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Rob Holopirek (La Crosse High) “Developing a Defensive Philosophy” 785-222-6766.

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1 Rob Holopirek (La Crosse High) “Developing a Defensive Philosophy” 785-222-6766

2 Background (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A) 2 years: 9 th Grade Boys Coach 6 years: JV Boys Coach 6 years: Varsity Boys Coach Others Coaching – 4 years: MS Track – 5 years: MS Football

3 Reference Sites

4 Presentation Overview 1.Perimeter / Post Defense 2.Types of Screens to Defend 3.4-Man Shell Drill 4.Run and Jump PRESS 5.Coach Meyer’s Slides 6.Books and Notes

5 Perimeter Defense – Man you ball – On the line, up the line – No middle penetration – No direct drives – Active ball pressure

6 Post Defense – Ball up top: on the line up the line – Ball on the wing or corner – full front One hand up, one hand locating opponent Yelling help!!

7 Types of Screens to Defend 1.Post –Post 2.Flex 3.Down 4.Away 5.Back 6.Ball

8 Drill 4 Line Screening



11 1.Post-Post Screen

12 Guy Getting Screened 1.Leg over screener 2.Offense goes low = switch 3.Offense goes high = fight through 4.Must talk

13 1. Post-Post Screen Ball Side Post Defender 1.Must yell screen 2.Drop Butt to Baseline 3.Offense goes low, Yell Switch, Meet and Front 4.Offense goes high, Yell Stay, Recover to Help

14 2. Flex Screen

15 Treat this as a Post-Post Screen

16 3. Down Screen

17 Person guarding the screener 1.steps to the middle of the floor 2.Yells Screen

18 3. Down Screen Person guarding the man coming off the screen 1.goes between the screen and the teammate who has stepped to the middle of the floor **WE CALL THIS 3 RD PERSON**

19 3. Down Screen **Will Switch Screen in Some Situations** MUST COMMUNICATE

20 4. Away Screen

21 3 rd Person **Will Switch Screen in Some Situations** MUST COMMUNICATE

22 5. Back Screen

23 SWITCH Person getting screened 1.gets leg over the screener toward the ball side

24 5. Back Screen Other person 1.yells “screen, switch” *never switch screens unless communicated*

25 6. Ball Screen

26 SWITCH (our kids are all about the same heighth)

27 4 Man SHELL 1.Positioning 2.Rotation’s 3.Talking 4.Box-Out’s

28 4 Man SHELL

29 1.Only base-line dribble 2.1 dribble, base-line dribble 3.2 dribble, base-line dribble

30 4 Man SHELL 4.Basket-Cuts 5.Down Screens 6.Back Screens 7.Away Screens 8.Ball Screens 9.PLAY!!

31 4 Man SHELL **Focus on Box-Out’s** Points – 1 pt: makes, def. stops – 2pts: offensive reb., charge taken Stops – 3 def. stops to play offense

32 PRESS (run and jump) Overview 1.Never lets your opponent rest 2.You can be as aggressive or as conservative as you want 3.Rarely give up uncontested lay-ups 4.Becomes a mind set and habit

33 PRESS (run and jump)Breakdown 1.Deny inbounds pass 2.When pass is made everyone yells “BALL” 3.Dead ball press must have a center fielder 4.Live ball press must have a safety

34 PRESS (run and jump)Breakdown 5.Once ball is in, keep it out of the middle and keep it in front of you “CORRAL” 6.Everyone else is jumping to the ball 7.If you see the back of the person dribbling “RUN & JUMP”

35 PRESS (run and jump)Breakdown 8.8.Guy jumping, jumps and yells GO when the dribbler picks up the ball 9.The guy guarding the ball filters to the middle 10.Help-side guy rotates up, to deny the pass backwards for reversal





40 Insert Video’s

41 Base-Line/Side-Line Out of Bounds Defense 1.PRE-SWITCH when possible 2.Guy guarding the ball is under the basket in help position 3.Deny, but do not get beat basket side

42 My Book List (with notes) 1.**Art Berg** – “The Impossible Just Takes a Little Longer” 2.Bob Hurley 3.Dick DeVenzio

43 My Book List (with notes) 4.H.A. Dorfman – “Coaching the Mental Game” 5.Drew Brees – “Coming Back Stronger” 6.Mike Dunlap – Charlotte Bobcats Head Coach

44 My Book List (with notes) 7.Bob Knight 8.Don Meyers** 9.Phil Jackson 10.Dean Smith 11.Pat Summitt 12.John Wooden


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