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Revision 1 M5 U1 Getting along with others Words.

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2 Revision 1 M5 U1 Getting along with others

3 Words

4 1.embarrass 2.overlook 3.admit 4.forgive 5.stand 6.blame 7.delay 8.ruin 9.persuade 10.suffer 11.hesitate 12.respond 13.Tease 14.swear 1. 使 …. 尴尬 2. 忽视, 俯视 3. 承认 4. 原谅 5. 忍受 6. 指责, 责备 7. 耽搁 8. 破坏, 损坏 9. 说服, 劝说 10. 忍受痛苦 11. 犹豫 12. 回答 13. 嘲笑 14. 发誓

5 15.jealous 16.guilty 17.mean 18.unlikely 19.doubt 20.awkward 21.anxious 22.consistent 23.trying 24.attitude 25.deliberately 15. 嫉妒的 16. 有罪的, 内疚的 17. 吝啬的, 刻薄的 18. 不可能的 19. 怀疑 20. 苯拙的, 不自然的 21. 焦急的, 焦虑的 22. 一致的 23. 难受的 24. 态度 25. 故意地

6 Phrases

7 1. 感觉被 --- 背叛 2. 小学 3. 得最低分 4. 感觉羞愧 5. 下定决心 ---- 6. 忽视了我的学习 7. 许诺做 --- 8. 保守秘密 9. 意欲,想要 10. 肯定做过 11. 遵守诺言 12. 进退两难 1.feel betrayed by 2.primary school 3.score the lowest mark 4.feel/be ashamed of determined to 6.overlook my studies 7.promise to do 8.keep one ’ s secret 9.feel like doing 10.must have done 11.keep one ’ s word 12.have a dilemma Phrases in reading

8 13. 和 --- 有比赛 14. 道歉 15. 对 --- 吼叫 16. 忍不住 17. 继续,一直 18. 忍受做某事 19. 公开地 20. 避开做某事 21. 对 … 有内疚感的 22. 嫉妒 …. 23. 在于,属于 24. 因 …. 责备 … 25. 破坏友谊 13.have a match against 14.apologize to sb. for 15.yell at 16.can ’ t help doing 17.keep on doing 18.Stand doing sth. public 20.avoid doing sth 21.feel guilty of/about 22.feel jealous of 23.lie with 24.blame sb. for 25.ruin your friendship

9 1. 预先 2. 接通电话 3. 阻止某人做某事 4. 做成某事 5. 提出 advance 2.get through 3.discourage sb. from doing sth. 4.make it 5.come up with Phrases in word power, grammar, task

10 1. 相处 2. 被 — 所吸引 3. 究竟 4. 对 --- 态度不同 5. 毫不犹豫 6. 基于 7. 互相 8. 另一方面 9. 不顾 get along be absorbed in in the world have different attitudes towards without hesitation be based on one another on the other hand regardless of Phrases in project

11 Sentences

12 1.We are best friends since primary school. 2.Sometimes, other children say we are no funny. 3.I must have sounded very proudly of myself. 4.I found a piece of paper on my desk that saying ‘Stupid Sarah got a D”. 5.He said it wasn’t his mistake if he couldn’t play as well as me and I shouldn’t yell at him. 6.I can’t stand seeing our team to lose. 7.Football is important to me, so our friendship is.

13 He ____ __ ___really____ things to hurt me. I feel ____ because I said some really cruel things, too, but I can’t stand seeing our team lose. Yesterday,I saw him talking to another boy,Peter, and I cannot help wondering if he wants Peter to be his best friend instead of me. I told my brother about the fight,but he said Matthew is just angry and perhaps a little bitter because I am really athletic and good at football and that I had better find another friend. How they must have laughed behind my back! kept on saying mean guilty

14 I feel ________ by my friend,Hannah.We _____ ____best friends since primary school and spend almost every day with each other. I ____ ____ ________very proud of myself after the test, _____ loudly how easy it was and how I ___ ____ ___get a good mark. Afterwards, I went out to the playground.I was _________ to be _______, but Hannah _______ something was wrong. He felt guilty about losing, and bad about _____________________________________. betrayed have been must have sounded saying was sure to determined cheerful sensed not being as gifted at football as you are

15 Regardless of what these friendships are based upon, shared feelings or activities, the important thing to remember is that both of them are friendships. Girls who have been asked can usually answer the question without hesitation. What in the world do they have to talk about? They’re still sitting on the sofa, absorbed in conversation!

16 Writing a letter to a friend

17 Multiple choice

18 1. Paul strongly denied that he was guilty___ cheating innocent customers. A.against B. about C. of D. for 2. There is no doubt___ he’s an honest boy, so there is no doubt___ his honesty. A.whether, for B. that, of C. what, about D. why, of 3.Only by___ your attention ___ what you’re learning can you learn it well A.focusing, in B. focusing, on C. Paying, on D. pay, to C B B

19 4.-- I’m sorry, but I didn’t mean ___ out your secret. ---But you know, letting out one’s secret means__ one’s feelings A. to let, to hurt B. to let,hurting C. letting, to hurt D. letting, hurting 5. This reading passage ___two letters ___an agony aunt of a teenage magazine. A. consists of; writing to B. is made up of; written to C. is consisted of; written for B B

20 6. __ I like most about her is ___ care-free attitude. A. What; her B. What; that her C.How ; for her D. How; a 7. It seems you need to apologize quickly ________ a good friend. A. avoiding to lose B. to avoid losing C. avoiding losing D. to avoid to lose 8.He felt guilty about losing,and bad about ____ football as you are. A. being as gifted at B.being so gifted for C. not being as gifted at D. not being so gifted for A B C

21 6. He failed in the driving test again. He ____. A. must have disapointed B. must have been disappointed C. might be disappointed D. couldn’t be disapointed 7. The number of the cameras they produced this year has increased__30% compared with__of last year. A.with;ones;those;that D.of;it 8.Many factors__serious accident,an expert said. Which is not right? A.contributed to B.led to C.resulted in D. resulted from B C D

22 9.The population of China is____than that of America. A.larger fives times B.five times larger C.five times as five times. 10.It is time that I____my hair cut.It’s the fifth time that I____to the barber’s shop. A.had;have gone B.have;have gone C.have;went D.had;go 11.What__it is to travel in____spaceship! A.a fun;a;a C.the fun;a D.a fun;the 12.I___that again,but he insists that I did. A.didn’t promise to do B.promised not to do C.didn’t promise doing D.promised not doing C A B A

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