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2 Table of Contents Page 3 & 4 : Overview & Mission Statement
Page 5 : Financial Overview Page 6 : Transition Methodology Page 7 & 8 : Employee Welfare Schemes Page : Client Detail Page : Case Study Page 18 : Voice Of Client Page 19 : Operations Overview Page : IT Setup & Data Security Page 24 : Contact Detail

(An ISO 9001:2000 Company) Over the last 9 years (Operation started in June 2000) we have developed experience in the following cross industry offering services for the Telecom, Insurance, Banking, Financial, Travel & Hospitality industries. We have become the strategic choice of serving Fortune 500 and mid market companies located across UK, USA and Australia and India too. In our pursuit of performance & improvement in client services, we have developed and implemented newer and innovative quality check measures that have powered the rapid growth and development of Vishnu Solutions. BACK

Vishnu Solutions was established in June 2001. It is located in downtown calcutta, India. The Contact Center belongs to the Bajoria Group of companies. The Group already manages 600+ people. Total turnover of the group is well over us$ 2,00,00,000. State of art contact center equipped with state of the art technology. We cater high end, outsourced telemarketing services globally. Our services include both outbound & inbound telemarketing. MISSION STATEMENT Our mission, at the core of our strategy is totally customer centric. We assure the consistency of the excellent quality service we offer. Exceeding the expectations of clients and their customers is the goal of our every trainer. Team leaders and TSR''s one more way that we demonstrate the value of choosing Vishnu solutions for outsourcing and co-sourcing needs. We endeavor to provide telemarketing solutions and exceed customer expectations. BACK

5 Transition Methodology
Hiring – We have tie up with different consultants to hire people. There are 3 round of interview takes place for selection. After 3rd round, they need to go through client’s interview. Only on successfully completion of that a candidate gets selected for CCE. Training –We have separate training department with all the training facilities. After Induction we start with Generic training which is the intro of call center activities followed by Production Training and Floor training. Client conducts certification after the training period. Only certified candidates are given the opportunity for calling and for unsuccessful candidates re-training takes places for 3 days. Quality – Our Quality team is backed by very experienced analysts which consist of people with an experience over 15 years with a mix of new generation breed of professionals in various business domains like services, logistics, banking, manufacturing and information technology where they have carved a niche in their own respective business domains. We generally audit 2 calls per telecaller per day or as per clients requirement. Weekly quality score is published to encourage the telecaller. Information security- We use firewalls for information security and also only specific sites can be accessed by the employees due to high security. Disaster recovery- We use alternative Internet lines, also we have alternate PRI lines from 2 different vendors. All the other supporting disaster recovery tolls are used for safety purpose. BACK

STATUTORY WELFARE The statutory welfare schemes include the following provisions: Drinking Water: At all the working places safe hygienic drinking water is provided. Facilities for sitting: suitable seating arrangements are provided. First aid appliances: First aid appliances are provided and readily assessable so that in case of any minor accident initial medication can be provided to the needed employee. Wash Room: A sufficient number of ladies and gents washrooms are provided in the port area in the vicinity of the work place of the office premises and maintained by an outsourced agency. Pantry facilities: Cafeteria is provided so as to provide hygienic and nutritious food to the employees. Lighting: Proper and sufficient lights are provided for employees so that they can work safely during the night shifts. Changing rooms: Adequate changing rooms are to be provided for staff to change their cloth if required. Adequate lockers are also provided to the staff to keep their clothes and belongings. BACK

NON STATUTORY WELFARE Many non statutory welfare schemes may include the following schemes: Flexi-time: The main objective of the flextime policy is to provide opportunity to employees to work with flexible working schedules. Flexible work schedules are initiated by employees and approved by management to meet business commitments while supporting employee personal life needs, this facility is provided to all back office employees. Employee Assistance Programs: Various assistant programs are arranged in house like counseling service so that employees or members of their immediate family can get counseling on various matters. Harassment Policy: To protect an employee from harassments of any kind, guidelines are provided for proper action and also for protecting the aggrieved employee. Maternity & Adoption Leave : Employees can avail maternity or adoption leaves. Medi-claim Insurance Scheme: This insurance scheme provides adequate insurance coverage of employees for expenses related to hospitalization due to illness, disease or injury or pregnancy. Employee Referral Scheme: The employee referral scheme is implemented to encourage employees to refer friends and relatives for employment in the organization. Transportation: The organizations provides transportation facility to all night shift and evening shift employees from home till office . Loans and Advance on Salary : We provides loan facility on three different occasions: Employees are provided with financial assistance in case of a medical emergency. Employees are also provided with financial assistance at the time of their wedding. Thirdly for any educational purpose. Employee can alos avail a slary advance upto 50% of his salary before the salary due date. BACK

