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Band Camp 2011: DAY ONE Before we begin… I HAVE ONE QUESTION.

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2 Band Camp 2011: DAY ONE

3 Before we begin… I HAVE ONE QUESTION.

4 How are your Feet? (Together!)

5 Stomach? (In!) Stomach? (In!)

6 Chest? (Out!)

7 Shoulders? (Back!)

8 Elbows? (Frozen!)

9 Chin? (Up!)

10 Eyes? (With pride!)



13 How should we stand when not “at attention?”

14 How should we march? Hint…

15 It might look like this now.

16 We want it to look like this!




20 OUR MISSION  We need to work together to establish our BAND mission.  We start by using vision.  This will always be a work in progress as we continue to grow and develop throughout the musical journey.



23 WHAT DOES T.E.A.M. stand for?

24 Together Everyone Achieves More.

25 How to be a TEAM player;  Before: On time, prepared, set up, ready to listen  During: In the moment. Listen!  After: Timely handling of duties, demonstrate diligent behavior, then depart cheerfully

26 What are some habits we can develop that will help us grow musically and personally?


28  Be on time for rehearsals  Be ready to perform in all aspects. (warmed up, instrument is mechanically set, all equipment available)  Take care of instrument  Bring a pencil to rehearsal  Listen to the conductor

29 What if we feel we know the basics? Is there anything we can do to grow further?

30  Mark your music- do not trust memory  Constantly listen and adjust pitch and volume while playing  Be ready for entrances  Sincerely attempt to play the part correctly.  Play second or third part with as much enthusiasm as first part.  Practice music between rehearsals  Continually strive to improve  Do not miss rehearsals. From the Heart of the Artist by Rory Noland

31 S.M.A.R.T. goals:  We should establish both Individual goals for people to realize their own personal progress. We also need corporate goals which will be bench marks for our progress as an organization.  In order for goals to be SMART, they must be;  SpecificMeasurable Attainable Realistic Timely

32 Sub-headings for more specific goals  Warm up  Practice  Practice vs. Rehearsal  Organization And Efficiency  Timeliness  Professionalism

33 Some key tenets I would like to include are; Discipline/ Integrity WillSpirit

34 Monday 8.22.11  Vision  Developing Habits  Establishing Goals and Our Mission  DAY ONE:  CHOP WOOD; CARRY WATER

35 Chop Wood -- Carry Water

36 MONDAY: DAY ONE  BAND VISION 2015  Marching Basics  Music Basics  Game time: per TJ and Phil  Full Band Basics: SSB and M/G  Move and Play




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