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NEXT The Intercession Between the “Greats” NEXT CUPID’S ARROW.

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4 The Intercession Between the “Greats”





9 15 20 25 510 The Intercession CUPID’S ARROW SMART & NOT-SO-SMART REBEL YELL POT LUCK 5 5 5 5 10 15 20 25 20 Team One Team Two Team Three Team Four Team Five Team Six


11 Stability in leadership Show Answer

12 What Russia lacked/ needed most in this period Back to Board

13 During it, this GAP increased and this INSTITUTION was solidified. Show Answer

14 1.Gap between rich and poor 2.SERFDOM Back to Board

15 # of decades between “GREATS” Show Answer

16 4 Back to Board

17 During the intercession, Russia was plagued by almost constant warfare. JEOPARDY: # of wars between 1733 and 1763 DOUBLE JEOPARDY: arrange them in chronological order Show Answer

18 5 Wars: 1.1733-35: w/ Austria vs. France 2.1736-39: w/Austria vs. Turkey 3. 1741-43: against Sweden 4. 1746-48: the War of Austrian Succession 5.1756-63: the Seven Yrs. War w/ Austria, Sweden, & Saxony vs. Prussia, Britain, & Hanover Back to Board

19 JEOPARDY: # of rulers Russia had DOUBLE JEOPARDY: List them in order Show Answer

20 6 Rulers: 1.Catherine I (1725-27) Peter’s wife 2. Peter II (1727-30) Peter’s grandson 3. Anne (1730-40) Peter’s niece 4. Ivan VI (1740-41) jailed as infant ; died in prison 5. Elizabeth (1741-62) Peter’s daughter 6. Peter III (1762) grandson of namesake, Peter II Back to Board

21 Not struck by Cupid’s arrow, he preferred PRUSSIA to RUSSIA and passion was for his TOY SOLDIERS rather than his GERMAN WIFE. Show Answer

22 Peter III (of Holstein-Gottorp) Back to Board

23 Adultery was dangerous, but childlessness was more dangerous for Sophie of Anhalt-Zerbst. Although it took her eight years, she finally produced this son, possibly with a little help from her friends. Show Answer

24 PAUL Back to Board

25 He and his bros assisted Cathy with her coup and slew the “Monster” who threatened her. Show Answer

26 Grigory ORLOV Back to Board

27 The HERO OF THE CRIMEA, he was the great love of Catherine II’s life and one of Russia’s greatest statesmen. Show Answer

28 Grigory POTEMKIN Back to Board

29 The lover whom Catherine made Prince of Poland Show Answer

30 Stanislaw PONIATOWSKI Back to Board

31 WHO, WHY, & SMART or NOT-SO-SMART: Although she subscribed to some radical ideas, she began her rule with a couple of non- threatening of governmental reforms Show Answer

32 Catherine I SMART to avoid controversial & radicalism because initially she faced palpable opposition & questions of legitimacy Back to Board

33 FROM, TO, and SMART oR NOT-SO-SMART : color change Peter III ordered for the Russian military Show Answer

34 from GREEN to PRUSSIAN BLUE NOT-SO-SMART because Prussia = the enemy of RUSSIA Back to Board

35 WHO, WHY, & SMART or NOT-SO-SMART: He stripped icons out of the Russian Orthodox Church and made priests dress like Lutheran ministers, she joined Russian Orthodox Church in holy baptism and herself re- Christened. Show Answer

36 Peter III: offending your country’s official church = not-so-smart His German wife (Sophie) honored the church and took the name Catherine, Russia’s first official TSARINA = SMART because it points to the precedent Back to Board

37 WHAT, WHY, & SMART or NOT-SO-SMART: It was Catherine’s response to the offer of the title “the Great” early in her rule. Show Answer

38 No, that’s for posterity to decide SMART Avoided offense Back to Board

39 WHO, WHAT, WHY, & SMART or NOT-SO-SMART: He danced at Elizabeth’s funeral, and then did this as his first official act as TSAR. Show Answer

40 Peter III Declared peace with Prussia, saving Frederick the Great from imminent defeat, because he adored Freddie NOT-SO-SMART Really ticked off the Russian military Back to Board

41 50/50: Catherine II’s response to the Pugachev rebellion -- REACTIONARY or REFORM? Show Answer

42 REFORM Back to Board

43 What Pugachev promised in order to secure support of the peasants Show Answer

44 emancipation of the serfs Back to Board

45 River valley which was the site of the Pugachev Rebellion Show Answer

46 VOLGA Back to Board

47 Name & ethnicity of the leader of Russia’s most visible and briefly successful peasant revolt to date (1773) Show Answer

48 EMILIAN PUGACHEV was a COSSSACK from the URALS Back to Board

49 Show Answer It was the most visible and briefly successful peasant revolt in Russian history up to that point (1773).


51 Three basic problems of the______: 1.Military weakness 2.Disorganization 3.Logistical issues Show Answer

52 The REBELS in Pugachev’s Rebellion Back to Board

53 CURIOUS or SPURIOUS: Catherine the Great’s (II) reform of local governance hinged on the geographic restructuring of the empire based on population. Show Answer

54 CURIOUS Attempted to establish some semblanace of equality between and among Russia’s many ethnic groups, but things will get worse when people focus on their differences! Back to Board

55 If you control this peninsula, you control the Black Sea. Show Answer

56 The CRIMEA Back to Board

57 TRANSLATION: Instruction It was a liberal document that emphasized secular political institutions operating within legal parameters. Show Answer

58 The NAKAZ Back to Board

59 Show Answer Established by Catherine the Great in 1767 to serve as a putative legislative body that could address local and regional issues while providing information regarding the proper course of action, it proved unwieldy in the face of the controversial issues of class, ethnicity, religion, and nationality and was eventually disbanded in 1768.

60 The Legislative Commission Back to Board

61 Show Question

62 JEOPARDY: Who’s on horseback and why? DOUBLE JEOPARDY: name the sculptor Show Answer 302928272625242322212019181716151413121110987654321

63 JEOPARDY: Catherine and Peter because “man on horseback” = symbol of dictatorial power; Catherine the Great (II) ordered both to make the connection between herself and Peter the Great (I) DOUBLE JEOPARDY:, Étienne- Maurice Falconet, completed 1782; St. Petersburg Back to Board

64 Big Board Facts © 2010 Jeff Ertzberger All rights reserved. All Clipart copyright– All Rights Reserved. Some images have been modified from original This presentation may not be sold, or redistributed in any form without written permission of the author. For even more template games and great resources visit: By using this game you are agreeing to our terms of use.terms of use End

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