8 Detail of Client - Domestic

9 Detail of Client - AUSTRALIA



AUSTRALIA Telecom Process: This client was one of the leading Australian Telecom company who decided to take the outsourcing route for the first time, and chose to partner with us for their requirements. As the client wanted to increase the number of B2B & B2C customers across Australia. The client laid down certain mandates to which we justified and closed the deal for an International outbound call centre: The task force of agents plunged into tele marketing of all existing customers of the telecom company and inform them about their offers. The callers urged customers to visit the nearest retail outlets of our client which was well looped with the client’s sales /retail sales team. This generated huge number of leads thereby enabling immense market presence with sales of retail business shooting over 69% over the previous year. BILLING PROCESS: We did the processing of the bills for each customer, it was through a CRM and a billing platform provided by the client. We used to generate the bills and send them through . They in turn then used to print the bills and post them from Australia. The total cost saving for the client was nearly 60% compared to Australia. CUSTOMER SERVICE: All customer service related issues like complaints, billing issues, activation of services were handled by us during the graveyard shift in Australia. The cost saving was nearly 80%, when compared to Australian costs. Though our client was a well-established Telecom company with a huge customer database. Time was of the essence on this project, wherein we had to reach the entire customer base. VSPL offered high standard of service delivery with maximum output of the data supplied in turn led to client extending the project for another year . Next, our analysis with the Telecom Company revealed that this was their first foray into the world of outsourcing. We took the time to provide insight to the company on the way the outsourcing model works, and how it can culminate into increasing substantial revenue growth. VSPL worked in tandem with the client to ramp up rapidly and set up the outbound call center. The client selected the call center agents and trained them online as well as in house. Agents worked on this project out of multiple delivery centers to provide redundancy on this project, where time was critical. This also acted as a business continuity plan with a sizeable share in revenue from this project. A satisfied client ! The client was more than satisfied with that VSPL agents as they were able to reach out to ALL the people in their database - each and every person on the database was called and informed about the offers. Besides this, the other tangible benefits were: Quick turnaround time Significant cost savings VSPL helped build customer loyalty for the Telecom company. Other facets of this project specially appreciated by our client: Our initial information sessions with the company regarding the way the outsourcing industry works was very helpful to them in planning and forecasting their next outsourcing venture. VSPL was very flexible in incorporating changes to the sales pitch that were made at regular intervals by the client. BACK

USA Collection Process: This customer was a Collection Agency who decided to outsource their collection process for both Inbound & Outbound services since Oct 2008. The client wanted to increase their margins through collection through outbound calling and hence set a target of per day collection. VSPL implemented all their strategy of collection thereby depleting huge pending cases . Further their cases were streamlined and customers would pay at their collection centres. Taking their project forward in June we were given the service contract for their inbound call . In this project customers call in the helpline numbers set up at our location thereby focusing on resolving the query . This project has by and large given us a good standing in delivering collection targets and working on deadlines. Clients include Quest Diagnostic, Provo croft Our agents are FDCPA certified BACK

14 CASE STUDY – DOMESTIC TELECOM 1 We started in Nov 2007 with 14 seats for prepaid and 8 seats for postpaid for a Telecom Giant Kolkata & West Bengal customers. In prepaid we started with STV & Top up promotion, Grace Calling & Retailer calling. In postpaid we started with Plan up gradation. PRE TO POSTPAID CONVERSION CALLING (MOBILE + LANDLINE), PLAN UPGRADATION FOR POSTPAID, POST PAID PACK ACTIVATION (MOBILE + LANDLINE), PREPAID GRACE REMINDER CALLING etc. BACK

We started in June 2009 with 25 seats for prepaid Kolkata & West Bengal customers. In prepaid we started with VAS calling with 15 seats and KYC calling with 10 seats. Being focused on Quality as well as revenue we landed in acquiring the entire contract of all the outbound seats in the offering .Thereby within 5 months i.e. in October 2009 the company selected VSPL and increased 30 seat to 55 seats, their FIRST and ONLY outbound call centre in Kolkata KYC CALLING, VAS CALLING, GRACE CALLING, WELCOME CALL FOR POSTPAID NEW CONNECTION etc BACK

16 VOICE OF CLIENT “During the business review for May 2010 TELECOM 1 Kolkata circle has conducted a Reward & Recognition program from Vishnu Solutions Pvt Ltd as our company has generated revenue of Rs. 31, 00,000/- during 1st quarter.” “As we are providing good quality & service, Securities 1, Chennai HO has outsourced their marketing business to us instead of having quality call centers in Chennai. They are satisfied with our services and planning to outsource other processes to us.” “Telecom 1, Australia has outsourced their business to VSPL since 2006 and we are they one and only choice of Telecom 1. They have outsourced their entire sales campaign to VSPL in India.” “Telecom 2 is planning to outsource further seats for Telecalling and as an existing OSCC, VSPL is their 1st choice.” BACK


