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By: & Jish ` By: David Speery and Josh Iten :( Elizabethan Technology.

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2 By: & Jish ` By: David Speery and Josh Iten :( Elizabethan Technology

3 1565: Conrad Gesner of Switzerland invents the pencil Conrad Gesner invented the first pencil in Zurich, Switzerland. Gesner was the first person to identify graphite as a distinct material. He was also the first to think of using this soft, slippery form of carbon for writing. In 1565, Gesner had the idea of placing it in a wooden holder to form a writing instrument.

4 1568: Bottled beer is invented in London The most popular story says bottled beer was invented by Dr. Alexander Nowell on accident, it is said that he poured beer into a bottle for convenience on a fishing trip and discovered the beer lasted days longer than expected.

5 1583: Leonard and Thomas Digges invent the telescope There have been many claims of people inventing the telescope but the earliest and most credible claim is that of Leonard and Thomas Digges. It is said that Thomas Digges ordered two eye glass lenses in order to test if they would magnify objects and although it didn’t have much affect it did magnify like he hypothesized. 1583: Leonard and Thomas Digges invent the telescope

6 1589: William Lee invents the knitting machine Lee, a clergyman at Calverton, is said to have developed the machine because a woman whom he was courting showed more interest in knitting than in him. His first machine produced a coarse wool, for stockings. Refused a patent by Queen Elizabeth I, he built an improved machine that produced a silk of finer texture, but the queen again denied him a patent because of her concern for the security of the kingdom’s many hand knitters. With support from Henry IV of France, Lee began stocking manufacture in Rouen, France, and prospered until Henry’s assassination in 1610. After Lee’s death his brother returned to England and slowly established the knitting industry there, against the opposition of the hand knitters.

7 Time for some toilet humor Who invented the flushing toilet? Sir John Sir John Harington to be exact. In 1596 Sir John Harington wrote his book A New Discourse of a Stale Subject, Called the Metamorphosis of Ajax. This book mocked the upper class in many ways but it also mocked the design of the toilet from that day and included descriptions and drawings of a new and better toilet. These drawings were then put into practice by Sir John, he installed these new flushing toilets into many of the nobles homes and even one into the castle of Queen Elizabeth.

8 1593: Francis Bacon invented the frozen chicken In the early part of 1626, Sir Francis Bacon while out in his carriage fell into an argument with his companion Dr Winterbourne. The cause of the disagreement was Dr Winterbourne’s skepticism over Bacon’s hypothesis that fresh meat could be preserved if frozen. In order to prove his theory he ordered his coachman to buy a chicken from the nearest source. After the chicken had been partially plucked, Bacon placed the chicken in a bag, packed some more snow around it and buried the carcass. Unfortunately according to Aubrey, Bacon caught a severe chill and was so ill he was unable make the distance to his own lodgings and instead was taken. It is said that he became ill from this and this illness caused him to die only days later. R.I.P Sir Francis Bacon Cause of death: Frozen Chicken

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