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Newsletter #16! Letter from the Editor... Hello everyone! I’m trying something different this time…and I’m aware that it may annoy some of you…and I’m.

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2 Newsletter #16!

3 Letter from the Editor... Hello everyone! I’m trying something different this time…and I’m aware that it may annoy some of you…and I’m sorry if it does! :o( But for now, just bear with my insanity…I promise, there is a method to my madness. I decided to be a little more creative with the newsletter! (all smile and nod…) I’m using Microsoft Powerpoint. I thought that it would add a new type of flare to the brethren, but if this is indeed not the case and it just annoys you and bothers you to no end, then please…feel free to yell at me. Because, until you all yell at me, I will continue to make this in this format. :o) Well, if there are any problems or questions about this latest development in the Brethren, please email me! Until next time...

4 In this Newsletter... New Brethren Members Episode Reviews Say what? Fan Fiction Featured site of the Week Spoilers Staff Closing

5 New Members The Brethren of Boreanaz would like to welcome the Following members, as of March 25, 2000 152.HurstWilliams 153.Angelpi15 154.buffybabe 155.satty17 156.stephanie 157.castle_4 158.Amber 159.Lyndsey 160.Corrinne 161.victoria 162.Aussie lizzie 163. Allette 164.Sherry 165.SoCcErVR13 166.Amberlu1084 167. Chloe 168.Violet5980 169.Claudia 170. Tweedlebook 171. jackie456 172. angelus 173. Jewel1816

6 Episode Reviews... We won’t be having Episode Reviews until new Episodes start coming out! If you’re interested in running this column, then Email me at

7 Say What? If you are interested in Running this column, Email Natalie at

8 Fan Fiction... For this time’s Fan Fiction, I’ve decided to use Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Success”. No, it doesn’t necissarily have anything to do with Angel (I am lacking new fiction…hint…send me some…) but I think that it relates to all of us. :o) Enjoy...

9 “What is Success” To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people And the affection of children; To earn the appreciation of honest critics And endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty; To find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better, whether by A healthy child, a garden Patch or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed Easier because you have lived; This is to have succeeded.

10 Featured Site of the Week... This week’s Featured site of the week is… Sonja Marie’s Fan Fiction links This is one of my favorite web sites! Not only does it have incredible listings of awesome fan fiction, but it also has links to other sites from all over the web! Each of the fan fiction sites listed are under different categories based on either the couple they relate to (as in Willow and Angel, or Buffy and Riley…etc.) or they are listed under their genre (as in Humor, parody, Crossover…etc.) This is probably the best organized and run websites I have come across! The owner of this site updates every week…without fail. And you can not find a better source for Fan Fiction! I give this site A Perfect 10! Here’s the Address:

11 Spoilers... Eternity This is episode 17, and it airs on April 4, 2000. Regis Kimble directed the episode written by Tracey Stern. Cordelia gets a role in a play, but when Angel and Wesley go to see it, they also see what a horrible actress she is. Angel saves the life of an actress named Rebecca (played by Tamara Gorski). It turns out she's being stalked, and Angel ends up taking the case to protect her. After being informed that her acting career is on a decline, Rebecca gets desperate. At her place, she offers Angel a drink and tries to convince him to make her a vampire. She attempts to seduce him but Angel is acting strange. She spiked the drink and the effects are more than anything she ever could have anticipated...Angel becomes Angelus. The effects of whatever Rebecca used to spike Angel's drink are just temporary. While they do make him evil and mean for a period of time, they wear off before the end of the episode. After getting away from Rebecca, Angel goes back to the office, and after somewhat of a struggle, Wesley and Cordelia end up getting their now-evil boss chained down. Angel gets the opportunity to tell them what he thinks of them, but that's as far as it gets before the effects wear off...and Angel is left feeling horrible for everything he said and did. BEAUTY AND THE VAMPIRE - Angel rescues a popular young actress (guest star Tamara Gorski) from a stalker, but when he finds himself taken with her and confesses his true identity, she goes to drastic measures to secure eternal youth and beauty. Spoilers borrowed from An Angel’s Soul...

12 Staff... “Without our staff, we would truly be dead.” Dawn The weekly wardrobe, say what? Featured Site Raechel SPOILERS!!! Lotsa info! Pictures, spoilers…etc. Natalie Editor, members, upcoming appearances, fan fiction and other…stuff

13 Closing... This has been the 16 th issue of the Brethren of Boreanaz Newsletter

14 ©Copyright Brethren of Boreanaz 1999-2000 nothing may be used without editor’s permission spoilers taken from various online media some pictures taken from Phoenix’s David Boreanaz Cool Stuff

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