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Mission Trip to Sololo, Kenya, Africa by Julie and Drew Hollowell June 2 – 13, 2006.

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1 Mission Trip to Sololo, Kenya, Africa by Julie and Drew Hollowell June 2 – 13, 2006

2 View as we were landing near Sololo

3 Our transportation for the week.

4 Children ran from their village to watch our plane land.

5 The kids were enamored by Drew's arm hair (:

6 First day of Vacation Bible School. We made hearts out of pipe cleaners to share that God loves us.

7 Katie with my boyfriend

8 Drew teaching the older boys to throw a frisbee.

9 Day 3 progress on our water tank...I asked for some drama while they were throwing these rocks!

10 The children were more beautiful than you can imagine.

11 Our living quarters in Sololo...over-met our expectations, for things are our mosquito nets.

12 Beautiful Catholic church we passed on our drive each day.



15 Day 4 progress (pouring cement)

16 How we ate our lunch each day!

17 Hundreds of children in one circle--the lesson that day was “We are all God's children.”

18 They loved getting their pictures taken!

19 We found this on a classroom board...they obviously listened to our messages we wanted to share ("God loves us -- We love each other")

20 Where we stayed in Sololo--the man walking is carrying our water we used for bathing.

21 We had devotionals each evening with our team.

22 Village children would yell with excitement as we passed and run after our cars!

23 Classroom

24 Drew and Ryan climbing a very "challenging" hill.

25 Sololo was more gorgeous than we could have imagined.

26 Louise...our representative from Food for the Hungry who guided us through the week.

27 WOW!!!

28 They were so eager and hungry to learn and watch our every move.

29 Boys and girls alike constantly displayed affection and cared for one another.

30 The preschool children across the road.

31 She was a little princess (:

32 Eating his porridge.

33 I was teaching them to blow kisses!

34 Goobers like us (:

35 Toward the end of the week, God really allowed our relationships to develop.

36 They were obviously not as scary as they looked!

37 Katie getting her hair done...these girls had no sympathy for tender heads!

38 Oh my goodness...heartbreakers.

39 After a game of "sticker chase" that Abbie and I definitely got defeated at.

40 Two of our sponsor children we were able to meet....what an incredible blessing!

41 Drew, me, Galgallo, Galgallo, and Shuke--our sponsor children. (Galgallo is a very common name for a boy).

42 Baboons that you can hardly see!

43 Another princess

44 They allowed our team to sign the water tank.

45 The boys and community men that helped us work throughout the week...they are such unbelievably hard workers.

46 Our strong team of 13.

47 We were given the opportunity to visit a Sunday School class our last day with the children.

48 Beautiful feet

49 The sounds we heard will be sung and played in Heaven, I can guarantee.

50 Singing to our Savior.

51 Worshiping as one.

52 The one on the left is my little chunky cheeks!

53 So nurturing

54 Drew developed a wonderful friendship with Samuel...he plays soccer, so Drew left him his shoes (:

55 We hiked a big mountain our last morning.

56 Sololo


58 We are literally standing in a cloud! This cross (what remains) was placed on this mountain by some of the village Christians.

59 Our home--"Hotel Ramata"

60 Precious women that cooked our meals all week.

61 The children would wait in VERY large numbers outside where we stayed, hoping we would come play!

62 Erin, Mandy Allison, Abbie, Pam, me, Katie (Drew's sister), Mandy Harber.

63 Brian, Luke, Drew, Jonathan, Joey, Ryan

64 Giraffe Reserve in Nairobi

65 Hungry little fellas!

66 Awwwwww....

67 "Hello"

68 What a way to end....God is so good and faithful!

69 Soli Deo Gloria! For further information or to comment on this presentation, you may contact Julie Hollowell at

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