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Welcome to PUNE. GENERAL INFORMATION PUNE on the map Geography and climate As a metropolitan city  Business  Education  Culture.

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1 Welcome to PUNE

2 GENERAL INFORMATION PUNE on the map Geography and climate As a metropolitan city  Business  Education  Culture

3 Pune on the map 8 th most populous metropolitan areas in India (5.5 million). 180 kms south-east of Mumbai. Area 700 sq. Km. Elevation 500 m. Cultural capital of Maharashtra Oxford of the east, Detroit of the east.

4 Geography and Climate Pune is located on the western margin of the Deccan plateau. It is a relatively hilly city. June to September: a lot of rain, and humid weather. November to February: winter; relatively mild; no central heating Average temperatures in Centigrades and precipitation in cms.

5 Metropolitan Pune Industrial city  Tata motors, Bajaj, BMW etc.  major small scale industrial area IT hub (Hinjewadi)  Third largest in India  Software firms  Call centers, BPOs Biotech

6 Metropolitan Pune Pune University  41 graduate departments on campus  265 affiliated colleges in Pune and around  135 institutes  Humanities, sciences, business, medical, engineering, professional courses.  Over a 100, 000 students enrolled. 10 other universities in the city.

7 Metropolitan Pune Largest defence academy in India (NDA) Huge population of students and young professionals. More than 20 national level research institutes.

8 GETTING AROUND Public transport Traffic Communication and media

9 Public Transport PMPML:  Buses connect all parts of the city.  Trips can be planned on line or using the bus guide.  Can buy daily/weekly/monthly passes at any major bus depot  No transfers!  Usually very crowded. People touch each other! 

10 Transport System Auto Rickshaws are like cabs (3 or 6 person autos). No call ahead service; one has to walk to a rickshaw stand or just yell “RICKSHAW”.

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12 Traffic Right Hand Drive. Takes time to change the orientation! Lane discipline is usually absent. Traffic jam is a common thing. Pedestrian signals usually do not work. Need some practice to walk and cross busy streets. Two wheelers are more than 4 wheelers. Fun to ride a bike!! With caution, of course!

13 Communication Widely spoken language is MARATHI Everyone understands HINDI People understand English, also a lot of people speak passable English. Most signs are in English.

14 Communication Prepaid cell phones: most unlocked GSM world cell phones work in India. Buy a prepaid plan in Pune. It is very easy! Major service providers: Reliance, Airtel, Incoming calls are free! Telephone booths. Internet Cafes available. Wireless not so common; advisable to carry your own network cable. Canada to India:

15 LIVING Money matters  Sample price guide Clothing  General  Season-wise Electricity Media

16 Money Matters Indian currency Rupees (1 CAD = 46 Rs.) Various on line portals available to transfer money in an Indian bank account. e.g. Money2india, remit2india etc. Traveler's checks, Thomas cook, American express. Credit cards : cash advances

17 Money Matters Money exchange  V K C Credit And Forex Services (P) Ltd (Vighnahar Chambers, Karve Road, Erandwana)  Centrum Forex Ltd (Sassoon Road, Opposite Jehangir Nursing Home)  Nucleus Securities Ltd (Aurora Tower (East Wing), Moledina Road)  State Bank of India

18 Money Matters Cash transactions in most places. Avoid ripped / grubby notes – check when accepting Always count your change; this is not considered disrespectful. Try not to carry too much cash on you; Rs. 500 in your wallet is good enough for everyday needs.

19 Sample Price Guide Milk : Rs. 35 / liter, bread : Rs. 25 Minimum bus / rickshaw fare : Rs. 8 (rickshaws have a meter; remember to check this when you take one) Breakfast : Rs. 10 – 35 Coffee : Rs. 10 – 35 Lunch / dinner : Rs. 30 – 100 Fruits & vegetables : usually cheap in a local market. Net Cafe : Rs 10 / hour.

20 Clothing - Generalities Cosmopolitan city: no specific dress code. Being well-dressed is appreciated Avoid skimpy or revealing dressing, especially if traveling alone

21 Clothing - Seasonwise July - September:  heavy rains - better to have waterproof jackets, umbrellas and some warm clothes  Hot and humid when not raining October: usually warm November - February:  Cool – not as much as Canada  No central heating – warm clothes needed March - June: Hot, hot, hot!

22 Electricity Lot of power cuts (or load-shedding). Voltage 240 volts, alternating at 50 cycles / second. Need a voltage adapter Also a plug adapter. 2 round pins or 3 round pins arranged in a triangle.

23 Media English Daily : Times of India, Indian Express, Pune Herald, The Hindu, Economic Times, Pioneer. Magazines : Outlook, Frontline, A range of satellite channels

24 FOOD - Enjoy! Puneites are known for fondness for food. Cuisine ranging from Indian to Chinese to Italian to Continental. Vegetarian food easily available; even 'pure vegetarian' restaurants! No vegan. Food is relatively cheap – from Rs. 5 for a snack to Rs. 60 for a meal.

