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Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL1 Vocabulary Words: Reference Books Grade 2 Lesson 25.

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1 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL1 Vocabulary Words: Reference Books Grade 2 Lesson 25

2 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL2 Let’s warm up : Cause and effect What does cause mean? What does effect mean? My feet were hot. I took off my shoes and socks. Ah, that feels better! Why did the writer take off his shoes? Why did the writer's feet feel better?

3 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL3 Let’s warm up :verbs About 6 o'clock, we will (leave, left) for the musical. If you have ever (meet, met) Mrs. Anderson, then you know how sweet she is. Darla (draw, drew) a very good picture of Mrs. Nellis. Please (take, took) out the trash, Kyle. Will (find, found) a penny on the sidewalk.

4 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL4 Warm up Fantasy vs reality The Green River Monster saved my baby! School is canceled. Two feet of snow covers the streets. The farmers praise the rain. Their crops have never been better. Wilmax the Wizard runs for president. He'll cast a spell to get your vote. Rabbit eats a fifty foot carrot! Hear him tell the story on the ten o'clock news.

5 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL5

6 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL6 Reference Books Almanac a book published every year; gives facts about current events such as the year's weather conditions, sports statistics, science breakthroughs, and entertainment information Atlas a collection of maps; gives information on air and sea currents, trade routes, average rainfall, and natural resources Dictionary a book that contains words listed in alphabetical order; provides spelling rules, definitions, and the history of words Encyclopedia a series of many books with paragraphs on several subjects which are arranged alphabetically Newspaper a daily or weekly paper that has articles on current events, entertainment, and advertising Textbook a book used for studying a specific subject Thesaurus a book with synonyms (same meaning) and antonyms (opposite meaning) of words Yearbook a book of pictures and articles about a specific year; usually used in schools to remember each class

7 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL7 Which reference book would you use to help you find this information? the definition of the word monitor a) encyclopedia b) dictionary c) newspaper the number of homeruns that the Boston Red Socks hit in last year's season a) atlas b) almanac c) thesaurus a picture of every ninth-grader in Mr. Green's class a) yearbook b) text book c) encyclopedia a map of the trade routes in India a) dictionary b) newspaper c) atlas

8 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL8 Your turn: Reference books a) almanac b) atlas c) dictionary d) encyclopedia e) newspaper f) textbook g) thesaurus h) yearbook

9 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL9 This book will help you remember your school years with pictures of your friends. It contains stories about your school and classmates. _ Do you like maps? Then you will love this reference book. See maps of every country. See maps of the average rainfall in every corner of the world. _ Keep the memories of this past year alive with this reference. Keep all of the sports statistics, entertainment news, and science discoveries at your fingertips._ ____ Find all of the facts you need in these reference books. Each subject is listed in alphabetical order and is discussed in complete paragraphs in order to give facts on any topic.__ ___ Tired of using the same words over and over again? Use this book to look up synonyms.___ __ This is the best reference book for learning the spelling and meaning of thousands of words. _____ Use this reference book to help you study this year in school. Learn the facts and pass every test. _____ Renew your weekly order for this great reference on current events, entertainment, and other news stories.

10 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL10 Consonant blends Spelling - Consonant Blends Sometimes you're not sure how to spell a word so you need to look it up in a dictionary. If you can work out the first syllable you stand a good chance of finding the word. Some words start with a consonant blend. This is where two or more consonants run into one another or blend together.

11 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL11 blanket blunder plastic treat stripe grand broken climate cracker dreadful Read the following words and then write a sentence with each

12 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL12 Visual Aids: Maps Not only can you get information from reading, but you can get it from visual aids. Visual aids include maps, charts, graphs, captions with illustrations. Maps will have a compass rose that tells the direction of things on the map. Maps will have a legend that explains things more.

13 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL13

14 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL14 Begin at the fire station at 13 Glow Street. Go north on Glow Street. Then turn west on Carlton Street. Then turn north on Murray Avenue. Your final destination is on the east side of Murray Avenue. What is your final destination? Begin at the store at 12 Glow Street. Go north on Glow Street. Then turn west on Carlton Street. Then turn south on Murray Avenue. Your final destination is on the east side of Murray Avenue. Where are you? Begin at the house at 23 Murray Avenue. Go north on Murray Avenue. Then turn east on Carlton Street. Then turn south on Boulder Street. Your final destination is on the east side of Boulder Street. 4. Begin at the restaurant at 5 Glow Street. Go south on Glow Street. Then turn west on Herzog Way. Your final destination is on the south side of Herzog Way.

15 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL15 Map Analogies grocery store : food :: post office: drive : road :: walk : school : learn :: park : yield : yellow :: stop : librarian : library :: nurse : N : north :: W : car : drive :: airplane: library : books :: bank :

16 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL16 Ice cream ABC order July 20 Ice cream day

17 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL17 A Cold, Sweet Treat Bobby and Susan enjoyed summer camp. At the end of supper, the counselor got up and said, "It's Ice Cream Day!" "Hooray," Bobby and Susan shouted, along with everyone else. "I want to make a list of many flavors of ice cream, so yell some out. Let's see how many we can name." He took out a dry erase marker and wrote down the names on a white board as fast as the kids could yell them.

18 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL18 Chocolate Vanilla Vanilla bean Chocolate chip Cookies and cream Mint chocolate chip Butter pecan Butterscotch Banana Strawberry Here is the list they created: Chocolate and vanilla and strawberry mixed Fudge ripple Moose Tracks Coffee Mint Butter crunch Rocky road Chocolate chip cookie dough Raspberry Vanilla nut Hazelnut

19 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL19 "That's great, campers," the counselor said. "Now, let's list things we can mix with ice cream or put on top of it!" The kids yelled out the following: Nuts Whipped cream Cherries Sprinkles Caramel Hot fudge Bananas Crumbled cookies Fruit Strawberry syrup Gummy bears Chocolate chips

20 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL20 The counselor laughed. "You kids sure know your ice cream!" He said. "Now, I have a surprise for you! Let's go to the recreation hall." The kids lined up at the door and walked across the grass to the recreation hall. Inside, there were several tables put together to form a long line. On the tables were all kinds of ice cream and toppings. "Surprise!" the counselor said. "Welcome to your ‘Make Your Own Sundae' bar!" "Hooray!" Bobby and Susan yelled again, along with everyone else. They had a great time building huge sundaes and eating them outside as the evening began to cool.

21 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL21 How many types of ice cream are listed? 2. How many types of toppings are listed? 3. List another type of topping you could put on a sundae. 4. The counselor wrote the list of flavors on the ________ board. 5. What had the camp set up in the recreation center? 6. What holiday were the kids celebrating?

22 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL22 BREAK

23 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL23 GAME

24 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL24 Let's Review

25 Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL25 You have done a nice job. See you in the next session.

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