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Butterfly Cycle By Suzy Gazlay Hatch, hatch little egg, I'm so very small. Teeny tiny caterpillar, You can't see me at all. Crawl, caterpillar, crawl,

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2 Butterfly Cycle By Suzy Gazlay Hatch, hatch little egg, I'm so very small. Teeny tiny caterpillar, You can't see me at all. Crawl, caterpillar, crawl, Munching on a leaf. Crawling, munching, crawling, munching, Eat and eat and eat. Form, form chrysalis, I'm a different shape; Hanging by a silken thread Until I can escape.

3 Rest, rest, chrysalis While I change inside; Now at last my time has come To be a butterfly. Stretch, stretch, pretty wings, It's a special day; Soon they will be strong enough For me to fly away. Fly, fly, butterfly, Fly from flower to tree; Find a place to lay my eggs So they can grow like me.

4 Family Our family comes From many homes, Our hair is straight, Our hair is brown, Our hair is curled, Our eyes are blue, Our skins are different Colors, too. We're girls and boys, We're big and small, We're young and old, We're short and tall.

5 We're everything That we can be And still we are A family. We laugh and cry, We work and play, We help each other Every day. The world's a lovely Place to be Because we are A family.

6 Glad to Be Me! Sometimes I wish I was someone else, but mostly I’m glad I’m ME! We all have our likes and differences as everyone can see. Some of us like to hurry, some like to take our time. Some spend all their money, some save each dime. Some are good at English; some are good at math. Some of us like showers some prefer the bath. Some of us are quiet; some of us are loud.

7 Some of us like to be alone; some of us like a crowd. Some of us are tall; some of us are short. Some like to play an instrument, some like to play a sport. Some of us are black or brown, and some of us are white. Some of us leave the light on when we go to bed at night. All of us are special as everyone can see, You like you, and I like you, but also I like ME!

8 A Fish in a Spaceship By Kenn Nesbitt A fish in a spaceship is flying through school. A dinosaur's dancing on top of a stool. The library's loaded with orange baboons, in purple tuxedos with bows and balloons. The pigs on the playground are having a race while pencils parade in their linens and lace. As camels do cartwheels and elephants fly, bananas are baking a broccoli pie.A hundred gorillas are painting the walls, while robots on rockets careen through the halls. Tomatoes are teaching in all of the classes. Or maybe, just maybe, I need some new glasses.

9 Spring by Karla Kuskin I’m shouting I’m singing I’m swinging through trees I’m winging sky-high With the buzzing black bees. I’m the sun I’m the moon I’m the dew on the rose. I’m a rabbit Whose habit Is twitching his nose. I’m lively I’m lovely I’m kicking my heels. I’m crying “Come dance” To the freshwater eels.

10 I’m racing through meadows Without any coat I’m a gamboling lamb I’m a light leaping goat I’m a bud I’m a bloom I’m a dove on the wing. I’m running on rooftops And welcoming spring!

11 Mother Doesn’t Want a Dog By Judith Viorst Mother doesn’t want a dog. Mother says they smell, And never sit when you say sit, Or even when you yell. And when you come home late at night And there is ice and snow, You have to go back out because The little dog had to go. Mother doesn’t want a dog. Mother says they shed, And always let the strangers in And bark at friends instead,

12 And do disgraceful things on the rugs, And track mud on the floor, And flop upon your bed at night And snore their doggy snore. Mother doesn’t want a dog. She’s making a mistake. Because, more than a dog, I think She will not want this snake.

13 The Teachers' Show by Bruce Lansky I have an important announcement. I want everybody to know: on Monday all classes are cancelled. The teachers will put on a show. Miss Teresita will juggle meatballs. Miss Anita will dance with a bear. Miss Carola and I will yodel. Miss Carolina will tear out her hair. Sister Mary Jo is quite entertaining. She does something you've never seen. If you want a bad case of measles She’ll paint them on red, white, and green.

14 Sister Catherine is also performing. She’s come up with something quite new. She’s doing her act in the kitchen. She’s dumping the cooks in the stew. Your parents are certainly welcome, but make sure to tell them the rule: If any of them arrive tardy, they'll have to be kept after school..

15 Patricia Brought Her Parakeet Patricia Brought Her Parakeet by Kenn Nesbitt Patricia Brought Her Parakeet It pecked at Patrick’s puppy. Samantha’s salamander swiftly gobbled Gracie’s guppy. Savannah’s snapping turtle snapped the nose of Franklin’s frog. I’d say Fernando’s ferret went berserk on Daniel’s dog. Poor Jordan found his gerbil being chased by Katelyn’s cat, and everyone was panicking ’cause Ryan brought his rat.

16 The teacher screamed and fainted, and she fell right off her stool. I guess I shouldn’t bring my pet tarantula to school. She soon enough recovered, but you should have heard her yell. It looks like that’s the last time we’ll bring pets for show-and-tell.

17 My Feelings by Meish Goldish There are things I have that I can't see, Things that change inside of me. What, oh what, can those things be? My feelings! When a freind calls up and says, "Let's play," When I work in school and get and "A," When my favorite dinner's on its way, I'm happy!

18 When I can't go out because of rain, When my tummy hurts and I'm in pain, When my favorite toy goes down the drain, I'm sad! When thunder booms, and the lights go out, When suddenly I hear a shout, When an ugly bug will crawl about, I'm afraid! At times I'm happy, at times I'm sad, At times I'm scared, at times I'm glad, I know I'm me, because I've had My feelings!

19 A Pizza the Size of the Sun By Jack Prelutsky I’m making a pizza the size of the sun, A pizza that’s sure to weigh more than a ton, A pizza too massive to pick up and toss, A pizza resplendent with oceans of sauce. I’m topping the pizza with mountains of cheese, With lots of peppers, pimentos and peas, With mushrooms, tomatoes and sausage galore, With every last olive they had in the store.

20 My pizza is sure to be one of a kind. My pizza will leave other pizzas behind. My pizza will be a delectable treat That all who love pizza are welcome to eat. The oven is hot. I believe it will take A year and a half for my pizza to bake. I hardly can wait till my pizza is done My wonderful pizza the size of the sun.

21 Autumn Leaves by Eve Merriam Down down down Red yellow brown Autumn leaves tumble down, Autumn leaves crumble down, Autumn leaves bumble down, Flaking and shaking, Tumbledown leaves. Skittery Flittery Rustle by Hustle by

22 Crackle and crunch In a snappety bunch. Run and catch Run and catch Butterfly leaves Sailboat leaves Windstorm leaves. Can you catch them? Swoop, Scoop, Pile them up In a stompy pile and Jump Jump JUMP!

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