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Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream Britney Chaffee Mallery Haskins Bingbing Liu

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1 Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream Britney Chaffee Mallery Haskins Bingbing Liu
Renata Preto Melissa Rodgers MELISSA-INTRO

2 So, what’s the problem? With operating costs up and sales down, what would Dippin’ Dots best strategic options for growth be? MALLERY

3 Goals, Vision & Objectives
Besides being the “ice cream of the future”, who knows?! Strategic Vision Mission Objectives MALLERY

4 General Environment What does society’s lifestyle look like, and what do they value? Increased concern for healthy diets Convenience Affordability Aging population, fewer children Technology’s interaction with society? Knowledge is always being applied in new and useful ways Consumers seek product innovations MALLERY 1

5 How does the economy look?
Recession Most of Dippin’ Dots sales come from “away from home” purchases Politically & Legally, what are some concerns? FDA regulations Health Department Franchise laws Patents MALLERY 2

6 Competitive Environment
There are several competitors in the Ice Cream Industry, including Dreyer's, Cold Stone Creamery, Haagen-Dazs, Dairy Queen, Ben & Jerry’s, and Baskin-Robbins BINGBING

7 The Ice Cream Industry is in the mature stage of its life cycle, which is typified by a saturated market with well-established products and producers. BINGBING

8 Industry’s Dominant Economic Traits
Concentration Economies of Scale BINGBING

9 Product Differentiation
The ice cream industry includes ice cream, novelty items, frozen custard, sherbets, sorbet, gelato, and quiescently frozen confection and frozen yogurt. BINGBING

10 Barriers to Entry Growth
Medium, because a few large producers that fiercely compete for market share, is restricting the number of new players. Growth BINGBING

11 Porter’s Five Forces High Low The Threat of New Entrants X
The Bargaining Power of Buyers The Bargaining Power of Suppliers Threat of Substitute Products or Services Industry Competitors BRITNEY

12 Strategic Moves of Rivals
Manufacturer Both MELISSA Retailer Narrow Wide Scope of Product

13 Difficult to substitute
Internal Environment Tangible Resources Resource Valuable Rare Difficult to imitate Difficult to substitute Technological Liquid nitrogen technology Yes No Dry Ice Freezers Physical Franchise Growth RENATA

14 Difficult to substitute
Intangible Resources Resource Valuable Rare Difficult to imitate Difficult to substitute Innovation The product itself is an innovation Yes No Reputation Marketing (Ads & Word of Mouth) Human Technical skills & experience of the owner RENATA

15 Primary Value Chain Activities
Operations Flash freezing Micro-encapsulating process Packaging (5 oz vending packages, big containers for retail shops) Quality control Outbound Logistics Product itself Many flavors/ sizes Dry ice Subzero temps for storage & delivery (special freezers) Vending machines (5oz) Retail shops (4, 5, 8 oz cups) Marketing/ Sales Franchising Royalties .5% of income goes to enhancing mktg./advertising Cheaper By The Dozen (product placement) Available at McDonalds for a short time Pricing Retail-Vendor relationships (Sea World, etc.) Service Response to vendors’ service requests, have spare parts on hand Quick response to customers needs and requests Inbound Logistics Liquid cream Liquid nitrogen (flash frozen) Storage with dry ice Warehouse Nitrogen tanks Equipment MELISSA

16 Business Level Strategy

17 Corporate Strategy Edible Coffee Dots N Cream Coffee Drinks
MELISSA Original Dippin’ Dots Dot Treats

18 Recommendations MALLERY

19 Short-Term Goals (1-3 years)
Develop a vision, mission & formulate strategic objectives of how you will get there Alter product line Expand: more health conscious options, fresh fruit & nuts, flavors older generations enjoy Eliminate: Dot Treats Increase brand image/awareness Utilize commercials & social media Promotions, samples & coupons VISION & ALTER-MALLERY BRAND IMAGE-RENATA ALLIANCES-MELISSA Form strategic alliances Toys R Us, Red Box, Disney, Cruise Lines, Comedy Clubs

20 Long-Term Goals (4 years +)
Place shops in tourist regions Factory tours Take advantage of your technological & innovative resources Expand more internationally Franchise BRITNEY-ALL LONG TERM Continue to innovate It is a competitive industry

21 Questions? BRITNEY

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