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The Frozen Wasteland By Ryan H.. How to play…. In this story, you’re the character. You will read a slide, and will either have choices or just Continue.

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1 The Frozen Wasteland By Ryan H.

2 How to play…. In this story, you’re the character. You will read a slide, and will either have choices or just Continue to click on. Have fun! Start playing

3 You wake up from a startling alarm on the Titanic and see cold water blasting the round window. You realize the enormous, unsinkable Titanic is sinking. You run to the deserted deck and see an empty life raft in the rough water. You can either jump in the raft, or swim. If you swim, click here If you jump in the raft, click here The Titanic

4 The waves are intense. You’re almost flying out of the raft as the waves carry you to a cold, dark, deserted island. Continue The ocean

5 Your swim through bitter cold waters. You’re lucky to find a deserted frozen island not to far away. On the island is an ice cave, which you go in. Continue The cave

6 After looking around, you shout, “where am I?” All of a sudden, a fierce fire dragon appears. “Will it attack or help me?” You think. You can walk towards it or leave. If you leave, click here If you walk towards the dragon, click here The dragon

7 You go in and hear a person whistling. You can either go towards the noise or leave the cave. If you leave, click here If you follow the noise, click here The cave

8 You leave the cave, walking for what seems like eternity, until you hear a low growl. A flock of white birds fly of squawking and the snow in front of you twirls into a funnel. Fear strikes through you as you’re insides scream, but you’re to scared to scream on the outside. All of a sudden a giant dog appears and gobbles you up. Credits

9 You go towards the dragon. The fire dragon sees you and seems interested. You can ask his name or run. If you ask his name, click here If you run, click here The dragon

10 You decide to follow the whistling and find a strange man. You can either ask who he is, or ask for help. If you ask for help, click here If you ask who he is, click here The cave

11 You run away from the dragon. His pupils grow small and he growls. All you see is a flash of orange and it’s over. CREDITS CREDITS

12 You decide to ask the dragons name. He says it’s Inferno and that he knows a way out of the Frozen wasteland. Continue The dragon

13 You ask who he is and he says he’s an Eskimo. He says, “I usually won’t let people out of here alive, but I have a soft spot for children.” Continue The Eskimo

14 You decide to ask for help. He says, “who’s there?” while grabbing an ice ax. You try to run, but he swings the ax towards the back of your neck and it’s over. Credits

15 You jump on the dragons back and he soars in the air towards a cave full of dragons on a mountain. Inferno says you can go with them and get rescued, or climb back down. If you stay, click here If you leave, click here Dragon cave

16 The dragons in the cave all lead you to a portal, and when you jump in you find yourself in a rescue helicopter with your family heading home. Credits Rescued

17 You leave the dragon and come across a frozen waterfall. You also see a cottage. You either go behind the waterfall or go to the cottage. Go to the cottage Go behind the waterfall The Waterfall

18 You go behind the waterfall, and see a mother ice dragon protecting a nest. When she hisses at you, that’s all it takes to make you leave. Now you decide to go to the cottage. Continue The Ice Dragon

19 You decide to go to the cottage. You knock on the cottage door but no one answers. You decide to bust in. Bust in The Cottage

20 You bust in. inside there’s a sprite inside, and it gets mad and turns into a devil! You run, and jump in the basement to find an ax. It’s the only thing to defend yourself with, so you grab it. Continue The Cabin

21 The Eskimo leads you to a sled tied to huskies. You jump on the sled, and the Eskimo orders them to lead you out of the wasteland, also wishing you luck. Continue The sled dogs

22 You are being led through a cave, and the all of a sudden it starts collapsing. You are rescued by villagers, but the huskies disappear in the rubble. Your only choice is to live with the villagers forever. Credits

23 You leave the cave and find another section of mountains. You either continue the path you’re on, or climb into the mountains. If you continue, click here If you climb, click here The mountain

24 You grab the ax and swing it at the devil. You miss the first time, but then you hit him. Orange acid sprays everywhere, so you close your eyes. And when you open them, you’ve shrunk! Continue

25 You climb up the mountain, not to far until you find a cave. When you go through, you can’t believe it. You found a beach! Continue The beach

26 You’re so delighted that you made it out of the frozen wasteland, you jump right into the warm water. But all of a sudden, you see a fin. You franticly swim towards shore, but the shark pulls you under. Credits

27 You drink the acid, and it works! But then, you can’t stop growing! You grow as tall as a giraffe before you finally stop. You franticly run and disturb a herd of elephants. They start knocking you down, and tearing you to shreds.. What a bad ending! Credits

28 You continue the path, and all of a sudden, a sphinx blocks your path. “To continue this path, you need to answer a question,” it says. If you get it wrong, I eat you. Get it right, you continue this path to the portal. You don’t have a choice, so you do it. Continue

29 “ok,” says the sphinx,, which is the most dangerous creature in the frozen wasteland? Ice dragon Giant tarantula

30 You think a while, than say ice dragon. WRONG! You see a burst of light and it’s over. Credits

31 You start to freak out. There was only one way you got small, and it was the acid. So you decide if you drink the acid, you might get bigger. Continue Shrunk!

32 You say the giant tarantula. The sphinx winks and gets out of the way. You see the portal, and run towards it. Everything is exiting. You could almost smell home. The birds are chirping and the sun is hot. You run as fast as you can into the portal and go home. Credits The portal

33 Credits Thanks to Morgue file.comMorgue Also visit the nameless forestnameless forest Play again

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