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Business Register Outputs in Support of Regional Policy John Perry UK Office for National Statistics.

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1 Business Register Outputs in Support of Regional Policy John Perry UK Office for National Statistics

2 The Projects Enhanced outputs for regional accounts and other regional enterprise statistics, in support of the Review of Statistics for Economic Policymaking (Allsopp Review) Provision of small area outputs, in support of the UK government Neighbourhood Statistics Programme


4 The Inter-Departmental Business Register (IDBR)

5 Existing Sources Current coverage of enterprises –VAT Traders –PAYE Tax Employers –Supported by: Companies House registrations Dun and Bradstreet linkage ONS and other statistical surveys Extending coverage of enterprises –From Companies House –Identifying those without VAT or PAYE registration –Evaluating to see which should be on the IDBR –Establishing rules for adding

6 Improving quality Boost for the Business Register Survey for small enterprises Extended business profiling Merged the Business Register Survey with the employment collection within the Structural Business Survey Developing a replacement Business Register and Employment Survey –Better local unit employment estimates –Local turnover estimates (subject to a successful pilot in 2007)

7 Existing Outputs Survey samples and survey populations Lists of businesses - confidential Publications –UK Businesses on National Statistics website –Business demography on DTI website Tabulations to user specifications, including disclosive figures

8 New Outputs Small area tables for enterprises and local units on the Neighbourhood Statistics web site: –Based on 2001 Population Census output areas –6 tables in 2004 –19 in 2005 New tables for “UK Business” publication –Parliamentary Constituencies –More local unit tables New tools for presentation –Interactive charts –Interactive maps



11 New Sources Corporation Tax –Link to Company Annual Accounts –Needs new legal gateway –Good indicator of trading businesses –Range of accounting variables –Potential for reducing compliance Yell –Commercial Source –Good source for business telephone numbers –Difficult to use to extend coverage –Data sharing require some care

12 The Regions

13 Working with the regions ONS appointed statisticians in the English regions in April 2007 Co-located with the Regional Development Agencies (RDA) RDA responsible for economic development Work done to establish the statistical requirements Training needed in use of the business register

14 Regional data requirements Monitor turnover and employment changes in their areas Create clusters of businesses to monitor performance Monitor businesses receiving assistance against other businesses Work with local planning authorities Provide feedback on business register quality based on local knowledge

15 Legal Framework Data access limited by current legislation Statistical use of disclosive and micro data permitted by: –Government departments – including the ONS regional statisticians –Local authorities –Some other public bodies –Government contractors Not RDA’s

16 Improving access Statistics and Registration Bill to create an independent ONS Has provisions to enable wider data sharing with public bodies But requires secondary legislation to implement Follows the April 2008 creation of independent ONS In the interim, ONS regional statisticians will be an important channel for dissemination of disclosure- free outputs

17 Benefits Quality improvement (extended coverage, better surveys and more focus to business profiling) More small area outputs Improved support for regional customers

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