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Parents Meeting 2012  Welcome  Who Is Woodstock United (video)  Board Member Introductions  Volunteer & Sponsor Involvement  Programs- Recreational.

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2 Parents Meeting 2012

3  Welcome  Who Is Woodstock United (video)  Board Member Introductions  Volunteer & Sponsor Involvement  Programs- Recreational & Travel  Mission Statement and Philosophies  How the program works  Player and Parent Expectations  Web Sites  Questions  Closing

4 We truly value yours and your Childs participation in the Woodstock United Soccer Association and look forward to working with you both for years to come.

5  WUSA is the premiere youth soccer association providing both recreational and travel level of play to the children of Woodstock and it’s surrounding areas.  Formerly WAYSO and Crossfire SC, WUSA combines the best aspects of those programs to bring you one comprehensive program supporting all levels of play and interest in the sport of soccer.  WUSA is affiliated with Illinois Youth Soccer Association.

6  Club is made up of all volunteers! It’s Fun! Varied Roles!  President (Oversee Board): Jayson Thill  Vice President (Next President Candidate): Steve Schreiner  Treasurer (Watch the $): Anne Maidment  Registrar (Oversee registration and teams/players): Beth Misulonas  Secretary (Circulate/maintain BOD minutes): Paul Furlano  Director of Travel: Bryan Foster  Director of Recreation: Gin Bishop  Director of Coaching: Matt Warmbier  Director of Fields: Mike DiCanio  Director of Referees: Patrick Legge  Website: Brandon Cook  Equipment: Chris Azzaline/Mike Ordenhal Latin Community Coordinator: Jose Rico  Marketing & Sponsorship: Multi coverage  Concessions: Monica Sargent/Kyle Shultz Many positions Still available!!!!  Emails for the board can be found on the website

7  WUSA is highly run by volunteers including the Board of Directors and coaches.  This year on the rec side went with a volunteer buy out to help enforce volunteer coverage for concession hut, field maintenance, and field striping team when no volunteers can be found.  Monica Sargent and Kyle Shultz will be maintaining the volunteer log in order to make sure all shifts are covered and logged.  If no one volunteers these tasks will go undone, ultimately affecting the children of the organization.

8  For the travel side we would like to encourage parents to step up:  if the coaches need a team parent  Picking up refuge and lost and found after all practices and games.  Assisting in team car pooling if needed

9  Sponsorship information can be found on the website.  Also by contacting or 

10  Recreational And Travel  While housing both Recreational and Travel levels of soccer, Woodstock United will provide a safe, experienced and educational atmosphere in which you will watch your child(ren) flourish athletically and socially, enhancing their sense of self esteem, accomplishment, and team work.

11  WUSA Recreational soccer will provide an affordable, structured, non-competitive and fun learning environment that allows the youth to discover a passion for the game of soccer. Coaches will be equipped with the information and resources to allow them to teach the young soccer players in a positive atmosphere.  WUSA Coaches will consistently display good sportsmanship and fair play.  WUSA Recreational soccer pledges to consider every player as an equal and integral part of a team allowing equal playing time in a variety of positions to optimize the learning experience.  WUSA Recreational soccer aims to teach the youth the basic skills and love for the game so that they can enjoy the game of soccer well into adolescence and adulthood and share their knowledge with future generations. We use soccer as a child development tool to build self esteem, team work, problem solving, and much more!

12  Travel soccer (Crossfire Soccer Club) is committed to teaching the youth not only the complete game of soccer, but the value of personal commitment, fair play, teamwork and sportsmanship.  Travel soccer will promote a positive and safe training environment for the players to learn and improve their skills and knowledge of the game. We will encourage each team member to play in an enthusiastic manner, with the knowledge that good sportsmanship creates a positive competitive environment. We stress this during all training sessions and games and encourage all coaches, parents and volunteers to support this approach.  Travel Soccer Players are selected through a tryout process based on need of the team and players skill set.

13  WUSA recreational soccer league is for children age 4 to under 19, which provides an open, non-competitive opportunity for children to play soccer, develop their skills, have fun, and become part of a team.  Player Development: Emphasis is on the development of players at all levels:  Good Sportsmanship: Create good sportsmanship through a positive learning environment.  Positive Coaching: Encourage kids to have fun.  Everyone Plays: Our goal is for all kids to play soccer.  Open Registration: Our programs are open to all children.  Opportunities: Allow kids to play to their potential.

