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Notes on FM CRM Adil Abdalla March 2011 March 2011.

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1 Notes on FM CRM Adil Abdalla March 2011 March 2011


3 Benchmarking & Standardization Facilities Management StrategyFacilitiesManagementProcurement Framework Operations Service Optimization Corporate Quality Manual Corporate Quality Manual Prequalification FM Operations FM Operations Strategy & Branding Strategy & Branding Award & Mobilization Operations Quality Manual Operations Quality Manual Tendering FM Quality Manual FM Quality Manual


5 Development of Service Portfolio Europe $ 22 Billions by 2011 GCC $ 900 Billions by 2030 21 st Century Immature MarketMature Market Time Operating Margin +15% +/- 0% Single Bundle Service Providers I-FM Companies Life Cycle of 20 Construction Value @ 1 FM value @ 5 1:5:20 Role FM Resources PeopleSoftPeopleSoftManagementEquipmentLiquidityManagementEquipmentLiquidity 5-3-2 Role ConsumablesConsumables 50%50%20%20%30%30%


7 Industry Experience Quality Implementations Management Competences Professionalism Hands-on-the-Trade Corporate Integrity Process Mapping

8 Standardization of Cost Optimization Emphasis on Operations’ CSFs Emphasis on Operations’ CSFs Develop Flexible SLA “Pay As Served” Develop Flexible SLA “Pay As Served” Improve KPIs’ Incorporations in SLAs Empowerment of Corporate Culture Target the Diagonal Growth Target the Diagonal Growth Develop Integration of Service Contracts Develop Integration of Service Contracts Advocacy for Active Customers Advocacy for Active Customers Innovative CSR Programs Innovative CSR Programs Operations Excellence Strategic Orientation SustainabilitySustainability Service Optimization Corporate Excellence Customer Loyalty Customer Alignment Frozen Baselines Branding Focus



11 Health & Safety Fire Safety Security Maintenance Systems Periodic Statuary Testing & Inspection Operational Service Operational Service Commercial Property Management Business Continuity Planning

12 Step 1: Define a Keyword Strategy Step 2: Optimize Your Website Step 3: How to Convert an e-Visitor to Lead Step 4: Blogging & Content Creation Step 5: Promoting Content in Social Media Step 6: Lead Nurturing Step 7: Analysis & Refine


14 Landlord Management Manager of Association Facilities Management Service R E Investor (Single Owner) R E Investor (Single Owner) R E Developer (Multiple Owners) R E Developer (Multiple Owners) End Users FM CM

15 Owner Representative Property Manager Community Advocate Association Manager

16 HSSEPackagesHSSEPackagesEngineeringPackagesEngineeringPackagesSoftPackagesSoftPackages Landscape & Gardens Landscape & Gardens Housekeeping Service Housekeeping Service Reception & Front Office Reception & Front Office Façade Cleaning Specialized Cleaning BMS Management BMS Management Engineering Management Plant Management ICT Management ICT Management AV Systems Service AV Systems Service Health Management Health Management Safety Management Environmental Management Environmental Management Security Management Pest Control Service Pest Control Service Look Look & Feel Feel Tier One Tier Two Tier Three

17 Clients FM Provider Landlord CR Mgt Call Center Planning Operations Satisfaction KPI CAX Quality Manual


19 Account Director (Office 1,000,000 ft2+) Account Director (Office 1,000,000 ft2+) Team Leader Others Team Leader Housekeeping Housekeeping ReceptionistsReceptionists SupervisorEngineeringSupervisorEngineering SupervisorBMSSupervisorBMS Officer Client Relations Officer Client Relations Mgr Reception Mgr Reception Mgr Soft Service Mgr Soft Service Mgr Engineering Mgr HSSE Mgr Security Ops Mgr Security Ops Supervisor Car Parking Supervisor Car Parking Operative Operative Team Leader BMS Team Leader Engineering Engineering TechnicianBMSTechnicianBMS TechnicianEngineeringTechnicianEngineering OperativesHousekeepingOperativesHousekeeping Operatives CLN + LSC + FCD Operatives Document Controller Team Leader Security Ops Team Leader Security Ops Guards Guards Mgr Fit-out Call Center

20 Only Manage Data not People..!! Not Necessary for all Staff..!! Indispensible Human Touch..!! Evolution of Corporate Cultural..!! Try the Social CRM..!!


22 Booking for the Service Verbal SLA Delivering the Service Post Service Care Phone E-Mail

23 To Server From Server To Server From Team Leader To Supervisor From Supervisor

24 Service Delivery Operations Level Management Level Corporate Level

25 Thank You..!

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