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PIZZERIA OPPORTUNITY for Frozen Filled Pasta 2009 1.

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1 PIZZERIA OPPORTUNITY for Frozen Filled Pasta 2009 1

2 Industry & consumer information Opportunity Make it happen Pasta Program Demonstration Objective 2 Volumetric growth through pasta placement in pizzerias.

3 Just the facts…. 93% of Americans eat at least one pizza a month Average consumer….23 Lbs./year Americans eat 100 acres of pizza a day, 350 slices/second The pizzeria industry serves the vast majority of this volume Pizza Industry 3 Source: National Association of Pizza Operators, Packaged Facts New York

4 Pizza Industry 4 76,000+ locations Independents 65% Pizza Hut 9.8% Domino’s6.7% Papa Johns 3.6% Independent pizza restaurants represent $19.5B in retail sales Major chains influence consumption… # of locations and media - Top 3 chains 2007 media: $494MM Source: Technomic Inc., The NPD Group, infoUSA, Brandweek Note: “Independents” defined as not in top 45 chains (up to 78 units).

5 Interesting to look at the number of pizzeria locations and owners in a given state. Seven states with the most locations… # Stores Owners # Stores/Owner California6,780 3,0282.24 New York6,117 3,1821.92 Pennsylvania5,052 2,8731.76 Ohio4,174 1,8122.30 Florida4,114 1,5342.68 Texas4,004 1,1823.38 Illinois3,653 1,4842.46... low # stores/owner ratio implies more independents Pizza Industry 5

6 WEST ……… # Stores Owners # Stores/Owner # Stores/Capita California 6,780 3,0282.241.85 Washington 1,308 5632.322.02 Iowa 1,302 4023.244.36 Nevada 608 196 3.102.37 Wyoming 127 542.352.43 Idaho 351 1522.312.34 Oregon 880 3932.242.35... low # stores/owner ratio implies more independents Pizza Industry (Western Region) 6

7 Pizza Industry 7 *Source: PMQ’s Pizza Magazine Sept 2008 Net: Independents & region chains are significant everywhere –Highest Northeast, West Coast, and upper Midwest (lowest # of stores/owner) Ownership (# of Stores/Owner) 1.5 – 2.3 2.3 – 2.7 2.7 – 3.6

8 Quick service pizza traffic declined 3% year-end March* –Overall foodservice industry increased 1% –Prior year pizza industry declined 1% Looking to increase frequency and average check of loyal customers to offset traffic issue Independents and regional chains are in best position to use the menu to drive change (existing broader menu) Pizza Industry 8 *Source: Nation’s Restaurant News June 2008, The NPD Group

9 9 Pasta Category

10 10 3.5 Billion Lbs. Manufacturer Sales Note: Dry is “as sold” weight. Total “prepared” pasta weight ~ 7.9B Lbs. Source: National Pasta Association

11 Trends…. Growth returns post low-carb diets Unique, value-add products contributing to growth Operators looking for menu innovation –Flavors –Product different from prepared at home options –Serving suggestions Pasta Category 11

12 Opportunity 12 Pasta Category (3.5B Lbs) Pizza Segment ($36.8B) Result? Let’s talk about frozen filled pasta first…

13 13 Frozen Filled Pasta

14 14 $232 Million Manufacturer Sales Source: Technomic, Inc. Segment$MM Share (%)* Full Service Restaurants$11650% Limited Service Restaurants 94 Business & Industry167 Lodging2812 Healthcare188 Primary/Secondary Schools 125 College/University219 Supermarkets94 C-Stores–– All Other31 Total$232100% Pizzerias: 6% of total foodservice sales, 19.5% of LSR sales. $9 Million of frozen filled pasta is current sold into all LSR locations.

15 The opportunity? Most independents already sell a greater percentage of non-pizza products (as high as 30%) The presence of pasta on pizza chain menus is growing across the board Opportunity 15 Net: Pasta in pizzerias will grow significantly Filled pasta provides a premium alternative…that consumers desire.

16 16 Make it happen

17 Key questions… Can pizzerias execute? Is the product of Quality? Will consumer’s buy? What will they pay? Can you, the operator make PROFIT? Barriers 17

18 Executing well depends on equipment, materials, and labor… Do you have a freezer? Do you have a cooler? What kind of pizza oven do you have? Settings? Do you have a microwave Facility to boil water? Do they have a fryer? What are their other ingredients? Product 18 Drives menu item and best Windsor product.

19 Consumers will buy if… they know about it believe the quality and value is there Consumer 19 …so market it! Menu properly…name is critical Sampling…in restaurant or pick-up orders Promote…poster, tabletop, etc.

