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Words for Production Words for Recognition Idioms and Phrases.

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2 Words for Production Words for Recognition Idioms and Phrases

3 Words for Production 1.sneeze [ sniz ] vi. to produce an uncontrolled burst of air out of the mouth and nose 打噴嚏 Pepper always makes Helen sneeze.

4 Words for Production 2.yell [ jEl ] vi. to cry out; to shout 大叫 Don’t yell at me like that. It’s not my fault.

5 Words for Production 3.cover [ `k^v2 ] vt. to place something upon, over, or in front of something else in order to protect or to hide it 遮住,蓋住 The noise was so loud that I had to cover my ears with both hands.

6 Words for Production 4.trigger [ `trIG2 ] vt. to set something off (especially a chain of events) 引發 The smell of that food triggered a fond memory of my childhood.

7 Words for Production 5.stem [ stEm ] vi. to have as an origin or cause 出自,起 源於 Lucy’s interest in music stems from the nursery rhymes she learned during her childhood.

8 Words for Production 6.superstition [ ²`stIS1n ] n. [C][U] (a) belief which is not based on reason but on magic or old ideas 迷信 It is a common superstition in Taiwan that people should not go traveling in the seventh lunar month. Would you like to know more...

9 superstitious [ ²`stIS1s ] adj. 迷信的 It’s a superstitious belief that walking under a ladder brings bad luck.

10 Words for Production 7.mischief [`mIstSIf ] n. [U] damage or harm; bad, but not seriously harmful, behavior that might cause trouble and possible damage 危害,損 害;惡作劇 There is no knowing what mischief the escaped prisoner may cause to the community. The mother told her children to keep out of mischief when they were in school.

11 Words for Production 8.prevent [ prI`vEnt ] vt. to keep something from happening or stop someone from doing something 阻止 I’ll come at two this afternoon if nothing prevents me.

12 Words for Production 9.unlucky [ ^n`l^kI ] adj. unfortunate; having bad luck 不吉利 的, 倒楣的 For many Americans, Friday the thirteenth is an unlucky day.

13 Words for Production 10. spring [ sprI9 ] vi. to arise; to stem 發生,產生 His fear of dogs springs from a bad childhood experience.

14 Words for Production 11. surround [ s1`ra5nd ] vt. to be around on every side 包圍,圍 繞 Taiwan is surrounded by the sea. We have beautiful seashores and rich seafood.

15 Words for Production 12. major [ `medZ2 ] adj. greater, when compared with others, in importance 較重要的 Pollution is still one of the major problems in our society.

16 Words for Production 13. birth [ b3T ] n. [U] the act or time of being born, of coming into the world especially out of the body of a female parent 出生, 誕生 They celebrated the birth of their newborn baby last week.

17 Words for Production 14. illness [ `IlnIs ] [U] [C] (an) unhealthy state of the body 生病 A serious illness prevented him from working for a year. Would you like to know more...

18 ill [ Il ] adj. 生病的 He fell ill with cancer and there was no one else to support his family.

19 Words for Production 15.bouquet [bu `ke ] n. [C] a small bunch of flowers, specially arranged for a social occasion 花束 At the end of the play, the actor was presented with a bouquet of lilies.

20 Words for Production [ `totL ] n. [C] a number or quantity obtained by adding 總數,總額 So far this year, a total of one million people have visited the museum. Would you like to know more...

21 total [ `totL ] adj. 總的,全部的 The total cost of the plan would be more than $240 million.

22 Words for Production 17.knock [ nAk ] vi. to hit 敲 ( 打 ) You are supposed to knock before entering my room.

23 Words for Production 18.undo [ ^n`du ] vt. to remove the effect of 消除,破解 I would do anything to undo the damage caused by my carelessness.

24 Words for Production 19.mostly [ `mostlI ] adv. mainly; in most cases or most of the time 主要地;大部分 The fans of the actors are mostly women.

25 Words for Production 20.situation [ &sItS5`eS1n ] n. [C] a condition at the moment; the state of an affair 情形,狀況 In the present situation, I wouldn’t advise you to sell your house.

26 Words for Production 21.uncertainty [ &^n`s3tNtI ] n. [U] state of doubt about the future or about what one should do, what is going to happen, or what the truth is about something 不確定 There is some uncertainty whether he will come to the party. Would you like to know more...

27 uncertain [ ^n`s3tN ] adj. 不確定的 We are all uncertain that he is going to solve the problem.

28 Words for Production 22.crisis [ `kraIsIs ] n. [U] moment of great danger or difficulty 危機 In times of crisis, one finds out who one’s real friends are.

29 Words for Recognition 1.hiccup [ `hIk^p ] vi. to make a sharp sound in the throat caused by a movement in the chest which stops the breath 打嗝

30 Words for Recognition [ bu ] interj. (used loudly to frighten a person) ( 驚 嘆詞,表嚇人的叫聲,相當中文的 「嚇」 )

31 Words for Recognition 3.yawn [ jOn ] vi. to open the mouth wide and breathe in deeply when one is tired or bored 打呵 欠

32 Words for Recognition 4.devil [ `dEvL ] n. [C] an evil spirit 惡魔

33 Words for Recognition 5.bridegroom [ `braId&Grum ] n. [C] a man about to get married, or just married 新郎

34 Words for Recognition 6.threshold [ `TrESold ] n. [C] a piece of wood or stone fixed beneath the door into a house 門檻

35 Words for Recognition 7.clover [ `klov2 ] n. [C] a small, usually three-leafed, plant with pink, purple, or white flowers, often grown as food for cattle 酢漿草

36 Words for Recognition 8.howl [ ha5l ] vi. to make a long, loud cry, especially that made by dogs or wolves 嚎叫

37 Idioms and Phrases 1.bless you (said to someone who has just sneezed) 願上帝保佑你 Bless you! Have you got a cold?

38 Idioms and Phrases 2. at work having a particular effect or influence ( 力量等 ) 影響 People in old days couldn ’ t explain natural events, so they thought some supernatural force was at work.

39 Idioms and Phrases 3. keep...from to stop somebody from doing something 阻止 ( 某人 ) 去 ( 做某事 ) ,使 不能 ( 做某事 ) I was kept from entering my own home by this dog.

40 Idioms and Phrases 4. in no way not at all; far from 一點也不,絕不 … The two events are in no way related, so don’t mix them up.

41 Idioms and Phrases 5. grow out of to develop as a result of 來自,源自 Teresa’s desire to become a doctor grew out of looking after her sickly mother.

42 Idioms and Phrases 6. take heart to take courage; to cheer up 鼓起勇氣, 打起精神 You win some; you lose some. That is life. Take heart and move on.

43 Idioms and Phrases 7. to go still remaining before something happens 離 … 還有 ( 時間 ) We only have three days to go before the deadline. We had better hurry the job up.

44 Idioms and Phrases 8. more often than not usually 通常 More often than not, he will come and apologize within minutes of shouting at us.

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