18 IT SETUP VISHNU SOLUTIONS has in place state of the art technology to meet the global challenges. Its capability and equipment consists of :- Connectivity - IPLC -2 MBPS- Links Kolkata-U.S.A. (Co-location in Miami) Capacity X 3 seats, mainly outbound Equipment Vendors - Nortel, Compaq, Plantronics, Liebert, Lucent Certified Cable, Cisco, Honeywell Predictive Dialer -& MUX - in U.S.A (Co-location in Miami) Nortel Passport 7480 Multi Service Switch at both ends Nortel Meridian Voice Switch 100 MBPS Bay Network Layer 2 Switch Compaq Multi CPU XEON Server with RAID 5 Compliance CISCO Router Gigabit structured cabling with Lucent certification Complete power backup from Liebert 100 KV electricity generation capacity Adequate spares at each location to ensure continuity Redundancy at every stage to ensure smooth operations It has in place a dedicated technical team of engineers, technicians, software experts and support staff. BACK

19 IT ARCHITECTURE BACK Lan : Passport 6480
2 CP, 2 V35, 4 E1 Card /24 IPLC From VSNL & MCI Ascom COLT-2 Line Driver 1984Kbps Lan : /16 Cisco Wan, 2 Lan Wan : /24 Meridian Option 11C (II) 1 Power Supply, 1 CPU, 3 Digital Extension Card Crone Compaq Proliant ML530 Server /16 BayStack T Switch 24 Port Switch X 8 Nortel 3901 with Headset Compaq DeskPro SB 200 Agent Workstation Running On DHCP Range ( /16) BACK

20 DATA PROTECTION On behalf of our clients, we need to collect and use personal data about people including past, present and prospective Clients in order to carry out business and meet our clients' requirements effectively. We recognize that the lawful and correct treatment of personal data is very important to successful operations and to maintaining investor's confidence in ourselves and in our clients. Any personal data that we collect record or use in any way whether it is held on paper, on computer or other media will have appropriate safeguards applied to it to ensure that we comply with our contractual obligations of confidentiality. We aspire to adhere to certain generally accepted principles of data protection, to the extent these are in our control as service providers. These general principles state that personal data must be: Fairly and lawfully collected and processed. Processed for limited purposes and not in any other way which would be incompatible with those purposes. Accurate and kept up to date. Not kept for longer than is necessary. Kept secure Delete all customers data after 3 months of receipt BACK

21 DATA PROTECTION…….. In order to meet the requirements of the principles, we will: Observe ethical practices regarding the fair collection and use of personal data. Collect and process appropriate personal data only to the extent that we are obliged to by contract or to comply with any legal requirements. Ensure the quality of personal data used. Hold the data only as long as we are required to by contract or by law. Take appropriate security measures to safeguard personal data. To maintain the policy we use different tools as follows: Internet Protection–We Use Juniper SSG-5 to control unwanted internet access and Monitor the internet usage by content filtering and setting up alarm for unwanted usage, this also protects against Trojan, Malware and Spyware attacks. Data Theft Protection-We use Espy Key logger, to track system activity. Use also use USB device activity analyzer to get the real time USB usage details. We also centralized network monitor tool to track real time data transfer. Data Backup -We use Back up utilities to backup data on regular basis on DVD, Centralized Backup Servers. Data Recovery- We use Stellar Phoenix & Recover My File to recover our Data if needed. BACK

Voice mail, , and Internet usage assigned to an employee's computer or telephone extensions are solely for the purpose of conducting Company business. Some job responsibilities at the Company require access to the Internet and the use of software in addition to the Microsoft Office suite of products. Only people appropriately authorized, for Company purposes, may use the Internet or access additional software. Software Access Procedure Software needed, in addition to the Microsoft Office suite of products, must be authorized by your supervisor and downloaded by the IT department. If you need access to software, not currently on the Company network, talk with your supervisor and consult with the IT department. Internet Usage Internet use, on Company time, is authorized to conduct Company business only. Internet use brings the possibility of breaches to the security of confidential Company information. Internet use also creates the possibility of contamination to our system via viruses or Spyware. Spyware allows unauthorized people, outside the Company, potential access to Company passwords and other confidential information. Removing such programs from the Company network requires IT staff to invest time and attention that is better devoted to progress. For this reason, and to assure the use of work time appropriately for work, we ask staff members to limit Internet use. Additionally, under no circumstances may Company computers or other electronic equipment be used to obtain, view, or reach any pornographic, or otherwise immoral, unethical, or non-business-related Internet sites. Doing so can lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. If any site is required to be accessed by the employees/management, it has to be approved by from our Technical department and management and then only the internet can be accessed. No personal mails can be opened and no messenger services are installed in any machines. Our HR department access website for some official purpose, but HR department has different IP address to access the website. Usage at Company is also to be used for Company business only. Company confidential information must not be shared outside of the Company, without authorization, at any time. You are also not to conduct personal business using the Company computer or . Please keep this in mind, also, as you consider forwarding non-business s to associates, family or friends. Non-business related s waste company time and attention. Viewing pornography, or sending pornographic jokes or stories via , is considered sexual harassment and will be addressed according to our sexual harassment policy.


CONTACT US VISHNU SOLUTIONS PVT LTD 14-B, Camac Street Calcutta – West Bengal-India Ph: /82 Fax: Mobile : BACK

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