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TIGERS By Narissa Abigail Backman. Name three things?

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1 TIGERS By Narissa Abigail Backman

2 Name three things?

3 How can you tell if something is a living being or an object?

4 To tell if a thing is living, it must meet some criteria. Criteria are standards.

5 If a thing does all of the following, it’s a living thing: a.) Does it move by its own power? b.) Does it eat? c.) Does it reproduce?

6 Tigers are living things.

7 They move by their own power.

8 They eat.

9 And they reproduce.

10 This one even plays ice hockey.

11 Species?

12 Species are different categories of living things.

13 There are ten species of tigers.

14 Does anyone know what continent tigers live on?


16 Most tigers can be found in the green shaded area of Asia.

17 Does anyone know what tigers look like?

18 I’ve copied pictures of the ten species of tigers and maps of where they live. The first species of tiger is the…

19 Siberian

20 The Siberian tiger lives between the Ural mountains in the west to the Bering Sea in the east.

21 Bengal

22 The Bengal tiger lives in the area around the Bay of Bengal.


24 Malayan

25 The Malayan tiger lives on the Malayan Peninsula of Southeast Asia.

26 Sumatran

27 The Sumatran tiger lives on the island of Sumatra.

28 Indochinese

29 The Indochinese tiger lives in the land between China and the Gulf of Thailand.

30 South China

31 The South China tiger lives in the southern part of China.

32 Balinese

33 The Balinese tiger lives on the island of Bali which is located between the Java Sea and the Indian Ocean.

34 Javan

35 The Javan tiger is located on the island of Java near the island of Sumatra.

36 Caspian

37 The Caspian tiger lives around the Caspian Sea.

38 What do you think tigers eat?

39 Baby formula perhaps?

40 McDonald’s

41 Or maybe people who eat at McDonald’s

42 They will eat you if you don’t watch out!

43 Tigers in the wild will mostly go after other wild animals.

44 If a tiger is healthy, they will kill their natural prey.

45 Here’s a picture of some of the wild and domesticated animals that tigers will eat.

46 They are very athletic and can even chase their prey into the water.

47 Tigers are ambush hunters, stalking their prey,

48 Approaching as closely as possible,

49 and then charging the animal from behind.

50 And when they are hungry they will go after whatever comes along.

51 They can jump very high.

52 They will even chase their prey down on the ground.

53 And can even climb trees. Look closely, this tiger caught the chicken and has it in his mouth.

54 This gazelle was no match for the fast tiger.

55 They usually bite the neck or throat of their prey.

56 The neck-bite, which severs the spinal cord, is typically used on small or medium sized prey, while the throat bite, which causes suffocation, is used on larger animals.

57 Some meals are finger licking good!

58 Tigers have extremely strong jaws and large front teeth.

59 Tiger teeth are specially designed.

60 And some tigers just won’t eat their vegetables no mater what their parents say.

61 Tigers practice their hunting skills through play.

62 In this picture a tiger attacks a man who got too close for his own good.

63 This picture shows a tiger attacking a bus full of visitors to a zoo.

64 Tigers will only go after humans if: a.) The tiger is old and injured. b.) Their habitat is encroached upon. c.) Their natural prey isn’t available. d.) They are threatened.

65 Tigers: How they adapt to their environemnt.





70 Some tigers like to drive, but they don’t have licenseces.

71 And some tigers even have their own buses!




75 Tigers can live in all sorts of environments.

76 However, sometimes a tiger just likes to cool off in a nice pool.

77 And relax with their friends or next meal.

78 The next time you go swimming in Asia, watch out for tigers. This one looks like he’s still hungry!







85 Sometimes boy tigers are lazy and their wives have to yell at them to get them to wake-up and do their chores.


87 Unlike humans, tigers are not prejudiced and will go out with whomever they want to.

88 Too bad humans couldn’t be more like animals and just love someone for who they are.

89 Why can’t we all just get along like animals?





94 Sometimes when tiger habitat is taken away by humans, the tiger pups have to be fed by other animals because their mothers run away or are killed.

95 When humans encrouch upon tiger habitat the end result is that tigers can sometimes become trophy rugs for hunters.


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