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M ETAL D ETERMINATION IN V EGETABLES Tim Cumming Jesse Diehl Meg Dailey.

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1 M ETAL D ETERMINATION IN V EGETABLES Tim Cumming Jesse Diehl Meg Dailey

2 W HY EAT VEGETABLES ? Rich in vitamins and minerals Nutritious Fiber May reduce the risk of diseases, including heart disease and high blood pressure Help you feel energized and healthy

3 O UR P ROJECT We were looking for minerals in vegetables, both frozen and organic The vegetables we looked at were; cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, green beans and spinach We were expecting to find Fe What we found was Ca, K, Ag, Fe and Cu

4 H OW DID WE GO ABOUT THIS ? Determine what vegetables to test Run samples on the XRF Determine what elements to look for on the ICP Turn the vegetables into liquid Run standard and samples on the ICP


6 XRF D ATA S AMPLE Organic Spinach AnalyteResult K58.864% Ca30.134% Si3.740% S3.196% Fe2.158% Cu0.719% Zn0.604% Hf0.584%

7 XRF D ATA A NALYSIS Only found Fe in the spinach Vegetables mostly contained Ca, K, and Cu Kept Fe because it was what we were originally looking for Ag was found in the carrots and the frozen spinach Curious, we decided to look for Ag, too

8 ICP Decided to make standard of 0.1, 0.5, 2.0, 4.0, 6.0, 8.0, and 10.0 ppm Standards contained Ag, Fe, Cu, Ca, and K Standards were made from 1000 ppm standard metal solutions Vegetable samples were made from 10 mL of filtered sample diluted to 100 mL with distilled water






14 ICP D ATA Concentra tion (ppm) CarrotCauliflowerBroccoliGreen Beans Spinach Ag Organic0.170410.0743900.0190760.0158340.016812 Ag Frozen 0.0179970.119880.181230.0192490.068803 Ca Organic7.84943.48950.89433-0.013705-0.014020 Ca Frozen-0.0134485.19667.60796.74221.3420 Cu Organic0.101060.0402450.02959890.0077490.009825 Cu Frozen0.0072500.0454950.0279680.0325810.027537 Fe Organic0.428550.0903890.0428810.0055110.005003 Fe Frozen0.0048360.0400120.106750.0467180.070272 K Organic89.50371.97617.1852.55763.9217 K Frozen1.917262.62471.58545.55146.891

15 ICP D ATA A NALYSIS All vegetables showed trace amounts of Ag, Cu, and Fe Organic carrots showed the highest concentration of Fe, K, and Ca Frozen broccoli showed the highest concentration of Ag Frozen broccoli, spinach, and green beans showed higher concentrations of Ca and K than the organic vegetables Believe that the silver was from pesticides What vegetable depends on whether organic is better than frozen

16 B ENEFITS OF M ETALS Calcium is needed for healthy bones, healthy teeth, and functioning of nerves, glands, and muscles Iron is needed for healthy blood and functioning of cells Potassium is needed to maintain healthy blood pressure

17 S OURCES 10-reasons-to-eat-more-fruits-and-vegetables -nutrients-in-fruits-and-vegetables r.pdf dients/factsheets/factsheet_072503.htm

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