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Careers Centre Experience Works School of Maths 2012 Placement Fest.

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1 Careers Centre Experience Works School of Maths 2012 Placement Fest

2 Careers Centre Introduction  Benefits  Finding Opportunities  Advertised  Hidden  Applying  Support Available  Erasmus Work Funding

3 Careers Centre Why? Develop skills in the workplace: Employers’ top 3 ways to improve skills (in order of effectiveness):  Completing an internship or industrial placement  Taking on a leadership position in a student society  Gaining very people-focussed work experience Source: 2008 Association of Graduate Recruiters Survey

4 Careers Centre Benefits of Work Experience  Put theory into practice  Develop employability skills  Experience an industry and its culture  Network  Learning about yourself  Financial Benefits  A job!!

5 Careers Centre What do Employers look for? The research…  Almost all of the UK’s leading graduate recruiters are offering work experience  Nearly two-thirds of recruiters warn that graduates who have no previous work experience at all are unlikely to be successful in the recruitment process  Irrespective of academic results it is very hard for an applicant to demonstrate the skills and competencies that employers look for if they have no prior work experience (High Fliers Research 2011)

6 Careers Centre Employers  The ‘big four’: Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC)  Other companies offer accountancy/ finance schemes too, eg: Tesco, BAE, Unilever, Co-operative  Public Sector: NHS, Universities, charities, local authorities…  SME’s (small companies) more research needed by you to find opportunities

7 Careers Centre Discovering Opportunities Advertised  Lloyds Banking Group - Customer Value Management Internship (Bristol, Yorkshire, South West) Lloyds Banking Group  Baker Tilly - Internship Opportunities in Accountancy and Business – 2013 (UK wide) Baker Tilly  Santander Group - Financial Services Undergraduate Placement - Finance, HR, Marketing, Operations, Retail, Communications (UK wide) Santander Group  Bloomberg - Internship Opportunities in Global Data, Financial Products Sales and Analytics, Research and Development and Operations Business (London) Bloomberg  Insight Days e.g. KPMG

8 Careers Centre Applying: important points to remember!  Apply early: many one year internships close December, January & WILL FILL EARLY so don’t leave to the week of the closing date!  RESEARCH: job role, organisation  Why do you want to work in this area?  Current issues (business press)  Enthusiasm for Finance  Use examples from a variety of experiences (part time work, society, volunteering, study, sports)…

9 Careers Centre Discovering Opportunities Hidden  Identify specific companies  Structured schemes (speculative approaches)  Careers Centre Faculty Resources  Network  Events  Where do Leeds graduates go?   Prospects (job profiles)   Yell 

10 Careers Centre Applying for Hidden Opportunities/ SME’s  Research  Make a named contact  What YOU can offer THEM  Be confident & professional– 1 st impressions count!  CV/ Interview? Get support from the Careers Centre  If you haven’t heard back – chase it up  Think creatively about where to find opportunities  Use contacts and networks – now is not the time to be shy!

11 Careers Centre Overseas Opportunities  Prospects Country Profile  Going Global  Research companies with international offices

12 Careers Centre Exclusive University of Leeds Opportunities – open to applications as of today!  Unilever, Seacroft, Leeds  12 week paid internships in summer 2012  Various project roles including: Operations/ Engineering/ Logistics/ Supply Chain/ Quality/ Environment/ IT  Closing date of 31 December, but apply early  Link: aa0f471-9fbb-4ec2-9f0b-0677c628b32c aa0f471-9fbb-4ec2-9f0b-0677c628b32c

13 Careers Centre Support Available  Careers Centre   Drop in appointments Monday – Friday 9am-4pm  Career Consultants  Resource Room  Events  Department Tutors  Placement and Personal

14 Careers Centre ERASMUS Work Placements

15 Careers Centre What is Erasmus?  European Commission incentive scheme, to increase mobility of Higher Education Students around Europe  Two sections - Study and Work Placements  Work: Support given to help University students to undertake work experience in Europe, as part of their course. British Council Language Assistants  BCLAs qualify for Erasmus Work funding (apply from October 2012 – deadline usually 1 Dec)

16 Careers Centre What do I get from Erasmus Work?  1. A small, ‘GRANT’ 2012/13: total of €370 per month (for most countries)  2. A Tuition Fee WAIVER *subject to annual government review – OK for 13/14 2012/13: worth £920  For an UG full year spent in Europe (at least total of 7 months),  3. EXTRA PAYMENTS for  Widening Participation (€500) – given to students from low income household  Priority Countries (€400) given to students working in certain countries  4. Retain usual student loan (& grant) unlike other “sandwich” students  5. Small Leeds bursary (if applicable).

17 Careers Centre Do I qualify for Erasmus Work? Does my work placement qualify for Erasmus?  a part of your degree (NO summer jobs!).  3 – 12 months long (but can do eg 3+6 or 4+5 months) in an EU Country  a full-time job (eg at least 25 hours per week)  Approved by your home School/subject area  Max of 2 placements allowed for Erasmus Work  Jobs working directly for the EC, or representations / public institutions of the UK (eg embassies, consulates, national agencies) NOT eligible.  You must be a registered student at the University (before and after your placement) on a normal degree course.

18 Careers Centre How do I apply for the grant and fee waiver?  Most important thing: get your placement arranged and approved!  Work placement tutor gives your name to Careers Centre. Application for Erasmus grant & fee waiver is emailed in May/June.  Deadline for applying is either 2 weeks before your placement starts, or December of year of placement (ie December 2013 for 2013/14), whichever is earliest.

19 Careers Centre Erasmus Work If you are interested, or want to know more, please contact: Angie Willshaw Email Telephone (0113) 343 7104 Webpage (

20 Careers Centre Sarah Goldstone Careers Centre 5-7 Cromer Terrace Telephone – 0113 3435361 Email –

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