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A Rx for Leadership Stress Workshop #207 1. AYSO should be fun for everyone! 2.

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1 A Rx for Leadership Stress Workshop #207 1

2 AYSO should be fun for everyone! 2

3 Who are AYSO’s “Leaders”? Team parents, coaches, referees, Division Coordinators, Regional Commissioners, Regional Board Members and all other volunteers 3

4 You are a Leader Everyone in AYSO takes a turn being a leader. Leadership can be a heavy burden. Volunteer leadership can generate high levels of anxiety and stress. Let’s identify and define leadership stress. 4

5 In AYSO, what kinds of situations can cause stress? 5

6 Stress Triggers Examples Spectators yelling at referees Lack of field space Players who don’t attend practice Not enough coaches or referees 6

7 More Stress Triggers Procrastination – yours or someone else's Difficult parents Unresponsive Regional Board Members Volunteers who don’t do their jobs Unbalanced team problems 7

8 Dealing with Stress Turn to your partner and name one creative, practical or innovative method you use to deal with or minimize stress before it happens. 8

9 Let us look at strategies to keep leadership stress under control… 9

10 Identify high priority items first. Avoid spending too much time on less important items. Use calendaring skills to budget time for larger events. Develop a simple rating system to assess priorities. Prioritize 10

11 Clarity is Key S.M.A.R.T. goals keep volunteers motivated and energized. Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely Write down your goals and regularly evaluate them. 11

12 Weed out those tasks that are not productive. Sort Don’t add to your “to-do” list without completing, removing and reducing items on your current list. 12

13 Social Media and Region Phone Consider having a business Facebook page or Twitter for announcements to your parents. If you have a Region answering machine, keep it up-to-date and cleared, with room for messages. A dedicated volunteer to distribute messages is extremely valuable! 13

14 Region Website Make sure your Region website is up-to-date. Player registration/VIP program Costs/how to register - eAYSO link Key contact information Coach, team, practice time and location Volunteer points, referee points Playoff criteria and participation Refunds, uniform returns Next registration date/time/location! 14

15 Challenge is a key part of leadership; it helps us keep up our creativity and competitiveness. Remain Positive Thinking positively will do a lot to avert stress-producing anxiety. 15

16 Delegate Rules of Thumb for Successful Delegation Know what to delegate. Be picky with who you choose. Check for understanding. Allow for frequent progress reports. Support the volunteer. 16

17 Stay Active Exercise is a great mechanism to control elements of leadership stress such as anger, frustration, mood swings and distraction. What are some exercises you think would be effective? 17

18 Organize Yourself Clean up your desk/workspace. Sort and organize computer data files. Group or classify your email and cell phone contacts. 18

19 Talk Out Tough Issues Sharing “war stories” can relieve unwanted tension. Keep your volunteer responsibilities in perspective. Try not to “dump” too many stress- related concerns on the home front. 19

20 If someone around you is causing you a lot of stress, stop and talk it over. Be Honest 20

21 Pull Out Tools from the AYSO Toolbox E-newsletters Manuals Webinars On-line courses Region Toolkit Marketing Toolkit RAP 21 AYSO

22 Can Also Help Track registrations of both players and volunteers Maintain records of volunteer assignments and training Validate volunteer credentials Create training course rosters Build teams 22

23 More eAYSO Stress Relievers Assign access rights so volunteers can perform their duties Accept credit card payments Manage secondary programs Facilitate timely volunteer background checks (e-Signature) Track AYSO invoices and bank statements 23

24 What Qualities Define a Leader? 24

25 Leadership Qualities Volunteer Leadership Qualities “Role/Hat” Team Parent (solves problems) Referee (settles interpersonal conflicts) Goalkeeper (ensures goals are met) Equipment Coordinator (finds and manages resources) Visionary (plans ahead) Firefighter (puts out everyday fires) Motivator (brings out the best in people) Drill Sergeant (keeps group on track/calendars) Counselor (reports/helps with personnel issues) Striker (risk taker, outside-the-box) Coach (patiently teaches fundamentals) 25

26 Scenario 1: An RC talking to an RRA who’s negative and has difficulty meeting deadlines. Scenario 2: A coach trying to convince a parent not to yell at the referees. Scenario 3: An RCA dealing with a coach who refuses to attend training. Give it a Try 26

27 When leadership stress becomes overwhelming or you are feeling stressed... Reflection …schedule some time to relax and reflect 27

28 Don’t overextend yourself! Balance your life with work, AYSO, family, friends and hobbies. Maintain a Balance What do you do for fun? 28

29 Control Contact Time Set hours to be on-the-job. Communicate these hours to your Regional Board Members. Stick to it - and train those around you to respect your “off hours”. 29

30 Have Fun! Humor makes our perspective more positive and helps us deal with challenges in a more constructive way. Laughter Connects us with others. Detracts focus from anger, guilt or stress. Is contagious and reduces stress levels. IT JUST MIGHT CATCH ON! 30

31 Stress is all around us but as we have discussed, there are lots of ways to deal with, minimize and even prevent it. Keep a smile on your face, keep organized and breathe! 31

32 Thank you! Workshop #207 32

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