25 FOOD - caution! Indian food is SPICY! - ask for less hot curries Avoid street food Warm weather implies food spoils faster; avoid stale food Carry your own water at all times – invest in a water bottle Extra care during Monsoon.

26 FOOD – Places to visit On Fergusson college & J. M. road:  Vaishali, Rupali  Wadeshwar, Chaitanya  Kamat Pune University campus Camp area

27 FOOD – Marathi cuisine Marathi thali: Shreyas, Krishna dining hall, Aashirwad, Badshahi Marathi breakfast: Sharvari, Janaseva, Sweet home Snacks and sweets: Chitale bandhu, Kaka halwai, Budhani, Kayani's. Misal: Bedekar, Raamnath, Bapat, Shree

28 HEALTH CARE Some common ailments:  Common cold, cough  stomach problems  eye burning due to smog. Prefer mineral water, fresh food. Private health care is better than the public. Many walk-in clinics.

29 HEALTH CARE Keep your medical history and other related information handy. Gymnasiums are everywhere; not expensive; Solaris has good swimming pools. Running along streets is not suggested; too much traffic, lack of sidewalks, smoke.

30 PERSONAL HYGIENE Washrooms are hard to find; clean public washrooms are a rarity Toilets:  2 styles: western and squat  Carry your own toilet paper Good idea to relieve yourself before leaving home, college etc.

31 COLLEGE LIFE What to expect College culture Learning/Teaching culture

32 WHAT (NOT) TO EXPECT Expect:  Bureaucracy – things take time, be aware of stuff you need to do and do it early  Strike! Don't expect:  Full functional gym  Wireless internet  Online information, registration, library etc.  Bookstore

33 COLLEGE CULTURE Friendly classmates Very competitive Enthusiastic and vibrant atmosphere

34 HOW TEACHING WORKS Classes:  No homework (usually) – self-study is expected  No weekly quizzes (in most cases) Exams:  Two (usually): midterm and final  harder than what you may be used to  Be sure to work on old exams

35 HOW TEACHING WORKS Lecture-style teaching What to expect (and not be bogged down by)-  IST – INDIAN STRETCHABLE TIME  Lack of email correspondence No office hours / problem solving sessions; meet by appointment Classes can be canceled

36 TIPS – ACADEMIC SUCCESS Self-study; self-appraisal Memorize! Pitfalls:  falling behind class  No quizzes – no continuous assessment

37 IN YOUR FREE TIME Excursions Hang-outs Cultural events Shopping

38 Excursions Hikes in Sahyadris-  Yuvashakti  Trekdi Forts around Pune-  Sinhagad, Purandar, Rajgad, Torna, Lohagad, Visapur, Koraigad, Tung, Tikona... Protected forests  Maldhok...

39 India is a heterogenous mix of 1.2 billion people Largely conservative- minded: clothing, behaviour; not very friendly towards strangers Easy to befriend; helpful as friends..sometimes people will go out of their way to help Very competitive Huge population = less discipline Naïve = easily cheated; be street smart. Click to add an outline

40 Excursions Hill stations (summer/rain)  Lonavala  Mahabaleshwar  Matheran Dams and back waters (summer/rain)  Bhor, Koyna, Malshej Buddhist caves: Karla, Bhaaje Beaches in Konkan : Alibag, Murud etc.

41 Hang-outs Multiplex : E square, City pride, Inox, Ad labs, Mangala. information available online. More than 30 single screen theaters. Music concerts, plays, talk shows, sporting events etc. Coffee shops, restaurants, pubs. Parks : University gardens, Sarasbaug, Peshwe park, K. N. park, Katraj park etc.

42 Shopping Major shopping attractions: Laxmi road, M G road, East street, J M road, A B C, Fashion street, Tulsi Baag. Malls : Nucleus, Pyramid, Wonder funkey, K K bazar, Big bazar etc. Detailed info available on line, yellow pages, pune diary etc. Large network of convenient stores, local grocery shops etc.

43 Cultural Pune National festivals and cultural events through out the year. Arts, literature, music, spiritualism and food. Western/rock music concerts and discos. Major attractions (not to miss)  Ganesh festival  Dahi handi One of the most secular cities in India

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45 Personal safety Do not venture in secluded areas after dark. If you are going out at night, move around in groups. Do not trust your Rickshaw driver too much. Do not get too friendly with strangers. At the same time, avoid taking any eatables from them. Do not wear too revealing clothes, especially when visiting some religious place.

46 Personal safety Always keep a photocopy of all the important documents, especially your visa and ID card. It will help in case the original get stolen or misplaced. Do not take too much cash out of an ATM at one time; also do not carry too much cash on your person (upto Rs.1500 is okay and sufficient). Be aware and responsible for yourself and your stuff at all times.

47 Personal safety Beware of pickpockets. Always count your change; this is not considered an insult, its the smart thing to do. In case of any trouble, contact the nearest police station. Emergency number 100 or Vaishali's cell number ;)


49 On line resources Wikipedia, wiki travel guide

50 Pune Videos Traffic video 1 Traffic video 2 Traffic Video 3 Around Pune 1 Sinhagad 1 Dahi Handi Ganesh Festival 1 Ganesh Festival 2

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