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Directions Types of Poetry About the Author

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1 Directions Types of Poetry About the Author Poetry aims to present ideas and evokes (suggests) emotions in the reader through a variety of characteristics and forms Poetry Websites Reference Page

2 Directions Checklist Complete your note taking guide for the types of poetry by using the links on the “TYPES OF POETRY” page. As you learn about each type of poem use the “Example” button on each slide to read a sample of each type of poem. Use the poetry websites on the “POETRY WEBSITES” page to write down a different example of each type of poem on your note taking guide. Use the “POETRY WEBSITES” page to write down the title of poems on your note taking guide that make do the following: 1. laugh 2. feel sad 3. really think

3 Types of Poetry Narrative Ballad Haiku Concrete Free Verse Limerick
Lyric Rhyming Couplet

4 Narrative Tells a story in verse
Often have elements similar to those in short stories such as plot and characters Example

5 Haiku A three line- Japanese verse form
The first and third lines each have five syllables and the second line has seven Example

6 Free Verse Defined by its lack of strict structure
No regular meter, rhymer, fixed line length, or specific stanza pattern Example

7 Lyric Expresses the thoughts and feelings of a single speaker
Often very musical in tone Example

8 Ballad Songlike poems that tell stories
Often deal with adventure and romance Example

9 concrete Shaped to look like their subjects
Poet arranges the lines to look like a picture on the page Example

10 Limerick Humorous, rhyming, five-line poems
Contain a specific rhythm pattern and rhyme scheme Example

11 Rhyming Couplet Pairs of rhyming lines
Usually of the same meter and length Example

12 Click below to check out my website!!
About the author Mrs. Wiest 7th Grade Communication Arts Teacher Northern Lebanon Middle School Click below to check out my website!! Mrs. Wiest’s Website 

13 references =2917 poems.html key/freeexamples.htm tm

14 Poetry Websites The Poetry Archive for Students Types of Poetry
Poetry for Kids Poem Hunter (Search For Poems) Poems for Kids

15 Narrative Example Papa’s Fishing Hole I place my tiny hand in his as we walk to Papa’s Fishing Hole. I hand him a wiggling night crawler fighting for his life. The deadly hook squishes through the worm’s head, and I watch the brown guts ooze out. Papa throws the pole’s long arm back and then forward. The line lands in a merky spot along the reedy shore. Now I get to reel it in. Nothing yet, he says. He casts again. I reel it in. Still nothing. Three time’s a charm, he says. He casts. A strike. We turn the crank together. The fish jumps from the water and his colors form a rainbow as he arches his body above the reeds. My Papa handles him with the skill of a master as I stop helping to watch him work. A stiff jerk, a quick reel, a stiff jerk again. The fish doesn’t have a chance, I yell. I know. I know. I know, he says. -Elisabeth D. Babin Babin, Elisabeth D. "Papa’s Fishing Hole." Tempest. Spring

16 Haiku Example An old silent pond... A frog jumps into the pond, splash! Silence again.

17 Free verse example Dolphins Here I swim, with my friends. They jump around me and flip in the air. I am in Florida. There is lots of different kinds of dolphin’s I am a Bottled nosed dolphin. I slip in the water to find my prey. My predators are sharks and some bigger animals than me that live in the ocean. I see something standing on land that I have seen before. There is a noise coming from there. I keep playing with my friends.

18 Lyric example Dying by Emily Dickinson I heard a fly buzz when I died; The stillness round my form Was like the stillness in the air Between the heaves of storm. The eyes beside had wrung them dry, And breaths were gathering sure For that last onset, when the king Be witnessed in his power. I willed my keepsakes, signed away What portion of me I Could make assignable,-and then There interposed a fly, With blue, uncertain, stumbling buzz, Between the light and me; And then the windows failed, and then I could not see to see.

19 Ballad example On Top of Spaghetti On top of spaghetti, All covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball, When somebody sneezed. It rolled off the table, And on to the floor, And then my poor meatball, Rolled out of the door. It rolled in the garden, And under a bush, And then my poor meatball, Was nothing but mush. The mush was as tasty As tasty could be, And then the next summer, It grew into a tree. The tree was all covered, All covered with moss, And on it grew meatballs, And tomato sauce. So if you eat spaghetti, All covered with cheese, Hold on to your meatball, Whenever you sneeze.

20 Concrete example

21 Limerick example There was an Old Person of Dover, Who rushed through a field of blue Clover; But some very large bees, Stung his nose and his knees, So he very soon went back to Dover.

22 Rhyming couplet example
Decorator Hermit Crab There was a little hermit crab Who thought his tank was rather drab At first he didn't know what to do Then decorated with pink and blue. Now he is no longer crabby With his new home, he's rather happy!

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