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Strategic database on global beef trade The world at your fingertips.

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1 Strategic database on global beef trade The world at your fingertips

2 About this product Developed by TradeData Essential for strategy formulation and to monitor changes occurring globally in the beef industry Tracking of trade flows and prices with the ability to zoom in and out countries, regions,the world; different product categories and market segments Monthly updated and supported 24/7

3 Strategic Databases (SDBs) TradeData has developed several SDBs for customers interested in monitoring/analysing regional or global trade patterns SDBs contain detailed, monthly, official information from multiple countries custom’s departments that normally account for 90% or more of world trade This presentation is about Beef but a similar concept applies to other meat products

4 Strategic database (cont.) STD features –Several years history up to current data (continuously updated) –Concordances between different countries in terms of commodity classifications, partner country’s name, unit of quantity and others –Concordance with a company/government internal classification systems –Analytical tools (synergising our experience with your requirements) –Reporting tools – customised –Support over the e-mail, internet, phone or in person if necessary –Reports and alarms (if required)

5 Service options ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION Custom designed system to be interactively operated by company analysts (DIY) Periodical reports and alarms (MBE) SPECIAL STUDIES ON ORDER (consulting) Trade reporting and analysis one-off Multi-disciplinary studies (w/CSES Victoria University of Technology)

6 World trade on beef 16 exporting countries out of 200 account for 90 %+ of exports value (2003 to 2006) 27 importing countries out of 220 account for 90% of imports value (2003 to 2006) Products covered –Live animals (for breeding, others) –Meat cuts (fresh or chilled, frozen) –Offal (fresh or chilled, frozen) –Processed meat

7 Top exporters included

8 Products included 010210Live bovine animals, pure-bred breeding animals 010290Live bovine animals, other than pure-bred breeding animals 020110Bovine carcasses and half-carcasses, fresh or chilled 020120Bovine meat cuts with bone in, fresh or chilled 020130Boneless bovine meat cuts, fresh or chilled 020210Bovine carcasses and half-carcasses, frozen 020220Bovine meat cuts with bone in, frozen 020230Boneless bovine meat cuts, frozen 020610Edible offal of bovine animals, fresh or chilled 020621Tongues of bovine animals, frozen 020622Livers of bovine animals, frozen 020629Other edible offal of bovine animals frozen 021020Bovine meat, salted, in brine, dried or smoked


10 Questions answered Ranking of exporting countries by value, volume, growth –Since 2004 to current 2008 data –For each one of 13 products, subgroups or overall Exporting or importing prices, by country, by product. Growth/decline in prices. Price histograms. Segmenting markets by price Seasonality, volatility of volume flows and price Ability to zoom in and out all across countries and regions

11 Ranking of exporting countries Australia is the top value exporter followed by Brazil. There are two type of countries: Growing below average or the Fast growing countries. Overall exports were growing at 9% value between 2004 and 2007

12 Ranking of destination regions At the top EU 15 is growing above average, followed by Nor America and North Asia with negative and below average growth respectively. Other regions are all growing considerably fast with the exception of Pacific and Oceania.

13 Prices by product worldwide Boneless cuts are the top volume cuts but chilled boneless cuts get almost twice the price than frozen ones. Frozen carcases have the fastest growing price, mostly on European export. Prices growth has accelerated in 2008YTD

14 Changing product patterns Product trade is changing,chilled boneless cuts and live animals (not for breeding) growing below average. Bone in cuts, carcases and frozen offal growing well above average, frozen boneless cuts growing slightly above average.

15 Who’s who in Chilled boneless cuts The USA was the top exporter in value in 2007 and one of the fastest growing, other fast growing countries are Ireland,the Netherlands and Argentina. Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, etc are growing below average or have negative growth

16 Who’s who in Frozen boneless cuts Brazil was the top exporter in value in 2007 followed well behind by Australia and India. Fast growing exporters are Brazil, India, the USA, Poland and Mexico; all others grow below average or have negative growth

17 Prices paid by the EU 15 The EU 15 are one of the biggest importer markets and are paying some of the highest prices.

18 Prices paid by North America North America had negative growth of imports between 2004-2007 and growth below average in prices paid. Some products like Frozen carcase are an exception

19 Worldwide price histogram The largest volume traded is at 2US$/Kg, to the right chilled boneless cuts prices can get as high as 20US$/Kg. To the left Frozen Offal is mostly sold at 1US$/Kg

20 Australia exports price histogram Australia exported two major kinds of products; the largest volumes were at lower prices. There were no significant export sales above 8US$/Kg

21 Brazil price histogram Brazil exports mostly a single product around 2 $US/Kg - Frozen boneless cuts. Smaller sales also occur at 4.5 $US/Kg and more and between 1 to 2 $US/Kg. Although volumes are similar to Australia, Brazil has a higher concentration of sales around 2 US$/Kg

22 Seasonality worldwide Although there is seasonality in volumes worldwide there seems to be little volatility in prices

23 Seasonality – Middle East Frozen boneless cuts Highly seasonal volume patterns and slightly lower prices in the first half of the year

24 Seasonality – expensive product, small market Some markets may have more seasonality in volumes and more volatile prices

25 Practical day to day applications Price and volume trends for a particular product Price and volume trends for a particular product from a particular origin Price and volume trends for a particular product from a particular origin to a Region of destination Particular product from particular port to a destination country Niche markets – price histogram for high prices

26 Particular product trends General global trends for one of the major product exported.Prices started to accelerate by the second quarter 2007

27 Particular product trends from a particular origin Brazil export growth in both volumes and prices shown

28 Particular product from particular origin to region of destination Brazil exports to Middle East enjoying high growth in prices and somewhat reduced volumes

29 Particular product from particular origin to region of destination – Another case Australian exports of boneless frozen cuts to Japan from Brisbane have not been growing and prices have been declining slightly over the period shown in the graph.

30 Particular product from particular country / port to a destination country Brazil port information has been loaded since Jan 07 but is available since Jan 04 or earlier. Other countries with port information are Australia, New Zealand, USA, India and several Latin American countries

31 Particular product from particular country / port to a destination country – Another case Indian data by port have been loaded since Jan 08 but they may be available from an earlier date.India is the third exporter of Frozen boneless cuts in volume after Australia and Brazil

32 High price markets Niche markets for highly prices meat cuts. It is easy to zoom into specific products and specific markets. Once selected the information can be treated separately from the rest of the Database

33 Strategic Value Independent set of data, international standard Built from major countries official data Ability to zoom in and out Can challenge your own information Can tell you something you didn’t know Can add extra dimensions to what you already knew A framework to organise and update your knowledge

34 Contact us Ricardo Pereyra Customer Relation Manager +61 3 9741 9786 Skype: Ricardo.Pereyra2

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