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Company Radiant Energy Vacuum (“REV”) Dehydration Technology

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1 REV Dehydration: Commercial Drying Technology for Foods and Food Ingredients

2 Company Radiant Energy Vacuum (“REV”) Dehydration Technology
Vancouver-based industrial technology company, UBC spin-off Proprietary method of drying food, bulk liquids, biological and pharmaceutical materials

3 Method Radiant Energy Vacuum (“REV”)
Microwave energy under vacuum enables high-speed, low temperature drying above or below freezing point Preserve nutritional value, bioactivity, flavor, color, texture better than high temperature methods such as spray or air drying Target to replace conventional drying for sensitive materials and enable new dry products

4 REV Technology Technology Overview
REV technology applies microwave energy under vacuum for high-speed drying at low temperatures Key discoveries: 1. Methods of distributing a microwave field to avoid plasma discharge in vacuum. 2. Means of achieving reliable, homogeneous dehydration across a large load. 3. Continuous processing.

5 REV Technology Targeted Advantages Faster Dry in minutes or hours versus days, for reduced capital costs Continuous Reduces labour & energy, easily automated Better Most economical way to dry temperature sensitive products and retain quality, such as biological activity, nutrients, colour, solubility, etc.

6 Puffing Steam & air bubbles inside material can expand & create puffed structure. If material is dehydrated until rigid, expansion will be retained Example: flour & water dough balls.

7 Cross-section of REV Dough Ball

8 Dried fruits, vegetables, herbs
REV Technology Platforms Positioned to Compete in Broad Market Segments Platform Functionality Markets nutraREV™ Dehydrates pieces of solid food Continuous, tumble drying Low-fat snacks Nutraceuticals Pet food Baby food Functional foods Dried fruits, vegetables, herbs Dried meats powderREV™ Below freezing Converts bulk frozen material to dry powder Rapid, continuous freeze drying Probiotics Food cultures Proteins Pharmaceuticals Enzymes Bulk food quantaREV™ Above freezing Dries pastes, gels, liquids, or particulates Continuous belt drying Fruit pomace Concentrates Ingredients Protein suspensions MIVAP™ High-speed, low temperature drying of purees in trays Meat purees Fruit slices Pomace Encapsulated enzymes

9 nutraREVTM for Dehydration of berries, herbs,
meats, vegetable pieces, etc. | TSX-V: ENW | FSE: E4U

10 nutraREV™ Technology 1.8 kW lab-scale machine

11 nutraREV™ Technology Dried “Puffed” Blueberries Fresh blueberry
nutraREV dried, puffed blueberry Fresh blueberry

12 nutraREV™ Technology Production of biological powders Kale Carrot
Blueberry Cranberry

13 nutraREV™ Technology nutraREV™ dried products show similar or better nutrition retention than freeze dried: Product Fresh frozen Air Dried nutraREV™ Freeze Dry Vitamin A (μg) Carrot 1500 1150 1280 1380 Vitamin C (μg) 450 150 400 Anthocyanins (mg) Blueberry 5.3 2.0 5.0 5.2 Phenolics (mg) 35.5 21.5 33.5 24.5 Antioxidants (TBARS) 32 20 23 Data is per grams of solids. * Sources: Durance et al US Patent 6,312,745: Lin et al Food Res. International 31:111. 13 13

14 nutraREV™ Technology Four Basket 20 kW pilot-scale machine


16 nutraREV Dehydration for production of biological powders.
Carrot Kale Blueberry Cranberry


18 powderREVTM for Rapid, Bulk Powder Freeze Drying

19 powderREV™ Processing biological materials in bulk
Converts frozen liquids, purees, or solids into dried powder Collaboration project with Danisco AS, dominant global supplier of freeze dried food cultures & probiotics Successful prototype test completed March 2010 Delivery target for continuous pilot machine in Q2 2011

20 quantaREV™ Potential large-scale continuous vacuum bed-drying

21 quantaREV™ New REV design for continuous large scale vacuum drying
Modular design and belt conveyor allows very large scale processing of liquids, pastes, or solids Proprietary microwave design minimizes costs and prevents arcing Extends REV potential into larger volume product areas: Fruits & vegetables Proteins (soy, canola, milk, eggs, plasma) Meat purees Enzymes (detergents, bio fuels, rubber, beer, spirits) EnWave to establish exclusive collaborations with market leaders to broaden market acceptance of quantaREV™

22 MIVAP: Tray-based REV Dehydration

23 MIVAP for Purees 180 kW MIVAP for drying chicken meat puree - installed in France


25 Feed pump & hopper for puree



28 Automatic Tray Washing and Storage


30 High-speed, low temperature drying of purees; dried and ground.

31 bioREVTM & freezeREVTM for Pharmaceutical Dehydration

32 16 REV Patents Strong Intellectual Property
Base patents (8) issued to University of BC, EnWave has exclusive global rights to their use. Company has been filing its own patents since 2008 Includes two issued Canadian patent for REV drying of gels, pastes and foams containing bioactive ingredients, also filed in US, EU, Australia, China, HK, and India, etc. MIVAP US Patents nutraREV™ and powderREV™ equipment patents filed by EnWave and pending in major jurisdictions around the world

33 Commercial Progression
Technology Development Targets as of October 2010 REV Technology Patents filed , issued or pending Conceptual prototype stage Pilot development stage Commercial development stage (1) Multi-national collaboration partners nutraREV™ Nestlé & Bimbo powderREV™ 9 to 12 months (2) Danisco quantaREV™ 12 to 18 months Grimmway MIVAP™ N/A Commercial machine with dried capacity of up to 100 Kilo per hour sold to CAL-SAN Expected time required to complete pilot machine testing, Danisco licence agreement and secure first commercial machine order for delivery in first half of 2012 FDA GMP regulatory approvals required for therapeutic pharmaceutical applications

34 Contact Details Contact Us Tim Durance Chairman & Co-CEO John McNicol
Phone: (604) Cell: (604) John McNicol President & Co-CEO Phone: (604)

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