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Do you want to be? Resnet 2007 San Diego, CA. Management Cruise.

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1 Do you want to be? Resnet 2007 San Diego, CA

2 Management Cruise

3 Presentation Itinerary: Stop 1: Exercise Stop 2: Old Manager Stop 3: History of Great Leaders Stop 4: Building Blocks Stop 5: Passion and Fun Stop 6: Decisions and Acknowledgement Stop 7: Team Building Stop 8: Character Stop 9: Summary

4 Stop 1: Exercise Everyone take out a piece of paper. Write a Eulogy for yourself. Catch is ……….

5 2 nd Stop: Old Managers Demands and doesn’t ask. Yell’s Rules the group with Fear Listening or Discussions not an option Falls asleep in meetings This is not the Manager I want to be!

6 Old Managers cont. This term defines their team. “When the cats away the mice will play.”

7 3 rd Stop: History of Great Leaders Abraham Lincoln He kept the union together at all cost. Great Words. Bill Gates Personal Computer on every desk Neil Armstrong One small step for man, one giant step for mankind.

8 4 th Stop: Building Blocks Traits of an Exceptional Manager Employees feel worthy They are driven, proud, focused and committed. Mission Statement/Vision Statement

9 Mission Statement cont. Take out a piece of paper. Write down your mission statement in 4 lines that anyone can understand. “To provide clear and concise desktop support, superior customer service while educating the clients on new enhancements in technology so they can grow.”

10 5 th Stop: Passion and Fun Do you enjoy what you do? Are you passion it? Fun. BBQ’s, Shrit Day, Breakfast at your house, Pizza Party, Retreat, Toys Examples

11 6 th Stop: Decisions and Acknowledgement Listen to your team Stick to decisions. What if they are wrong? Fairness Understanding of priorities Thank you notes, “I got caught” coupons, “You rock” slips, Printed Certificates.

12 7 th Stop: Team Building Team Collaboration Working Together Learning about each other hobbies, like’s/dis-likes, jokes, learn about them. Weekly “Tech Meetings”, spending 5 minutes is all you need. “One-on-One” Meetings

13 8 th Stop: Character Be the Manager that doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty (decisions, fixing equipment, talking with users, etc.) Be Positive, Faithful, Dedicated Be Real Fair Don’t Fake it!

14 9 th Stop: Review Exceptional Leaders Create a Mission Passion Past Leaders help to guide them Acknowledgements Stand with Decisions Build in-roads for Teams

15 9 ½ Stop: Learned Today I love to travelI travel a lot. You should see visit Sydney, Australia Be Great, It’s up to you. Each of you in this room is a good manager you can all be Exceptional. If you only make one of these changes you are on the Right Path…

16 Questions? David V. Ecker Email: Next Cruise Stop: Las Vegas, Nevada

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