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Community Energy Scotland Empowering Communities Scottish Charity Number: SC039673 Iona McDonald Greater Glasgow.

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1 Community Energy Scotland Empowering Communities Scottish Charity Number: SC039673 Iona McDonald Greater Glasgow and Lanarkshire Development Officer Community Energy Scotland

2 Why install renewable technologies? Using appropriate renewable technologies in combination with energy use reduction measures will help a community organisation to be more sustainable over the long term, reducing energy costs and carbon emissions, generating income

3 Community Energy Scotland Scottish Charity, Company Ltd by Guarantee Staff operating across Scotland, providing local point of contact Membership based (over 170 so far) Helping hundreds and hundreds of communities since 2001

4 Our Aim: To build confidence, resilience and wealth at community level in Scotland through sustainable energy development

5 Our work encompasses: Community Energy Development Renewable Energy Generation Energy Demand Reduction Renewable Energy Substitution

6 One to one support, practical help, pier learning and training For whole lifecycle of a project; inception, feasibility, planning, installation and operation All renewable technologies supported Building based and larger scale income generation We engage in policy, regulation and research arenas to influence the context for community projects Support from CES for your community project

7 Choosing appropriate technologies Putting out a tender Finding installers and expert service providers Partnering with other national support organisations Sharing experience with other community groups Visiting projects Participation in training sessions Setting up performance monitoring for systems Finding funding and finance

8 Community Energy Unit within HIE – established in 2002 under the Community Regeneration Unit Isle of Gigha turbines installed in 2003 SCHRI 2002-2009 – EST and HICEC/CES CARES 2009- 2011 – Grant Feb 2011 CARES loan Community Energy Scotland’s - History 2011 2002

9 Delivery through contracts Investing in Communities – lottery contract CARES – Scottish Government contract Powerdown – CCF programme Sustainable Energy for Urban Communities – Robertson Trust and SG supported Community Renewable Energy Support Programme (CRESP) – HIE programme

10 Scottish Government 2020 key targets include: 100% electricity demand equivalent from renewables 11% heat demand from renewables 30% overall energy demand from renewables 12% reduction in final energy demand 500MW of new renewable energy capacity in community or local ownership

11 Facility Based Microgeneration & Energy efficiency projects Wood fuelled systems, heat pumps, solar thermal panels, solar PV, small wind turbines Insulation, draught proofing, low energy lighting More sustainable buildings Lower costs – more to spend on service provision

12 Coalburn One Stop Shop Solar PV solar thermal air to air source heat pumps cavity wall and loft insulation

13 Coalburn One Stop Shop More comfortably heated buildings Savings and income from Feed in Tariff = £100s Helping them to provide low cost services for the local community, including classes, function space, ATM, post office, shop Interpretation and visits for others to learn

14 Urban Development Programme For urban areas, for projects serving disadvantaged groups and communities. Funding and support available for feasibility and capital projects until March 2012

15 Community Powerdown II Network Funded through Climate Challenge Fund A network of communities across Scotland working to reduce carbon emissions CES member of staff supporting this network New funding round for CCF now open !!

16 Monitoring Important aspect Checking and optimising performance Wind, solar, wood fuel and heat pump projects Plans to put some live data on our website to share the learning

17 17

18 Innovative projects

19 Tidal Yell, Shetland One of world’s first community owned Nova Innovation, Shetland Composites, North Yell Development Council 30kW to supply electricity to icemaking factory for fishing industry Generating from Autumn this year, 2011

20 Large Scale Income Generation Projects

21 Local facilities Fuel poverty Green projects Green energy Local businesses Positive Impact from from Larger scale – revenue generation

22 Tiree Wind Turbine

23 Tiree Windfall Fund Awards – First round May 2011 14 organisations are to benefit from the first Windfall Fund grants totalling £9,322 Awarded through a rigorous application process coordinated by the Tiree Windfall Fund

24 Large Scale Income Generation Projects Community Energy Scotland here to help Take years from inception to construction Complex and demanding on community group Need commitment and wider community support and identification of community need Success brings independent income for communities for the long term

25 CARES loans For predevelopment costs for renewable energy projects up to 5 MW Loans of up to max 90% or £150,000, whichever is lower For non-profit distributing organisations and rural businesses Security not required Fixed interest rate at 10% per annum Write-off facility if a project fails to gain planning consent Finance provided in stages according to agreed drawdown schedule

26 Learn more........ Community Energy Scotland Annual Conference 25th October, Inverness Community Training Day 26th October, Inverness conference-2011.asp conference-2011.asp

27 Any Questions? Thank You Iona McDonald Scottish Charity Number: SC039673

28 Further Info funding.asp Industry/Energy/Energy- sources/19185/Communities Community Renewable Energy Toolkit munity-renewable-energy-toolkit.asp munity-renewable-energy-toolkit.asp

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