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First Aid/CPR/AED & Other Emergencies CHS - Freshman Health.

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1 First Aid/CPR/AED & Other Emergencies CHS - Freshman Health

2 Chapter 26 Safety & Injury Prevention Learning safety precautions can help you avoid threatening or harmful behavior.

3 Partner Brainstorm! Make a list of safety tips that may help to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of crime.

4 Class Brainstorm...

5 What is Self - Defense? Any strategy for protecting yourself from harm.

6 Learning to Protect Yourself Self - Defense Tips ●BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS! ●Look where you are going. Project a strong, confident image. o Criminals are more likely to attack vulnerable, confused, or inattentive targets o Take your headphones out! (walking home, to class, running/working out) o Don’t walk alone ●If you think you are being followed in a public place, let the stalker know you are aware. o Stay in a public place, or get to one. o Seek help from a bystander. o If attacked, yell “fire” and NOT “help” o Walk wide around corners, to avoid getting jumped. ●Watch your drink! ●Fight back. The elbow - strongest point on your body! ●If asked for your wallet, throw it and RUN. ●Done shopping? BE AWARE as you walk to your vehicle. Get in your car & GO. Don’t sit. ●Trunk of a car - kick out tail lights, wave your arms. This has SAVED LIVES! ●Take a class! o It’s not all martial arts o How to size up the situation, figure out what to do, catch your attacker off-guard.

7 Internet & Safety Undeniable part of our world today - KNOW how to protect yourself from online predators. ●Keep your identity private - Use “Privacy Settings” and stay up to date! o Once it’s out there, it’s out there. o Think about your future. ●Don’t respond to inappropriate messages - Report them. ●Let your parent/guardians know what you’re doing online. Self Write Define: Cyberbullying Provide 1 example

8 Line Up! You are going to decide whether or not you believe each statement constitutes Cyberbullying. Proper Responses Include: YES, NO OR MAYBE Number Your Paper #1 - 6.

9 Question #1 Creating an online group to gossip about a peer.

10 Question #2 Getting someone to reveal secrets and then sharing them with others online.

11 Question #3 Posting rude or offensive comments about anyone or anything online.

12 Question #4 Looking through a peer’s photos with friends.

13 Question #5 Sharing photographs without an individual’s permission, with a malicious intent.

14 Question #6 Pretending to be someone else online, in order to gather information from another person.

15 The Accident Chain A sequence of events that leads to an unintentional injury. Open your book to page #731-732 Talk through the chain with a neighbor.

16 Individual Reading & Assessment Chapter 26, Lesson 2 - Pg #732 - 738 ●Complete “Reviewing Facts & Vocabulary” Questions #1-3 Chapter 26, Lesson 3 - Pg #739 - 743 ●Personal Writing: o What are some of your favorite outdoor activities? o What safety precautions do you need to think about taking when engaging in these activities? Chapter 26, Lesson 4 - Pg #744 - 749 ●Applying Health Skills: o Create an advocacy piece/safety guide that educates teens on how to stay safe when operating any motor vehicle. (pamphlet, comic strip, advertisement, PSA, etc.)

17 Hot Topic - Texting while Driving “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in 2010 driver distraction was the cause of 18 percent of all fatal crashes – with 3,092 people killed – and crashes resulting in an injury – with 416,000 people wounded.” (Federal Communications Commission) 2014 ABC News - Report on Texting While Driving 2014 CBS News - Distracted Driving - Navigational Apps 2014 CBS News - National Ad Campaign The Impossible Texting & Driving Test

18 Wisconsin Driving Laws Cell Phones- KNOW THE LAW!!

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