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Frozen in Time By: Ali Sparkes

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1 Frozen in Time By: Ali Sparkes
PowerPoint By: Marli Kinney

2 Main Characters Ben and Rachel Modern day pre-teens,
brother and sister, 11 and 13, and they live in Britain. Freddy and Polly 1956 pre-teens, brother and sister, Rachel and Ben’s great- aunt and uncle (long story), and they also live in Britain.

3 The Discovery Ben and Rachel are just your average 21stcentury pre-teens… until now. While playing in the garden, Rachel finds a hidden 1956 bomb shelter, but she thinks is a vault at first. She runs straight back to the house and finds her older brother, Ben, and they go dig around it to find out what it is. When they get inside they go through door after door after door until they finally find two torpedo type things in the middle of the back room. It turns out they were chronic suspension chambers. Chronic suspension is where your heart stops, but doesn’t kill you. Chronic suspension is false, it doesn’t work, but after all, this book is fiction. Inside they find two kids, the same age as them, do you think that would be scary? They thought so..

4 New Things.. After Ben and Rachel release Freddy and Polly, the kids that were frozen, they kind of start what you would call, freaking out. Ben and Rachel take them into town, which they thought was strange, you know because they thought yesterday was in 1956, not They tried there first Whopper and they learned that Coke came in cans and not just bottles. They also tried modern-day candy, which gave them a sugar rush. Even though their life seems good right now, there is still more to come.

5 Problems Arise After Freddy and Polly were sort of used to 2010, They found out something that made everything worse. It turns out that Freddy and Polly’s father was missing and that he was suspected of murdering them. They were absolutely heartbroken! Think about it, would you be sad if that had happened to you? I know I would.

6 Problem Half-Solved As you can see, Polly and Freddy are in quite a predicament at the moment. All 4 kids set out on a hunt for someone that might know something about Polly and Freddy’s father, but things don’t go very well. All of them but Freddy get drugged, and they are thrown into the back of a government vehicle, but don’t forget, they don’t have Freddy. Rachel and Polly are locked in the trunk of the car, while Ben was in the back seat. Rachel wakes up a while before Polly, and as soon as she feels the car stop, she closes her eyes to look like she was still asleep. After Polly is taken out and Rachel is alone, she finds a hairclip in her pocket that is her ticket to freedom. She picks the lock to the trunk and she is free! She saves Polly from the woman that has her and they are caught (the lady and the guys working for her) by the British government. After that Polly and Rachel fall into another deep sleep….

7 Mission Impossible.. COMPLETE
When they wake up, they find them- selves in a government hospital. Then their uncle, who had gone to London and stayed a while, began telling them what happened. After he was finished, he looked through the door and a man the same age as Ben and Rachel’s father walked in. Guess who? Polly and Freddy’s father! It turns out he had been captured by the Russian government because they wanted his genius. After arriving there, he had built another chronic suspension chamber and put himself in. Then later in 2010, someone found him. After that the kids are released and everything goes back to normal.


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