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NYGEAR UP Family + School CUNY Collaborative Programs: a NYGEAR UP Partner.

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1 NYGEAR UP Family + School CUNY Collaborative Programs: a NYGEAR UP Partner

2 Icebreaker: BINGO Walk around to find someone who matches each description on the bingo card. Write that person’s name or initials in the matching box. Fill in five boxes across, down or diagonally and yell “Bingo.”

3 Agenda Family + School - Partners in College Readiness - Understanding the Common Core Family + Child - How to reinforce learning at home Family + Teacher - ELA and math examples - Effective Parent-Teacher Conferences Questions and Resources

4 Big Picture: The Road to College

5 Family + School: Partners in College Readiness 1.Discuss a college plan by 8 th grade. Students should see college admission and attendance as a long-term goal. 2.What are your child’s interests, strengths, and academic habits? 3.Stay in contact with your child’s school each year. 4.Decide what college will cost and understand the financial aid system. Patricia M. McDonough, Professor, Higher Education & Organizational Change Vice Chair, Department of Education Co-Director, Educational Leadership Program Graduate School of Education & Information Studies UCLA

6 Family + School: Common Core The Common Core asks teachers to make 12 major changes in their classrooms. Six in ELA and six in Math (from NYSED’s engage ny ) English Language ArtsMathematics Read as much non-fiction as fictionBuild skills across grade levels Learn about the world by readingLearn more about less Read more challenging materialUse math facts easily Talk about reading using “evidence”Think fast AND solve problems Write about texts using “evidence”Really know it, really do it Know more vocab wordsUse math in the world

7 Family + Child: ELA at home ●Supply non-fiction texts (instruction manuals, biographies, how-to’s, science texts) ●Demand evidence in everyday discussions ●Read simple AND challenging texts ●Discuss predictions (what do you think is going to happen?) ●Make up rhymes and word games ●Encourage all types of writing at home

8 Family + Child: Math at home ●Be aware of where your child struggles ●Push understanding and memorizing basic math facts ●Ask child to explain homework to you ●Have your child do math in daily life ●Grocery Store videoGrocery Store video

9 Family + Child: Academic Habits & Skills Persistence Engagement Work Habits Organizational Skills Communication Collaboration Self-Regulation o Homework o Test Days o Keep a Calendar o “A” for Effort o Homework o Test Days o Keep a Calendar o “A” for Effort

10 Family + Teacher: Samples of Work Grade 8 ELA: Informative Essay Grade 8 math: Equations, Tables, and Graphs

11 Family + Teacher: Be an advocate Get to know your child’s teachers and guidance counselors Ask to see a sample of your child’s work or bring a sample with you to teacher meetings. Attend school events Activity: Questions for Parent-Teacher meetings

12 Family + Child: Refresh your skills Khan Academy ( Math Science History English Engage ny ( Educational computer games for middle school students

13 Resources NYS engageny - NYC Schools on Common Core - Parent-Teacher Association - Scholastic School Help for Grade 7 - NACAC- Step by Step: College Navigator Get Ready for College KnowHow2Go

14 Q&A Questions? Concerns! *Please complete workshop evaluation

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