20 Market Pizza segment and pasta category are large Consumer demand exists Filled pasta “fits” pizzeria segment Execution Frozen filled pasta can be done with limited operator impact Use existing equipment and labor Leverage existing raw materials to customize (sauce, etc.) Profit Portion and price appropriately Detail prep planning with waste control Menu and promote effectively Summary 20

21 Baked Pasta Program

22 What is Needed to Create a Baked Pasta Program using Bernardi Filled Pasta? Pizza Oven – Deck or Conveyor Microwave Oven Pizza Sauce / Pasta-Marinara Sauce / Any custom in-house sauce Current In stock - Back of the house ingredients used for Pizza Container / Dish to go into Ovens –Takeout: Bake able Paper / Foil Container –Restaurant Service: Rarebit or Pasta Dish Pasta Items –Pre-Cooked Filled Pasta: Ravioli, Lasagna Stackers/Roll-ups, Tortellini, Stuffed Shells & Manicotti, Rigatoni

23 Equipment Needed Pizza Oven – Deck or Conveyor* –Deck Ovens will average from 450-550 degrees to produce pizzas. Timing on executing a Baked Pasta Program depends on oven temperature and time. You can successfully finish off a Baked Pasta dish in 7-10 minutes. –Conveyor Ovens will average 375-475 degrees with a “track speed of 7 - 9 minutes. This works extremely well when executing a Baked Pasta dish. *Product must be tested in your equipment to set specific cook time Microwave Oven* –The microwave acts as the starting point for Baked Pasta dishes as you need to thaw and start the internal heating of the dish. The Deck or Conveyor oven will finish off the heating of the product. *product can also be tempered in the refrigerator

24 Products Needed Sauce of your choice –The sauce is an ingredient to the Baked Pasta dish. You can use your own Pizza Sauce,Pasta Marinara or create/buy your own signature sauces. Moisture from the sauce creates the “steaming effect” as the pasta dish is baked. Mozzarella Cheese –Using your current cheese blend is a good practice vs. having to inventory a separate blend. The cheese acts as the “protective barrier” when the pasta dish is baked. Additional Ingredients –Customize dishes with alternate pizza topping ingredients to develop “signature pasta dishes” Container / Dish to Go into Oven –Takeout: Use of a Bakeable Paper or Foil Container are the “preferred” takeout options. These containers allow you to send right through the Deck or Conveyor Ovens. –Restaurant Service: Use of a Rarebit or Pasta Dish suitable to go in the Deck or Conveyor Ovens* *microwaveable is best for efficiency of oven to oven

25 BASIC ITEMS TO EXECUTEA PASTA PROGRAM 25 ProteinVeggies/FruitEquipmentProduct PepperoniPizza SauceImpinger OvenLasagna sandwich SausageSliced MushroomsPizza OvenLasagna Roll up HamSliced OnionsRegular OvenJumbo Round /Square Ravioli Shredded Mozzerella Sliced Green Peppers MicrowaveJumbo Round Beef Ravioli Beef CrumblesSliced TomatoesBrick OvenTortellini BaconBlack OlivesRigatoni Green Olives Pineapple Jalapenos Basil/Pesto


27 Steps to Create a Baked Cheese Ravioli Parmesan Bernardi Cheese Ravioli #74747 (5-Raviolis) – Keep Frozen 1.Order Up: Remove Raviolis from Freezer and place in microwaveable dish (1-2 minutes on high to thaw down product and start to warm interior) 2.Ladle 1-2 oz of Pizza Sauce or Marinara Sauce in bottom of container/dish while Raviolis are microwaving 3.Once Raviolis are done in microwave, add to container or dish and cover with an additional 1-2 oz of sauce along with 1-2 oz of Mozzarella cheese and toppings of choice. This will give your pasta dish the “Baked Parmesan” appeal and act as the barrier to steam the pasta while in the oven. a)Place in Deck Oven for 7-9 minutes (475-550 degrees). Oven Temperatures do vary. Minimal testing is required b)Conveyor Oven 7-9 minute track speed and temperature will determine heating pasta all the way through. (375-475 degrees). Minimal testing is required. 4.These basic steps can be duplicated with several of the Pre-Cooked Filled Pastas available from Bernardi

