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2 Prof.Dr. Nadia Aly Sadek Director of Blood Bank Centre – MRI University of Alexandria HAEMOSTATIC COMPONENTS

3 ILO S  By the end of this lecture, the students will be able to recognize;  What is Fresh frozen plasma and cryoprecipitate.


5 F RESH F ROZEN P LASMA (FFP)  Prepared from whole blood donation and frozen within 6 – 8 hours.  It is stored at – 18 o c or colder for up to 12 months.  It contains: 91% water – 7% protein – 2% carbohydrate. 1

6 F RESH F ROZEN P LASMA (FFP) Indications  To treat prolonged PT or PTT  Vitamin K deficiency and liver disease  Dilutional coagulopathy  Protein S, Protein C or Antithronbin deficiency. 1

7 F RESH F ROZEN P LASMA (FFP) Thawing  It should be thawed at temperature o c in a water bath.  The unit should be wrapped in a plastic bag.  Thawed FFP should be transfused immediately or within 12 hrs or stored between 1-6 o c for no more than 12 hours.  It should not be refrozen. 1

8 F RESH F ROZEN P LASMA (FFP) Administration 1. The same ABO as the protein. 2. Given via a filter over 1 – 1.5 hours. 1

9 CRYOPRECIPITATE  Obtained from FFP and concentrated to ml.  It contains F VIII, (80 – 120 Units), v WF, 250 mg fibrinogen, 20 – 30% of factor XIII & fibronectin. 2

10 CRYOPRECIPITATE Indications  Factor VIII deficiency (Haemophilia A).  Type II VW disease.  Type I VW disease not responding to DDAVP.  Factor XIII deficiency.  Congenital fibrinogen abnormality. 2

11 CRYOPRECIPITATE Indications  When fibrinogen is ≤ 100 mg.  Control of bleeding in uremic or hepatic patients.  For preparation of fibrin glue: Topical use in orphopedic, ENT, dental, cardiac or neurological procedures.  Reversal of warfarin overdose. 2

12 CRYOPRECIPITATE Thawing  It should be thawed at 37 0 c immediately before use and the pack should NOT be refrozen.  Fibrinogen dose: 8 – 10 bags supply 2 g fibrinogen. Infusion  Filter at rate of 1 – 2 ml/min. 2

13 CRYOPRECIPITATE  Cryoprecipirate represents the cryoglobulin fraction of the plasma.  It contains F VIII, VWF, fibrinogen, fibronectin and F XIII.  It is used primarily for the treatment of Haemophilia A patients. 2

14 P LATELET C ONCENTRATES  Volume: 50 – 70 ml/unit provide about 5000 platelets. Kept at 20 – 22 0 c in a shaker for a maximum of 5 days.  Should be infused within 4 hours, administered with filter 3

15 P ROTHROMBIN C OMPLEX  This component contains prothrombin (F II), factor VII, F IX and factor X.  It is lyophylized and virus-inactivated to reduce the risk of transmitting infections. Indications  Haemophilia B (F IX deficiency).  Serious coumarin overdosage together with Vitamin K 1  Coagulation defects due to fulminant hepatitis or liver insufficiency. 4

16 FEIBA AND AUTOPLEX  These are some activated prothrombin complex preparations used for treatment of Haemophilia A patients with inhibitors.  These should be given with caution, as overuse may cause thrombosis and DIC.  Currently, there are factors IX and F VII concentrates for TR of Haemophilia B. 5

17 F IBRIN G LUE  It is formed by the reaction of cryo (fibrinogen) + thrombin as they are applied topically. Advantage  Good hemostasis in different solid organ bleeding.  Prevents post-operative bleeding.  Efficient in the presence of coagulation defect and bacterial contamination. 6

18 S TUDY Q UESTION  Mention the indication of cryopercipitate.

19 A SSIGNMENTS  Complication of blood transfusion محمد مصطفى محمد


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