14  Each team has at least 1 coach (starting point)  Honor all practice night requests  Honor mutual friend requests (1 max)  Each team has at least 2 schools represented  Try to have at least 1 player from their school  Except private schools & late registrations  Balance teams for abilities based upon ratings  Try to group elementary schools by area  No swapping teams/players except: Truly Extenuating circumstances (e.g., cannot make practice)  ONLY by: Director of Recreation Program or Club President

15  This year we returned to a mass order system that had been used in years past.  This makes it easier for administration to move players around the age divisions while allowing us to order the uniforms early enough to have them in time for the season.  This minimized many issues we had last year with size specific ordering and allowed us to have uniforms for all teams at the start of the season.  All players must provide their own shin guards and cleats or gym shoes

16  All volunteers  Parents  High School & College Students / Community Members  Two adults on the field at all times!! P referably one of each sex  Head Coach (HC) Present for 75% or more games/practices Practice plans Lineups / Subbing  Assistant Coach (AC) – Required for practices Works with the HC on and off the field  Team Manager (TM) If you have one they are to help with contacting and keeping players updated

17  Over the last 3 years WUSA has begun to integrate a youth coaching program at the younger levels.  We found great success with these coaches, every year all the players from those teams have returned to play and even requested these coaches again.  This year we have 3-U5 teams, 1-U6 team, and 2-U8 teams that have youth coaches. 1-U12 team with a youth assistant coach, and we also have 3-4 youth coaches that work at practices on a drop in basis.  All youth coached teams have an Adult assistant

18  Demonstrate, No Lectures and No Lines  5 minutes warm-up; player lead stretches  10 minutes of dribbling, group warm-up Handle the Ball  Include both Right and Left  Proper dribbling technique, protect ball (shielding)  Proper striking the ball  Games like Sharks and minnows, freeze tag, and red light green light  Break into 2 groups when possible (15min each)  Attacking Passing/Diagonal ball  Defending Throw-ins  Shooting/Finishing technique Corner/Goal/Penalty Kicks  Foot Work Traps/Feints  Breakaways 2 v 2, 3 v 3, 1 v 2, 2 v 3 etc...

19  Always finish with a Scrimmage  The scrimmage lets the players use the skills they just learned in a game like situation  The scrimmage allows the coach to evaluate the players growth and areas of opportunity

20  Focus on fun / teambuilding / learning: Not training college prospects  Always have ICE, Basic First Aid Kit, cell phone  ABSOLUTELY ENFORCE --- Players’ Safety No Jewelry including earrings, hair beads, necklaces, rings, watches, consider mouth guards Wear proper size shin guards, cleats, socks, and uniform,using proper size ball.  Maintain structure, discipline, set consistent rules  Say something positive to each player  ‘Complement Sandwich’ positive---opportunity---positive

21 …Yelling “Shoot, Jenny, shoot” to a player who is approaching the goal with the ball does a number of destructive things. First, it tells every player on the opposing team that Jenny is about to shoot, therefore lessening considerably her chances of success. Secondly, it makes Jenny feel she has no choice but to shoot, and that if she doesn’t shoot, she is somehow letting the team down. Worst of all, it let’s Jenny off the hook. Now she doesn’t have to actually think and make a decision herself about what to do. All she has to do is obey the instruction.

22 For kids of this age, obeying instructions from an adult comes far more naturally to them than making decisions of their own. But soccer is a sport where the players have to make the decisions themselves, literally thousands of small split-second decisions every game. The younger they start, the better. So please don’t yell specific instructions to players during games…

23  EQUAL PLAYING TIME FOR ALL PLAYERS, ALWAYS! Referees have the game cards to keep track  Each Age Division Has Different Game Lengths U5: 2- 10 minute halves U6: 2- 15 minute halves U8: 2- 20 minute halves U10: 2- 25 minute halves U12: 2- 30 minute halves U14: 2- 35 minute halves U19: 2- 45 minute halves

24  Every Player should play at least half of the game. At the discretion of the coaches the referee shall permit substitution. This normally occurs as a substitution during play, the player coming out will be asked to slap the hand of the player going into the game at the touchline. It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure the correct amount of players is on the field. On occasion the referee may need to stop play for substitution while the ball is in play, in which case the game is resumed with a dropped ball.  Exception: If player shows up late or leaves early. Then player will play at least half the time they were there


26  We play under the Rules of the Game; small sided games governed by US Youth Soccer. (with the exception of keepers at U8)  For the rules go to:  Any for additional questions you may ask a coach, an official, or a board member for clarification.  Parents and family must sit on opposite sides of team. No parents allowed on team sideline. This helps the coaches maintain player focus.

27  Both Youth & Adult Refs  Some are Volunteers Just learning this season!  Please be courteous and thank the refs  Zero tolerance! 2nd Infraction – Red Card (coach/spectator/player ejection)  Both coaches and referee should speak before game to establish common knowledge on what to expect.  Contact Director of Referees or Age Group Coordinator if there are issues.

28  Teach /demonstrate/ explain to the players (especially U8/U10)  Control the game Blow the whistle loudly!! Make calls loudly so all can hear Call early fouls on overly aggressive players Do restarts quickly/immediately  Run with the game  Use your judgment on all calls  Keep the game moving  No jewelry – PERIOD  Clear the fields in the presence of lightning.

