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EPA regulates all other pesticides by imposing Maximum Residue Limits “Reasonable certainty of no harm” Lifetime cancer risk to pesticide exposure are.

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2 EPA regulates all other pesticides by imposing Maximum Residue Limits “Reasonable certainty of no harm” Lifetime cancer risk to pesticide exposure are below 1 cancer per 1 million persons exposed For non-cancer risk, occurs when acute or chronic basis is below the reference dose 99.9% of the time Occupational exposure is the greatest area of concern, specifically to migrant workers

3 Pesticide residues can accumulate in the liver, bones, and fat tissue. New pesticides are being added while the old ones still remain in the environment. Research shows peticides and fertilizers remain in the groundwater. Pesticides

4 Pesticides and Human Health Many are suffering from human health consequences of pesticide use: Infertility Increased allergies and food sensitivities Cancer related deaths increasing Childhood cancers Mental retardation

5 How about these crazy facts! Pesticides now kill 67 million birds per year. This is equivalent to all of the people living from NJ to GA. (The pesticide DDT put the Bald Eagle on the endangered species list in the 1970s before it was banned.) The Mississippi River dumps enough fertilizer into the Gulf of Mexico to maintain a 60 mile “dead zone” devoid of fish. That is the distance from the Statue of Liberty to Manasquan.

6 We all want the best for our children

7 Farm-to-School Deliveries

8 Who is Farmigo Mission: Farmigo is a small startup with a big mission: To empower people to create a better way to eat, by creating farm-to-neighborhood access to fresh food, benefiting local farmers and bypassing supermarkets. Technology: Farmigo is an online marketplace, where you can easily shop for delicious, local food -- seasonal fruits and vegetables, meat and eggs, bread and dairy, artisanal treats and more. Farmigo has created an entirely new and sustainable way to do your groceries -- delivered straight to your school! Roots: At Farmigo, our roots go deep; we began by giving local growers the technology they needed to create sustainable businesses through Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), which we still do for hundreds of farms across North America.

9 Select a pick- up time that works for you Get to know your producers and their growing practices! The web page will be customized for your School Parents and staff will have their own log-in We Create Your Own Free Private School Marketplace

10 Ordering Details ●Shop the marketplace and order whatever you want ●There is no minimum to order ●There are no delivery or service fees ●There are no commitments to order each week ●Place your order for the week ●Your custom packed order will be delivered to school on your delivery day ●Grab your bag when you pick up your kids and enjoy!

11 Every week that our school has $500* or more in sales -- 10% of the weekly sales total will go back to the school to fund initiatives of our choice! *the majority of their schools do this consistently each week and will earn thousands of dollars throughout the school year

12 About this Amazing Local Farm-fresh Food ●Local Farms - Most all within about 2 hours of the Greater NYC area ●Small family farms that practice sustainable agriculture ●Know where you food comes from and how it was grown or raised ●Highest quality fruit, vegetables, eggs, dairy, cheeses, meats and seafood ●Delicious artisanal products -- coffee, pasta, sauces, soups and much more ●Fresh as you can get - harvested within 24 -48 of delivery ●Zero waste - Harvested on Demand ●100% Quality Guarantee

13 Delivery Details ●School chooses if we want deliveries on either a Monday or Wednesday ●Farmigo will deliver each person’s customer order to our designated drop-off location ●We select a drop-off and pick-up window that is most convenient for our school community ●Each person’s order is packed in a paper bag that has a label on it with the person’s name and a list of what they ordered ●Items, such as dairy, eggs, fresh pasta, and cheeses are packed in insulated sleeves with ice packs and are placed inside the paper bags ●Frozen items such as meat are stored in small coolers. These coolers are replaced each week upon delivery

14 What Is Needed From Our School 1.Someone to be the point of contact at our school, who is referred to as the “Organizer” (Annamarie Marino and Linda McLachlan have already volunteered) ➔ A Farmigo representative will work with us to launch this program and make it successful ➔ They will provide us with the marketing content, tools and communication support ➔ The Organizer is responsible for being at the pick-up location to greet parents and distribute the orders each week. We decide the pickup window, 45 min - 2 hours (we would like to get a group to share the pick-up responsibility each week) 2. A secure location for the drop-off/pick-up of the deliveries each week ➔ This could be the cafeteria, gym, classroom or lobby, whatever works for the school ➔ The drop-off window is a 1 ½ to 2 hour window before the pick-up time. Either the Organizer is their to receive the drop-off or someone at the school can sign for the drop-off each week 3. 10 initial orders to launch the program for the first delivery ➔ There is NOT a 10 order minimum each week after the launch date ➔ Right now we are giving everyone 40% off their first order!!!

15 ★ Great health and wellness benefit for our school community ★ Convenient access to the best and freshest local food ★ Order what you want, when you want it, with no minimum ★ Support local farmers and producers ★ A fantastic fundraiser with no cost to the school ★ Come together as a community and create a better way to eat Benefits of Farmigo

16 Sound Good? Great! Let’s get started...

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