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HACCP and GMP in school restaurants School Development Project STORING AND KEEPING FOODSTUFFS.

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1 HACCP and GMP in school restaurants School Development Project STORING AND KEEPING FOODSTUFFS


3 Storage AIM : - to ensure the quality and integrity of foodstuff is maintained for a certain period of time. STORAGE CONDITIONS : store separately: - according to the nature of the product - according to the storage conditions recommended by the producer store specially designed areas, according to standards; adequate temperature, humidity and ventilation;

4 Storage areas storhause dry, ventilated rooms for dry groceries pantry chilled rooms/refrigerato rs deep-freeze rooms/freezers

5 Conditions to be met by storage areas: to be placed within the technological flow, to prevent cross-contamination to be equipped with thermometers and traffic- resistant floors to be kept clean and hygienic to be protected against pests the refrigerating equipment will be kept in continuous functioning ATTENTION!! Any technical default in the refrigerating equipment will be immediately remedied, to prevent the interrupting of the refrigerating cycle

6 Important in food storage Products that have entered storage first are used first The FIFO Principle

7 store stocks just delivered behind stocks already in storage put a clear shelf-life date on products to be easy identified first use the products with the nearest shelf-life date, even if they are delivered later check the application of the FIFO system at least once a week and record this check Storage rules

8 The person responsible for storage will: check the shelf-life dates on the packaging regularly use the Recommended Shelf-life Table when the recommendations on the package are incomplete reduce the shelf-life if the products are stored at a lighter temperature than recommended remove products whose shelf-life date have been exceeded mark and isolate removed products record products that have been removed ! To prevent microbiological and biochemical contamination

9 Rules for refrigerate storage temperature lower than 7ºC place products in a refrigerated room on pallet/dismountable shelves store vegetal and animal raw products separately If the space is too small, pack the products in closed containers

10 Rules for refrigerate storage store semi-finished and end products separately from the other products mark each type of products so as to be easily identified apply the FIFO principle measure and record the temperature every day

11 It is forbidden to store products directly on the floor near wall to introduce warm food products in the refrigerator to interrupt the cooling cycle

12 Rules for frozen products storage Temperature of -18 0 C or lower Store packed products in closed containers Label every type of product Apply the FIFO principle

13 Rules for frozen products storage Clean the refrigerators in keeping with the producer’s instructions Check and monitor the air temperature in the refrigerator/freezer daily ATTENTION! Remove frozen products which have been stored at temperatures higher than -12 0 C Remove products which have outrun their expiry date

14 Rules for dry groceries storage The storage space must be ventilated and clean The temperature must not be higher than 25 0 C Store packed products only Do not store groceries and cleaning products in the same space Label every type of product Apply the FIFO principle ATTENTION! Opened packets in which there is left over food will be closed and properly labeled

15 Rules for storing hazardous substance store in a separate locked room or cupboard keep the substances in their original containers read carefully the usage instructions for each substance remove containers that are insufficiently coded

16 Internal transport is performed with: Elevators Carriers Trolleys transport different types of products separately store chilled and deep- frozen foods in maximum 15 min after delivery do not transport raw materials together with prepared food

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