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Animal Encyclopedia Patrick S. October 17, 2011 6B.

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1 Animal Encyclopedia Patrick S. October 17, 2011 6B

2 Table of Contents Green-eyed tree frog Emperor Penguins Egyptian Giant SolpugidEgyptian Giant Solpugid Honey Bee Whale Shark Giant Clam Skunks Mountain Goat Steller Sea Lion Warty Newt

3 Green-eyed Tree Frog The green-eyed tree frog is a carnivore which is an animal that eats meat. Females are taller than males. Their group is called the army. The type of animal is an amphibian. They live in wet tropics of Queensland. Table of Contents

4 Emperor Penguins They spend long winters on harsh ice. They weigh about 88 pounds. They are as tall as 48 inches. They live as long as 15-20 years. Table of Contents

5 Egyptian Giant Solpugid They live less than a year. They only weigh up to 2 ounces. Fun fact: It is the size of a tea cup. Fun fact: They are not even spiders! Table of Contents

6 Honey Bee They can live up to 5 years. Fun fact: They are the size of a paper clip. Males are called drones. Live on stored honey and pollen all winter. If the queen dies, workers will create a new queen by feeding one of the worker females a special diet of food called “Royal Jelly” Table of Contents

7 Whale Shark Fun fact: Size relative to a bus. Weighs up to 26 tons! The biggest whale shark ever measured was 40 feet but it is thought to grow even bigger! It is the biggest fish in the ocean. Table of Contents

8 Giant Clam Giant Clams are invertebrates. They can live up to 100 years old. That is how long most humans live as well! They usually weigh up to 440 lbs. Usually as tall as a 6-foot man. They are the largest mollusks on earth. Table of Contents

9 Skunks Size relevant to a 6-foot man When they spray, it doesn’t really damage their victims, but it does make them feel very uncomfortable. They are mammals Something that might surprise you is that they eat fish Table of Contents

10 Mountain Goat They live from 9-10 years. Mountain goats aren’t true goats but they are close relatives. Mountain goats have distinct beards and long warm coats. In the spring, nanny goats give birth to one kid but sometimes it could be two. Table of Contents

11 Steller Sea Lion They always yell at each other. Largest of all sea lions They are mammals Steller Lions are endangered In water, they are called rafts but on land, their group name is colony. Table of Contents

12 Warty Newt They are so dangerous that in Europe, you need a special license to handle them. Their size is relevant to a tea cup. Weigh up to 0.22 to 0.37 ounces. Live up to 25 years. Table of Contents

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