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Thinking outside the technology Anne T. Ottenbreit-Leftwich.

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1 Thinking outside the technology Anne T. Ottenbreit-Leftwich

2 Let me tell you a story…  Tell stories about different teachers and how technology made it more meaningful/engaging.

3 Meet Carol…ELA teacher

4 Technology changed the way Carol taught…and how her students learned…

5 Meet Eli (Elementary Math/Science)

6 With technology, Eli has found out that he can collect authentic data that’s meaningful for students

7 And they can practice and receive instant feedback on graphing during SmartBoard time

8 Then Eli’s students can build their own graphs online

9 Collect their own information…

10 And Eli’s students can interpret and interact with the data in meaningful ways

11 What learning will technology help you achieve? Learning through creation can result in amazing products!

12 Effectiveness, Efficiency, Enhancement TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION

13 WHAT ARE THE 3 E’s? 1. EFFECTIVENESS  Meet the learning goals successfully 2. EFFICIENCY  Save time, effort, and cost 3. ENHANCEMENT  Engaging learning experience  Enrich learning environments

14 Some examples of 3 e’s Yell it out!  #1 Hip Transplant #1  #2 ePals #2  #3 PowerPoint Games #3  #4 Virtual Fieldtrips (White House, Google Lit trips, Natural History) #4 White HouseGoogle Lit tripsNatural History

15 EFFECTIVE  Technology helps accomplish learning objectives  Technology improves student achievement  Technology improves student transfer

16 DOES TECHNOLOGY MAKE LEARNING OR TEACHING MORE EFFECTIVE? – Ex1. Timeline Tool: Integrate media Ex1 – Ex2. 50 states Ex2 – Ex3. Stock market game Ex3 – Ex4. Inspiration Ex4

17 EFFICIENT  Overview:  Using technology to speed up the learning process  Using technology to quickly make educational materials  Enables more learning by eliminating laborious processes

18 Does technology make learning or teaching more efficient?  Examples: - Thinkfinity:Games and Tools Thinkfinity:Games and Tools - Netvibes /Google Reader / Reddit / Stumbleupon NetvibesGoogle Reader Reddit Stumbleupon - Diigo / Delicious/ DiigoDelicious - Microsoft Office Products templates - Quizlet Quizlet

19 ENHANCEMENT  Overview: - Using technology increases student motivation and engagement - Using technology makes the impossible (or difficult) possible - Creates extra-ordinary learning experiences - Enriches learning environments

20 Does technology enhance the learning experience?  Examples: o Live Mocha Live Mocha o ReachtheWorld ReachtheWorld o Aha! Math Aha! Math o Xpeditions Xpeditions o Flocabulary Flocabulary o Google Earth Google Earth

21 3E’s – MORE Examples Discussion- Which E am I? Mr. Duey Video Web 2.0 Calc Bones Illuminations

22 Blogs Blogging is Learning!

23 Blogging

24  Classroom management. Handouts, news, daily.  Collaboration.  Worldwide collaboration. Worldwide collaboration.  Discussions. Teachers, students, experts.  Field trip example Field trip example  Students posting comments Students posting comments  Student portfolios.  One 4 th grader’s blog One 4 th grader’s blog  Example: Al Gonzalez 6 th Grade ScienceAl Gonzalez 6 th Grade Science

25 Wordle



28 Wordle  Compare literary works  Student writings  Reports  Character traits  Spelling/vocabulary lists  Class rules  Political documents

29 Prezi!  More interactive  Prezi Prezi  How to use Prezi in your classroom How to use Prezi in your classroom

30 Visualization  Concept maps  Popplet Popplet  Visual dictionary  Visuwords Visuwords

31 Animations and Comics Animations  GoAnimate! GoAnimate  Animoto Animoto  Civil Rights Example  Digital Films Comic Strips/Books  ToonDoo  Powtoon Powtoon  MakeBeliefsComix  Kerpoof Kerpoof  StoryJumper StoryJumper

32 Collaborative Writing  Titanpad Titanpad  Primarypad Primarypad  Google Docs

33 Glogster  Free educational version Free educational version  Clickable, linkable poster  Drag-and-drop user interface  It’s green  Glogpedia Glogpedia

34 Interactive Timelines  TimeToast TimeToast  Timeglider Timeglider

35 Poll Students  Poll Everywhere

36 Exploring the World, or Universe…  Google Earth  Summer Vacation Highlights  Real Time Earthquakes Real Time Earthquakes  Google Lit Trips (example) Google Lit Tripsexample  Google Mars (click on left-hand menu) Google Mars  Go Public: Wikimapia Go Public: Wikimapia

37 Open Textbooks


39 cK-12

40 There’s an app for that… There’s an app for EVERYTHING!

41 What strategies do you use?  What tools have you found to be effective?

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