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Welcome to Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

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1 Welcome to Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

2 Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service are warning people of the extreme dangers of being around ice and open water during the winter

3 We have experienced severe cold conditions over the last few years We want to make sure you stay safe

4 What affects the ice? There are several factors that affect the ice which may make it look thicker than it actually is. They are: Type, size and depth of water Currents or water flow Chemicals Logs, rock and surface debris Air temperature

5 Ice safety Walking on ice might be: Tempting Appear fun Daring However frozen water can easily break

6 Ice dangers – the cold The temperature of frozen water is a hazard to the human body Venturing onto frozen ponds, reservoirs, lakes and canals can easily have fatal results

7 Icy dangers – the cold Icy water can: Take your breath away making it hard to breathe Make your arms and legs numb which means you cannot control them or swim properly Lead to hypothermia – a serious reduction in body temperature

8 Cold water shock Leaves you gasping for air Increases your rate of breathing Increases your heart rate and pulse All the factors above may lead to drowning making it dangerous for the emergency services to safely pull you out

9 Danger to emergency services If we manage to recover your body from the water, attempts might be made to resuscitate you. However, this is dependant on the length of time you’ve been under water for

10 Safety advice Always wear sturdy shoes or boots as paths could be slippery Be aware of any ponds, rivers or lakes that may be frozen NEVER attempt to walk on what you think may be solid frozen water

11 Did you know? Over 50% of ice related drowning's involve an attempted rescue of a dog Keep your dog on a lead near frozen water

12 Safety advice If a dog or other animal ventures onto the ice, or falls through it, do NOT go to its rescue – you are likely to end up in the freezing water and unable to rescue the animal NEVER throw sticks or balls onto the ice for your dog

13 Safety advice If you do see a person in trouble in icy water: Stay on the bank and phone 999 If available reach the person with a branch or clothing tied together but STAY ON THE BANK Our message is simple – Stay safe, stay off the ice!

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