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Our World: A Giant Dump “oil and natural gas synthesized” (American Chemistry Council)

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2 Our World: A Giant Dump


4 “oil and natural gas synthesized” (American Chemistry Council)

5 “CO 2 creates higher temperatures” (Gore)

6 “One atom… …100,000 molecules” (EPA)

7 …40% died” “80% experienced bleaching… (Nat. Geo.)

8 “often mistaken for prey” (Pierce)

9 “soil quality degradation” (NNLSC)

10 Reduce Reuse Recycle

11 My Plans

12 Before and after photo of playground What I got out of this project

13 Acknowledgements P.J. Gallagher- he helped me pick a location and helped me contact the proper organization. A big help with my hands on project. Mrs. Ward- she was patient and understanding when my event did not happen when originally planned. Mr. Meder- for allowing me to come in before and after school and during my lunches on numerous occasions to work on my video.

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