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ODINCARSA Latin America Planning Meeting Ensenada, Mexico, 7-10 December 2009 Data and Information Management in Uruguay Lic. Andrea Cristiani, IIP.

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1 ODINCARSA Latin America Planning Meeting Ensenada, Mexico, 7-10 December 2009 Data and Information Management in Uruguay Lic. Andrea Cristiani, IIP

2 IOC CONTACT POINT Ministerio de Educación y Cultura. Comisión Uruguaya de Oceanografía IODE national coordinator for Data Management To designate IODE national coordinator for Marine Information Management To designate

3 NATIONAL DATA AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT CAPACITY There is no IODE national oceanographic data center. National institutions that manage oceanographic data  SOHMA: Oceanographic, Hydrographic and Meteorological Service of the Army  IAU: Uruguayan Antarctic Institute  PCMYA: Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Program  DINARA: National Direction of Aquatic Resources  IIP: Fisheries Research Institute

4 NATIONAL DATA AND INFORMATION PRODUCTS/SERVICES Data products and services PCMYA products: (Node of the Marine and Atmospherics Sciences Program) : meteorological and oceanographic databases IAU and SOHMA products: oceanographic documents of interest for navigation (tidal tables, currents, etc.) and data and information of its research results, data on tidal levels, temporal series of salinity, temperature, chemical and physical factors. DINARA: Fishery statistics series IIP: surveys on commercial fisheries, artisanal fisheries and coastal zone management

5 Marine information centers Centro de Documentación y Biblioteca del Instituto de Investigaciones Pesqueras (IIP), Universidad de la República Centro de Documentación y Biblioteca de la Dirección Nacional de Recursos Acuáticos (Cedybi –DINARA), Ministerio de Ganadería, Agricultura y Pesca Other libraries with some collection areas in marine sciences : Biblioteca de la Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de la República Biblioteca de la Dirección Nacional de Medio Ambiente (DINAMA), Ministerio de Vivienda, Ordenamiento Territorial y Medio Ambiente

6 Information products and services Database of national bibliography in aquatic sciences: monograph and serials are monitored for ASFA and we offer the service of searches in ASFA database to other institutions in our country (IIP is the ASFA National Partner in Uruguay). OceanDocs repository: 2 Uruguayan Marine libraries have collections in the repository which guarantees access to marine science documents full text: IIP Library and DINARA Library. Bibliolatino : Serial Holdings in the frame of IAMSLIC association.

7 NATIONAL COORDINATION MECHANISMS Law of Regulation and Sustainable Territorial Development (2008)‏ National Directives of Coastal Zones (DNEC) National coastal management plan

8 National body for oceanographic research  Four Ministries  Six local governments  The State University of Uruguay (Universidad de la República, UdelaR). There is no specific body at national level that coordinates oceanographic data and/or information exchange.

9 National data management policy There is no specific national oceanographic data exchange policy or other policy that covers the exchange of oceanographic data There is law, approved in October 17, 2008 which gives a general frame on information access: “Ley de Acceso a la Información Pública (Ley 18.381)”

10 Institutional data policy The institutional policy is not different from the national policy, and the information generated in academic research is unrestricted. IOC data policy implementation SOHMA GLOSS station implements IOC data policy. No information available about the implementation of IOC data policy by other programs/institutions in Uruguay.

11 NATIONAL OBSERVATION PLATFORMS Research vessels The research vessel “Oyarvide”, belongs to the Oceanographic, Hydrographic and Meteorological Service of the Army (SOHMA). It has the purpose of study and outlining the continental shell. Within the expected results is the re- definition of the limits which could represent approximately twice the present size of the marine exclusive zone of Uruguay, up to 200.000 km².

12 The research vessel “Aldebarán”, belongs to the National Direction of Aquatic Resources (DINARA). It has the purpose of performing fishery resources assessment, exploratory fishing, meteorological and oceanographic observations and other related activities. Research vessels

13 Data buoys and other observation systems Estación Mareográfica de Montevideo (GLOSS station Nº 300 located in the ESESP Pier). This station is operated by SOHMA and is part of the Global Sea Level Observing System COI/UNESCO.

14 NATIONAL/REGIONAL OCEAN RESEARCH/OBSERVATION/MANAGEMENT PROJECTS Housing, Territorial and Environment Ministry, the Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries Ministry, the Defense Ministry, the State University UdelaR, the National Direction of Water and Drainage, the National Direction of Renewable Resources, the National Naval Prefecture, and the Municipalities of Colonia, San José, Montevideo, Canelones, Maldonado and Rocha. Ecoplata Program: Integrated management of the coastal zone. This program is based on an inter-institutional agreement amongst the

15 Freplata Project: Environmental Protection of the Rio de la Plata and Marine Front / Proyecto Protección Ambiental del Río de la Plata y su Frente Marítimo. It is a jointly Project between Argentina and Uruguay, ejecuted by CARP and CTMFM

16 PARTICIPATION IN ODINCARSA IIP has been participating in ODINCARSA since 2005, supporting ODINCARSA activities in Uruguay and the region:  Providing and editing information for Portal Oceánico  Participating in OdinPubCARSA project and then OceanDocs project  Promoting ODINCARSA activities, products and services  Conducting training courses in OceanDocs methodology  OceanDocs Latin America administration

17 Usefulness of ODINCARSA ODINCARSA enables and encourages the progress and development of the Marine information and data management in Latin America Provide opportunities of training Provide possibilities to interact with other colleagues Give support for funding IAMSLIC memberships to Caribbean and Latin American Libraries Development of information products: OceanDocs

18 Promotion of ODINCARSA in Uruguay Some strategies to improve promotion within the country  To increase the communication with oceanographic institutions to get them know the services and products of ODINCARSA.  To organize promotional campaigns amongst researchers, scholars and general public about the services provided by ODINCARSA centers.

19 Uruguay: focus areas of ODINCARSA during the next 4 years (2010-2013)  Nomination of national IODE coordinators (information management and data management).  Promotion of ODINCARSA activities and products in the marine science community.  Promotion and organization of training courses on digital repositories.  Updating information on centers that handle marine data and information.  Improvement of our existent information products and services and development of new ones according to the development of data and information in our region.

20 National capacity building requirements to be addressed by ODINCARSA during the next 4 years It will be necessary to carry out a survey in order to determinate requirements, according to projects/products planned ODINCARSA past activities No one of past ODINCARSA activities should be terminated

21 ODINCARSA new products/services for the next 4 years ODINCARSA linked to other IOC programs The cooperation amongst related programs has always positive results and mutual benefits. It should be advisable that the ODINCARSA coordinators take the responsibility to determine with which IOC programs should ODINCARSA interact, based on shared areas of interest. Take into account:  Potential growth in the number of digital publications  Emerging repositories

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