Jesus Christ.

10 Paul the Missionary “Lesson 44: Paul the Missionary,” Primary 7: New Testament, 154 & “Paul Obeys the Holy Ghost,” New Testament Scripture Stories, Chapter 62, 161 & “Paul Finishes His Mission,” New Testament Scripture Stories, Chapter 63,

11 The Holy Ghost told the Apostle Paul to go to Jerusalem.
The Holy Ghost said that Paul would be put in prison. Paul was not afraid. He loved the Savior and did what the Holy Ghost had told him to do.

12 Paul said good-bye to his friends
Paul said good-bye to his friends. He said he would never see them again. He told them to live the gospel and obey God’s commandments. Paul warned them not to listen to people who would try to teach them things that are not true.

13 Paul told them to love and take care of each other
Paul told them to love and take care of each other. He knelt and prayed with them. Everyone cried. They went with him to the boat and watched Paul leave for Jerusalem.

14 Paul went to the temple in Jerusalem.
A group of Jews thought Paul had taken people who were not Jews into the temple. This made the Jewish people angry. They took Paul out of the temple and beat him.

15 Roman soldiers arrested Paul. They let him speak to the Jewish people.
Paul testified to the people that he had seen a light from heaven and heard the Savior’s voice. He said that Jesus had told him to preach the gospel.

16 The people did not believe Paul. They wanted to kill him
The people did not believe Paul. They wanted to kill him. The soldiers put Paul in prison for the night. The Savior visited Paul in prison and told him not to be afraid. He said Paul would go to Rome and teach the gospel there.

17 To protect Paul, the Romans sent him to another city
To protect Paul, the Romans sent him to another city. King Agrippa was there. Paul told King Agrippa that he had been a Pharisee and had hated the people who believed in Jesus.

18 Paul told King Agrippa that he had even put the followers he found into prison.
Then Paul had seen a light from heaven and heard the Savior’s voice. Now he believed in Jesus.

19 Paul testified to King Agrippa that the gospel was true
Paul testified to King Agrippa that the gospel was true. He said that Jesus had been resurrected. In a vision, Jesus Christ had told Paul to teach His gospel. Because Paul had obeyed, many people hated Paul.

20 King Agrippa said that Paul had almost made him believe in Jesus.
The king did not think Paul should be killed. But he had to send Paul to Rome, where Paul would be placed on trial.

21 Discussion Time

22 Why were the Jews angry with Paul?
Let’s read Acts 22:17–21

23 Paul was testifying of a vision from Jesus Christ to people who did not believe in Jesus.
Why wasn’t Paul harmed? Let’s read Acts 22:24, 29

24 The chief captain allowed Paul to go again before the Jews to explain himself.
Once again the Jews tried to kill him because of his testimony. Let’s read Acts 23:10

25 How did Paul show courage and faith during this time of persecution?
How would you have felt if you had been in Paul’s situation?

26 How did the Lord comfort Paul?
Let’s read Acts 23:11 How do you think Paul felt when he knew he would not be killed? How does the Lord comfort and bless missionaries today?

27 How did the Jews plot to kill Paul?
Let’s read Acts 23:14–15 Who saved Paul from this plot? Let’s read Acts 23:16

28 How did the chief captain help Paul escape from the Jews?
Let’s read Acts 23:22–24 Why do you think the Lord was protecting Paul?

29 Felix, the Roman governor, kept Paul a prisoner in Caesarea for two years until Festus became the new governor.

30 Paul requested a trial in Rome, but before leaving for Rome he told Festus and King Agrippa the story of his conversion and testified of Jesus Christ.

31 How did Paul feel about talking to King Agrippa?
Why? Let’s read Acts 26:1–3 What did he teach the king and Festus? Let’s read Acts 26:22–23

32 How did Festus react to Paul’s testimony?
Let’s read Acts 26:24 How did King Agrippa react? Let’s read Acts 26:28 What reasons might King Agrippa have had to not fully accept Paul’s testimony and become a Christian?

33 What are some things that keep people from accepting the gospel today?

34 What gave Paul the courage to preach to the king and the governor?
Paul was called to be a special witness for Jesus Christ and took every opportunity to testify of him.

35 When can you share your testimony of Jesus with others?
How can you prepare now to be a missionary?

36 President Ezra Taft Benson said:
“Primary boys, plan and look forward to serving a full-time mission for the Lord. Young girls, be prepared for missionary service if you are called” (in Conference Report, Apr. 1989, p. 104; or Ensign, May 1989, p. 82). “Yes … prepare now [when you are nine, ten, or eleven]. Prepare yourselves physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. Always be obedient to authority. Start a savings account for your mission if you haven’t done so already. Pay your tithing, and seek a testimony of the gospel through study and prayer” (in Conference Report, Apr. 1985, p. 49; or Ensign, May 1985, p. 37).

37 What steps have you already taken that prepare you to share the gospel?
What steps can you take in the future?

38 Be A Missionary Now! Missionary You Write in the steps you have taken and will take to prepare to be a missionary. Enr. Act. 1

39 What talents or abilities can you develop now that will help you be a better missionary for the Lord?

40 Why is it especially important to study the scriptures in preparation to teach the gospel?

41 Have you or someone in your family shared the gospel someone else?
Are you or someone you know a convert?

42 This is the Lord’s promise to missionaries found in D&C 84:88:
And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up. Enr. Act. 2

43 I bear testimony that Heavenly Father and Jesus want all of us to prepare now to teach the gospel.
One of the best ways we can do this is to live the gospel of Jesus Christ each day.

44 The lesson is from lds. org. The scripture stories are from lds
The lesson is from The scripture stories are from and paraphrased from various articles on and from the scriptures. Images and clipart are from, Microsoft Office, and other websites indicating the images were in the public domain or permitted for church and home use. Please do not use this presentation for commercial use. Feel free to alter the presentation for use in church or home to suit personal preference. This presentation is intended to supplement, not replace, the lesson manual and scriptures. Teachers should refer to the manual, scriptures and other resources when preparing and conducting the lesson.

45 http://lds. org/friend/1986/09/scriptural-giants-saul-becomes-paul

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