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Anime Club September 18 th 2012. Announcements Red Mango is now open in the PIT!

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1 Anime Club September 18 th 2012

2 Announcements Red Mango is now open in the PIT!

3 Homecoming! Takes place between the 23 rd and 29 th of September Any organization or group that exhibits inappropriate behavior or volition of Carroll’s Student Code of Conduct my be disqualified and disciplinary action will be taken. Only people listed on the rosters are eligible to participate for our group in all events Carroll alumni may compete in any Homecoming activities on a non-competitive basis Must have at least 10 members Get a total of 60$ to spend on Homecoming this year (will be reimburse)

4 Penny War Choose a charity to donate winnings to. Points are: – Pennies +1pt/each – Nickels -5pts/each – Dimes -10pts/each – Quarters - 25pts/each – Dollar Bill -100pts/per dollar No glass jars Create a jar decorated in conjunction with the theme and name of group organization Larger than a baby food jar, smaller than a 5 gallon paint bucket Due at 8:00pm Sunday September 23 rd Any ideas?

5 Window Decorating Takes place at 10:00 am Sunday, September 23 rd Windows will be judged on Monday, September 24 th at 1:00pm Judged on creativity, adherence to theme, and quality of work Must include name of the organization Limited paint and painting supplies, first come first serve (may need to buy our own) Cannot be 3-D Pikachu? Other ideas?

6 Homecoming Court King, Queen, Prince, and Princess – Those nominated need to hand in a picture and signature – Registration is due this Thursday, so I need these ASAP

7 Movie Night Monday September 24 th on Main Lawn (or Ballroom if rain) at 9:30 Superhero Dress Up Contest – real or fake superheros Judging will take place at movie night Watching Avengers Who wants to go?

8 Relay Races Wednesday September 26 th 1:00 – 4:00 Main lawn, Ganfield if rain Single person competition, but more than one person can compete for group, better time wins Any interest?

9 Volunteer Day Wednesday September 26 th, 9 – noon Will be around campus (have not sent out what the volunteer will be) Transportation will be provided All participants will receive a small thank you

10 Parade/Float! Takes place Saturday September 29 th at 1:00, line up is at 12, meeting at Park St. (downtown Waukesha) Must be in the parade, however we do not have to do a float. If we don’t do the float, we will not be in the float competition. Float is defined as a trailer or platform pulled by a vehicle. We can just be a marching unit, or decorated unit (i.e. decorated car) Which would you guys prefer to do? If we pick float, does anyone have a trailer we can use and a pick-up truck to drive it? Ideas for decorations? Must have half our group there to be eligible for judging! Dress appropriate for weather!

11 Yell-Like-Hell Friday September 28 th at 8:30 in Van Male Can be skit, dance routine, or combination of both. Can be no longer than 5 minutes Performance must play to both sides of audience No profanity or violation of rules otherwise will be disqualified No silly string or paint Any mess made must be cleaned up in less than a minute Gabbie, your VP, will be running this event. Gaugnam Style in dress as popular video game and cartoon characters? Other ideas?

12 Cookout Competitions Sunday September 23 rd 3:00 Campus center parking lot – Three competitions VHS Tape Windup Pin the Oscar on the movie star Costumed Hula hooping (dress-up material provided) Judging takes place at cookout

13 Other stuff Comedian Adam Grabowski – Sunday 23 rd – Recital Hall – 8:30pm Movie Trivia Night – Tuesday 25 th – PIT – 9:30pm BINGO – Wednesday September 26 th – MDR – 9:30 pm Karaoke (with root beer floats) – Thursday 27 th – PIT – 9:30pm Homecoming Game – Saturday 29 th – Stadium – 3:00pm Homecoming Dance – Saturday 29 th – Ganfield – 8:00pm

14 Time to watch some Anime!

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