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Carlos Silva Greco Felipe Iregui David Alsina Jose Moore.

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1 Carlos Silva Greco Felipe Iregui David Alsina Jose Moore

2 TOPIC: Reactions of the human body Subtopic: Reflexes

3 Hypothesis: If the time of reaction is related to the external influences/unskilled hand then the time reaction would be slow. Research question: Does external influences affect the reactions? Variables: Dependent: Time of Reaction Independent: Unskilled hand / external influences Constants: Games Trials Age range(12-18) Same computer

4 testercontrolunskillfull handtalkingvideo osorio0,3780,2940,3160,838 restrepo0,820,8110,20,44 medina0,940,830,870,85 palacio0,3520,3040,8880,354 zuluaga0,9130,3650,4280,324 gomez0,8920,310,3510,299 marquez0,450,9650,3050,262 barreto0,2430,7820,2330,81 torres0,1980,1970,3640,421 peralta0,2660,3040,3060,296 tamar0,3571,010,8751,928 manuela0,3451,9230,4320,916 iregui0,2690,30320,24440,2432 carlos silva greco0,81140,24220,25640,2372 paola silva0,54160,3470,28980,3584 maria camila R1,37140,891,4130,4262 juan manuel S0,81340,30260,3390,866 jessica0,32521,39640,3030,4676 camilo gonzales2,4960,38181,4360,4168 santiago velez2,33060,42320,17380,368 results (average)1,35430,35860,24490,603



7 As we can see, the skilled hand had the highest average because the person wasn´t used to the game and they didnt knew how it was. The fact that the right handed people uses their left hand for clicking in the laptop is shown in the lower average of the skillfull hand compared tyo the skillful hand. The video was distracting the sight and the sound sences so the average has the lowest but it was still fast because the people had already played the game plenty of times before. One of lowest and better scores in this test was in the talking trial. This happends because the know that they are going to be distracted so they focus better.

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