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Author (sadly) unknown Dottore El Cidre added music & text train of LiFe.

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2 Author (sadly) unknown Dottore El Cidre added music & text train of LiFe

3 Not long ago l read a book where life was compared to traveling with train.

4 LiFe is like traveling with train. People join and people get off. At train stops pleasant surprises sometimes await. A man may experience moments of joy, or accidents and sadness.

5 When we are born – we get on train – we meet people and assume they will accompany us throughout our journey.

6 The truth ? Sooner or later, some will get off the train and leave us without their love, admiration, attention, friendship and company.

7 Other people will enter the train, who will become very important to us.

8 These are our brothers & sisters, our friends and people we love in our LiFe.

9 Many who come on train, see the travel as a short walk.

10 Others only find sadness on their path. There are also people who are always there to offer a helping hand in need.

11 Many, after leaving the train, leave us missing them. Some make us feel deeply embarrassed. Most of them, enter and exit, without us noticing them at all.

12 Sometimes, we are curious why people we hold dearest, choose to be in the other wagon. They abandon us during this part of the travel. Of course, that does not mean we can’t overcome the loneliness & try to find a way to join them on this journey.

13 But, at times, much to our sadness, we can’t sit beside them. Someone else has taken the seat.

14 And that is LiFe... Filled with challenges, dreams, planes, hopes,... meetings and separations... Those moments will never return. Make the best of the journey you are taking.

15 Try to be at peace with all on the train. Seek the best in them.

16 Be aware that at any part of the journey...... somebody of our fellow-travelers might slip and need your understanding & simpythy...

17 It could be ‘’us’’. It could be ‘you’. Believe there will be someone who will understand us. There will be someone there for us. For you.

18 The biggest magic of LiFe is not knowing its mystery, and the secret the journey holds for us... We don’t know when we are leaving the train. And we don’t know when other passengers are leaving neither.

19 I will be sad when the moment comes for me to leave the train. Farewells hurt.

20 Do your best to have a happy and safe journey. Any kind of effort pays off at the end. Try to leave an empty seat behind you, which will offer many nice moments to those who will come after us.

21 May your journey be an amazing one !

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