28 28 MENU APPLICATION EXAMPLE #1 INGREDIENTSYIELD 1 portion Extra virgin olive oil1 Tbsp. Onion, ¼” dice1 Tbsp. Green peppers, ¼” dice1 Tbsp. Crushed tomatoes1 C. Garlic, minced¼ tsp. Sausage crumbled, cooked¼ C. Pepperoni, finely diced1 Tbsp. Oregano, dry¼ tsp. Sugar¼ tsp. Saltpinch Black pepperpinch Crushed red pepperpinch Parmesan cheese, grated3 Tbsp. BIF Beef Ravioli#747405 PIECES BEEF RAVIOLI WITH SAUSAGE PEPPERONI AND TOMATO SAUCE PREPARATION: Saute onion, peppers, garlic and crushed red pepper in olive oil* Add tomatoes, sausage, oregano, sugar, salt and pepper and simmer for 7 minutes. Place a small amount of sauce in bottom of microwave/bake container, place frozen Ravioli in it ( if Ravioli get stacked, put a layer of sauce between in between to prevent sticking) cover with remaining sauce, loosely cover and microwave for 2-3 minutes ( Cooking time will vary with microwave wattage). Uncover, sprinkle with parmesan cheese and place in hot oven and bake until cheese has melted and turns lightly golden brown to give it a baked look. Internal Temp = 165F *If using pizza sauce follow same steps and omit crushed tomatoes, garlic, oregano, salt and pepper. *If using pre-made pasta sauce follow same steps and omit crushed tomatoes, oil, onion, garlic, salt and pepper.

29 29 MENU APPLICATION EXAMPLE #2 INGREDIENTSYIELD 1 portion Chicken strips, grilled2 oz. Olive oil1 Tbsp. Onion, sliced2 Tbsp. Dry white wine2 Tbsp. Red peppers, sliced¼ C. Carrot, julienne2 Tbsp. Celery, julienne1 Tbsp. Garlic¼ tsp. Crushed red repperpinch Bay powderpinch Basil, drypinch. Chopped, canned tomatoes2/3 C. Salt pinch Black pepperpinch Provolone cheese, shredded2 Tbsp. Mozzarella, shredded2 Tbsp. BIF Lasagna Sandwiches #770712 pieces PREPARATION: 1)Saute onion, pepper carrots, celery, garlic and pepper flakes in olive oil* 2)Add wine and reduce by half* 3)Add tomatoes, lemon zest, basil and bay powder and simmer 35 minutes* 4)Place some sauce in bottom of a microwave container, place frozen Lasagna Sandwich in it single layered, ( if pasta gets stacked, put a layer of sauce in between to prevent sticking) loosely cover, and microwave for approximately 2-3 minutes (cooking time will vary with microwave wattage). 5)Uncover, place chicken breast on pasta, sprinkle with provolone and mozzarella cheese, place in hot oven until cheese melts and slightly turns to a golden brown and has a baked look to it. Garnish with chopped parsley. Internal Temp = 165F *If using pizza sauce omit garlic, basil, salt and pepper *If using pre-made pasta sauce omit olive oil, onion, garlic, basil, salt and pepper LASAGNA SANDWICH AND CHICKEN CACCIATORE

30 Products Available for a Baked Pasta Program Filled Pastas BREADED RAVIOLI Bernardi® Breaded Ravioli (Medium Square) 74948Breaded Espanol Medium Square Ravioli 74952Breaded Cheese (Bakeable/Fryable) Medium Square Ravioli RAVIOLI Bernardi® GRAND-i-OLI'S™ (Super Jumbo Hexagon) 70780 Breaded 5-Cheese Grand-i-Oli's ™ 70782 Shrimp Scampi Grand-i-Oli's ™ 707845-Cheese Grand-i-Oli's™ 70785Florentine Supreme Grand-i-Oli's™ 70786Savory Beef Grand-i-Oli's™ 70787Roasted Mushroom Grand-i-Oli's™ Bernardi® Ravioli (Jumbo Round) 74757Cheese Jumbo Round Ravioli 9159535Six Cheese Jumbo Round Ravioli 77602Florentine (Spinach & Cheese) Jumbo Round Ravioli Rotanelli by Bernardi® Ravioli (Jumbo Square) 9158535Portabella Mushroom Jumbo Square Ravioli Bernardi® Ravioli (Square) 74682Beef Square Ravioli 74690Cheese Square Ravioli 74697Portobello Mushroom Square Ravioli TORTELLINI Bernardi® Tortellini 74625Cheese Tortellini 74633Tri-Color Cheese (3-pasta colors; 3/4 lb. bags) Tortellini SHELLS Bernardi® Stuffed Shells 74799Cheese (2.25 oz.) Stuffed Shells 74815Florentine (Spinach & Cheese) Shells CANNELLONI / MANICOTTI Bernardi® Cannelloni & Manicotti 74773Manicotti - 4 1/4" SPECIALTY PRODUCTS Bernardi® Italian Specialties 9160035Home Style Cavatelli PASTA SHEETS / ROLLUPS / SANDWICHES Bernardi® Pasta Sheets/Rollups/Sandwiches 73987Cheese Roll-Ups 77071Lasagna Sandwiches (with cheese)




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