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By Ruben Cruz avalanchewy2.jpg.

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1 By Ruben Cruz avalanchewy2.jpg

2 Himalayas The himalayas are mountains formed because of the drift of the indian plate and the eurasian plate are doing by crashing against each other jpg

3 What is an avalanche? An avalanche is a flow of snow that normally happen in the moutains, and usually the avalanches carrie rock, ice, trees and others types of materials that are in the way of the avalanche. avalanchewy2.jpg

4 Last avalanches The las time the a naturas hazard passed in nepal india was in may 11, 1996 causing the the death of 8 people

5 What to do if an avalanche happen If you are in an avalanche you have to yell and if you are inside the avalanche you must at least try to go to the sutface. Try to leave an arm of a leg out for the recuers to find you easier. If you are not near the surface you have to do like an air poket by pushing you hads and your arms into the snow.

6 how to predict avalanches you can predict an avalanche depending on the weather, temperature, how deep is the slope, slope orientation, wind direction, terrain, vegetation, and general snowpack conditions. All of these factors can cause avalanches of low, medium and extreme conditions.

7 Conclusion in conclusion the avalanches are a minor hazard but depends where it is and sometimes it can cause a major hazard.

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