29  Practices begin week of 8/13 for some  First games on Saturday 8/25 for In House and 9/8 Fox Valley Conference  Schedules- or at http://www.woodstockunitedsoccer.org  Sheppard Schleisman Tournament – U12&14 Late September in Cary, IL Sheppard Schleisman  Season Ends 10/27  Indoor Season Starts 12/1 (optional for additional charge, 5 weeks)  Spring Season Starts 4/13  Spring Season Ends 5/18

30  Field conditions and weather are checked game day by 7:30AM, you will receive an email by 8:00AM if games are to be cancelled for that day in case of inclement weather.  Stay posted though just because some games are cancelled it doesn’t always mean all will be.  On occasion there may be a schedule change do to a coach or field issue. We will try to have a 7 day notice for all those changes.

31  Woodstock United Soccer Association Rec & Crossfire Travel Soccer Club  Harvard AYSO  Wonder Lake Soccer  McHenry Area Soccer Federation Rec & Vipers Travel  Crystal Lake Soccer Federation Rec & Force Travel  Huntley Soccer Rec & Heat United Travel  Cary Soccer Association Rec & Cary Defender Travel

32  WUSA takes pride in educating and training the players and coaches to a competitive level yet in a positive fun environment. The club promotes sportsmanship, integrity, leadership, self-discipline, and character development by stressing the technical, tactical, physical and mental components of the game.  Sportsmanship and team spirit are as important to us as being a highly skilled competitive player. In order to accomplish our philosophy, the club has placed great emphasis on the following:  Long term development of all players  Conducting age appropriate training sessions during the course of the year directed by certified & licensed coaches  Offering a year round program for both fall and spring players  Conducting winter training sessions for all players under the direction of licensed coaches as well as our Director of Coaching  Encouraging our coaching staff to further their soccer education

33  Crossfire Boys teams play in the YSSL, YOUNG SPORTSMEN’S SOCCER LEAGUE  Crossfire Girls teams play for IWSL, Illinois Woman's Soccer League  Teams are formed after try outs in the spring when coaches draft their teams based on a teams need and players skill set.

34  Uniform Kits come with a Home and an Away Jersey, socks and shorts.  All coaches for Crossfire soccer must be E class certified with the state in order to be a passed coach.  Most coaches also have many years of playing and coaching experience as well.

35  At least twice a week for 1.5 hours  Working on many of the same items as recreational players as well as additional conditioning, advanced ball skills and game situation development.  Continuing through the winter months indoor at RSC.

36  Games are governed by the current Laws of FIFA except as noted below. The only person empowered to interpret and administer those laws during the game is the Center Referee!  Game Length and Ball size  U8-10 2 X 30 minutes Size 4 Ball  U11-12 2 X 35 minutes Size 4 Ball  U13-14 2 X 40 minutes Size 5 Ball  U15-16 2 X 45 minutes Size 5 Ball  U17-19 2 X 45 minutes Size 5 Ball  Halftime and rest periods  All teams should be given a minimum of 5 minutes at halftime.  In conditions of high temperatures and humidity, halftime can be extended 2 to 3 minutes and rest periods at midpoint of each half for 2 to 3 minutes should be taken.

37  A players time on the field during a game is based on the coach.  Coaches make the decision to put a player in a game based on attendance and participation at practice and games, need of their skills on the field, players attitude, and other variables.  It is at the sole discretion of the team coach how much time every player gets on the field.

38  For U9 & U10 Northwood is home field  For U11, U12 & U13 South Street is home field  For U14 Biglow is Home field

39  Referees are provided by YSSL and IWSL,  with exception to the home game AR’s  Thank the Referee for being at the game  Referees are the end all, be all of what happens on the field. Do not:  Argue with them  Challenge them  Disrespect them

40  Season begins 9/10 and runs through 11/12  For some teams there is the Lighthouse tournament in Racine October 8 & 9  For any game cancelations or changes your coaches will let you know and the league website will be updated.

41  Players are expected to be at all practices and games “on time”.  “On time” means on the field and ready to go at the practice start time.  “On time” for games is determined by the coaches usually 15-30 minutes prior to game start time.  If you are unable to be at them for any reason, or you are going to be late, please notify your coach prior to the absence.

42  There is a basic Code of Conduct on the WUSA website that all families agree to by allowing their children to participate in the program.  This includes but is not limited to:  Respect for yourself and others including coaches, players, spectators, and officials  Sportsmanship  Not attending games or practices while intoxicated

43  We encourage:  Parents to support and cheer on their team  Come to every game  Help when possible  Practice with player at home  Pick up your player on time after games and practices.  Talk to coaches and/or appropriate board member when problems arise.  Have fun!!!

44  We discourage:  parents coaching from the sidelines  Never attending your players games  Not encouraging practice at home  Forgetting to pick up your child on time  Ignoring a problem or gossiping about it on the sidelines.  Never offering to help  Even if it is just picking up at the field after a game

45    



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