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Historical Photographs Click to advance at your own speed.

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1 Historical Photographs Click to advance at your own speed.

2 Before clocks became popular, Mary Smith made a living waking workers by blowing peas against their windows.

3 Old municpal library in Cincinnati (Ohio) before its demoliton in 1955.

4 Traffic jam in Berlin, Germany, on the first Saturday after the fall of the Wall.

5 Charlie Chaplin and a crowd of supporters in New York City, 1918.

6 Bar clients celebrating the end of Prohibiion in December 1933.

7 Construction of a Zeppelin in 1923.

8 Dirigible over the Capital dome in Washington, DC.

9 Dresden, after the 1945 Allied Forces bombing.

10 Albert Einstein with an Einstein marionette in 1931.

11 A Russian physician in an Antarctic Expedition, removing his own appendix in 1961.

12 Construction of the Christ The Redeemer status in Río de Janeiro, Brazil, 1930.

13 The first winner of the Tour de France in 1903.

14 Propellors of the Titanic in 1911.

15 Folliwng his release, a Jew of a German concentration camp points to a Nazi.

16 Playing golf high up on the Empire State Building in New York City during its 1932 construction.

17 Eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Naples, Italy, 1944.

18 New York City’s Grand Central Station in 1929. Currently, skyscrapers around the site prevent this illuminating view.

19 Construction of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

20 Niagara Falls (Ontario/New York), frozen in 1911.

21 Marilyn Monroe entertains American soldiers during the war in Korea, 1954.

22 Buddist monk immolation in Saigon, Vietnam, to protest religious persecution of the South Vietnamese government. Since then, this protest is called "self-immolation".

23 Nikola Tesla in his laboratory.

24 London, England, children celebrating Christmas in a bomb shelter, 1940.

25 Children suffering from polio are placed into iron lungs, which apply external air pressure and vacuum to allow their own lungs to work, 1937.

26 People from Baileys Circus, 1930.

27 First publicity photo of the Rolling Stones, 1963.

28 Searchlights on the Gibraltar peninsula, protecting against Nazi air attacks in 1942.

29 Samuel Reshevsky, only 8 years old, simultaneously playing against multiple Chess Masters in France, 1920.

30 Three Chinese women accused of witchcraft in 1922.

31 Final four couples of a marathon dance contest in Chicago, USA, in 1930.

32 A group of lumberjacks cutting down a giant Californa redwood tree, about 1900.

33 Selling coats in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1936.

34 The End

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